Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 42.3: His Little Ancestor

  With that in mind, he patted Jiang Dai on her back and coaxed, “Come on, Jiang Dai. Why don’t you put that down? You’ve already had far too much to drink.”

  On the other hand, Jiang Dai was conscious of the fact that she was still drinking and exclaimed unhappily, “Sure, I may have drunk a little too much, but… But it feels so darn good! It’s been far too long since I’ve drunk so much! Ah, that hit the spot! Come on, let’s down this glass!”

  The moment the words left her mouth, she tipped back yet another half a glass of alcohol into her mouth. Only then did she realise that the sake bottle was empty. With that, she wrinkled her nose and yelled, “W-Where’s the waiter? We’ve run out of sake, so bring me more sake!”

  Frantically, Qiao Jinye extended his arm and clamped his hand over her mouth. With much haste, he persuaded, “Come on, stop yelling. We won’t be drinking anymore, so be good. You’ll have a headache tomorrow if you overdo it. Not only that, but you’ll also puke your guts out. You know how horrendous that’d feel, and you’ll definitely regret it.”

  In an attempt to pacify her, he pressed Jiang Dai into his embrace.


  Even so, she still had the urge to drink more sake. However, she was finally aware that she was entirely out of strength right now and was definitely not a match for this buddy of hers.

  As such, she grumbled, “Why are you as annoying as that person? You… Why?”

  At this juncture, Qiao Jinye had increasingly sobered up and was experiencing a sort of brief clarity.

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  On the other hand, Jiang Dai was not even listening to him, but instead, it seemed as though she was complaining. “It’s so annoying, and it’s driving me nuts! Why was I so obedient? I quit drinking when he mentioned that he doesn’t like women to drink. I stopped dancing at a disco when he commented that he didn’t like me to do that. But these are the things that I love the most! It’s so annoying, annoying, annoying! Sheesh, just the thought of me wasting so much of my time makes me so pissed!”


  With a deep voice, Qiao Jinye assured, “You’re still young, so not that much time has passed. What’s more, you’re only at the age of 22, so you still have loads of time to do whatever you want in the future. As for me, not only will I not stop you, but I will also accompany you, alright?”

  With that said, he knew that Jiang Dai was as drunk as a skunk. Otherwise, she would not have confided in him.

  Even though he was unsure whether Jiang Dai still had feelings for Huo Rongshen, he reckoned that it was no longer important.

  Most crucially, he knew that there must be a lingering sense of regret welled up in Jiang Dai’s heart.

  Even if she no longer harbored any love for him, the divorce would still engender regret in any divorcée at the thought of the time and things they had come to lose.

  As for her, the entire course of three years had been the prime of her youth.

  It was only after hearing Qiao Jinye’s words that there was a satisfied expression on Jiang Dai’s face. Nodding her head, she exclaimed, “Great! In that case, you’ll have to mean what you say! You’ll have to accompany and support me henceforth! Regardless of whatever plans I have, you’ll always have to have my back!”

  “Yes, I swear.” With his arms around her, Qiao Jinye could feel the blood surging through his body was scalding hot. Yet, for some reason, his heart stood still.

  Perhaps, deep down in his heart, he knew that opportunities like this were scarce.

  At this moment, Jiang Dai fitted so snugly in his embrace as they remained standing in such a small private room. What’s more, dead silence fell upon the areas outside the room, as though they were the only existence in this entire world.

  When she was chugging on the sake earlier, it appeared that she had choked, irritating both her eyes and nose at the same time.

  Since she had not wiped her stuffy nose, she began to feel pretty uncomfortable whenever she tried to breathe. As such, she instinctively kept her mouth slightly ajar so that she could breathe through it.


  With an intoxicated Jiang Dai breathing through her mouth was so close at hand, Qiao Jinye could not help but have the itch to do something. 

  Without a second thought, he rubbed and pinched Jiang Dai gently.

  Widening her eyes, Jiang Dai questioned, “Why on earth are you pinching me?”

  Qiao Jinye answered, “That’s because you have been a naughty girl.”

  Upon hearing that, question marks appeared around Jiang Dai’s head.

  At this juncture, he knew she had blacked out, so she would probably not remember anything after a good night’s sleep. Even if she did remember some fragments, he could feign ignorance and deny everything.

  He courageously reached out and pinched her cheeks before enunciating each word carefully, “When your dad had his surgery, I told you that I will cancel all my work and travel with you to Switzerland. However, you rejected me firmly and mentioned how you do not wish to keep me from my job.”

  Blinking her eyes innocently, Jiang Dai asked, “What about it?”

  Upon hearing her question, Qiao Jinye’s face darkened drastically. “Now that the other two guys have accompanied you there, don’t you think this is unfair for me?”

  At first, it appeared that Jiang Dai was not following the conversation. Leaning on his shoulder, she mumbled to herself for ages before she finally seemed to have figured it out. “Oh! You’re referring to them… Well, they insisted on making their way there, and it’s not like I asked them to tag along.”

  Before her voice had faded entirely away, Qiao Jinye refuted, “Aren’t you afraid that you’d keep them from their jobs? Since they are all adults and mingling in society, who doesn’t have a job?

  Without any hesitation, Jiang Dai responded, “I don’t give a d*mn about those two since they aren’t friends of mine. One of them is the Party A 1 甲方爸爸: It is a nickname for Party A, whereby in any cooperation, Party A is considered the side that provides the funds. , so he can do whatever he pleases. As for the other, he is my b*stard ex-husband. I would rather he stop working every day and be defeated by his competitors, so much so that his company’s share prices plummet significantly. That way, his company would lose projects on the first day, then tarnish their reputation on the next and finally be liquidated through bankruptcy the following day.”


  Since she still had difficulty breathing through her stuffy nose, her voice sounded increasingly young. Yet, her words were like daggers, and carried not a trace of emotions.

  With that in mind, Qiao Jinye could not help but chuckle, “You sure are heartless.”

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