Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 42.2: His Little Ancestor

  As she sipped on some sake, Jiang Dai enjoyed some salmon and sea urchin.

  At this point, Qiao Jinye had drunk quite a bit as well. As soon as the sake went straight to his head, he became increasingly high, so much so that the scale of their conversation topics grew progressively overboard.

  Since Jiang Dai had never set up any form of defense against Qiao Jinye, she was so close to coming clean about her plans.

  Upon hearing Jiang Dai’s revelations, Qiao Jinye was rendered stunned. After a good while, he gawked admirably, “Amazing… You are simply far too amazing, Jiang Dai! For an old local cosmetics brand whose share price has fallen to $2.50, I thought it would have been considered a great success when you have managed to raise its share price to $45. Who would have expected that you’d be so ambitious and intend to expand beyond the Asian market and become renowned all over the world?”

  Rubbing her temples, she once again quaffed another glass in one gulp. At this juncture, Jiang Dai was also quite blistered from drinking as she began to slur her words. “W-What’s wrong with it being an old brand? L-Let me tell you something, Qiao Jinye! I am going to rebuild Bao Li. Sure, you can call me greedy, but I do know it won’t be easy to rely on a cosmetics group to become the leading billionaire. In that case, I might as well start from scratch with another business since it would probably be much easier than rebuilding B-Bao Li again. However, I-I just refuse to accept it.”


  Jiang Dai continued, “Even so, Bao Li had already been going downhill steadily in my teenage years, so much so that my family would often find themselves at the mercy of others’ mockery. More often than not, these people would laud my dad’s accomplishments in our faces, yet they yearn for our Jiang family’s demise behind our backs. It is just…I just refuse to accept it! Even though so much time has been lost, it is still not too late for us to seize the opportunity. This way, I will make my mark in Bao Li f-for all to see!”

  As Jiang Dai’s voice faded into silence, Qiao Jinye sucked in a breath before stuffing his mouth with a foie gras sushi to take the edge off the shock.

  As soon as he had swallowed the food, he took a swig of wine. “Your……goal is actually to become the leading billionaire?! Why aren’t you able to get over it all of a sudden??”

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  That would not be surprising since they had already gone through 5 to 6 bottles of sake with a high alcohol content that was on par with Chinese liquor. When consumed excessively, the accumulated alcohol intake would definitely go to one’s head.


  Upon hearing that, Qiao Jinye questioned, “Weren’t you the one who spoke of that number earlier?”

  With that, Jiang Dai wallowed over his question for a moment. “Th-That does seem to be so. In any case, I have to make Bao Li the envy of the world, so much so that everyone will bow down before its greatness! Most importantly, I-I have to instill fear into that b*stard ex-husband of mine. You know what I’m saying?”

  Under a surge of drowsiness, Qiao Jinye had his head propped up on his hand as he struggled to keep his eyes open.

  “Fear? Wait a minute, I-I don’t understand. Why would you need to instill fear in him?”

  Before the sound of his voice could fade, Jiang Dai shot him a look. “With Bao Li being the source of his despise, Huo Rongshen, that little sh*t, has always looked down on our Jiang family. So, if I were to rely on something else to earn money, wouldn’t it be equivalent to me admitting that Bao Li has no future? N-No, this won’t do! I must revive Bao Li and ensure that its share price exceeds that of the Huo clan. That way, I’d have the chance to prove him wrong! Yes, that’s right! Prove him wrong!”

  As soon as the words left her mouth, the corners of Qiao Jinye’s mouth had raised in a smile. “Yes, well said! We definitely have to prove him wrong. As for me, I-I got your back, Jiang Dai…… No matter what happens, you will always have my support!” 

  Sure, Jiang Dai might have had too much to drink, but she was exceptionally thrilled at the mention of garnering someone’s support.

  To his surprise, she got on her feet and gazed upon the table situated between herself and Qiao Jinye for a good long while. Regardless of how hard she tried, she still seemed to be having difficulty in figuring out how to cross over.

  After pausing for two seconds, she did not walk around the table, but instead, she stepped over it in one massive stride.

  Qiao Jinye was so taken aback at the sight of Jiang Dai’s exaggerated action, so much so that he had pretty much sobered up.

  By now, there were far too many cups and dishes scattered across the table. What’s more, Jiang Dai had donned a dress for the occasion. Needless to say, Jiang Dai would certainly injure her bare legs if she were to so much as to knock onto them.

  In a matter of seconds, he became so horrified that he had instinctively extended both arms and pulled her into his arms.


  Since her mind and limbs were not functioning properly, Jiang Dai became so off-balanced that she fell unsteadily into his arms. 

  Raising her head, she gave him a silly grin. “Hehehe… M-My best buddy! I’ve always known that you are my best buddy ever and will always ha-have my back! Come on, let’s drink!”

  As she finished speaking, she went off to grab an empty glass.

  Now that she had given Qiao Jinye the fright of his life, he was definitely far more clear-headed than she was.

  With the beauty in his arms, blood was surging, all the more, violently all through the veins in his body. In any case, why would he still be intoxicated and sleepy?

  In this sort of private room that was poorly ventilated and lacked space, he could detect wafts of sake from Jiang Dai’s soft body. In his eyes, she was indeed far too alluring. 

  Despite his initial intention of helping Jiang Dai to her seat as soon as possible, Qiao Jinye could not help but tense up, not daring to make any movement.

  Even so, he still persisted and decided to give it a try. To his dismay, it dawned on him that Jiang Dai was no longer in control of her unstable body. Regardless of how he tried, she was not able to sit up steadily.

  However, this feeling of her in his arms……might seem too good to be true.  

  Since this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, there was a moment of struggle within Qian Jinye’s. In the space of a few moments, he relented and decided to acquiesce to this notion.

  Like a child, Jiang Dai snuggled herself in his embrace. Be that as it may, the atmosphere in the private room was not precisely ambiguous as she tipped back a glass of alcohol into her mouth. In a matter of seconds, she even grumbled, “Why aren’t you drinking, bro?”

  Noticing that she had grabbed his glass instead, Qiao Jinye reckoned that she had pretty much reached the blackout stage, especially when she had already begun spouting nonsense.


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