Chapter 29.1: Recording Evidence

  Shooting  Zhang He a sideways glance, Jiang Dai watched him let out blood-curdling screeches from his fall, feeling very much at ease inwardly.

  It was still early now, as it was merely the prelude to the beginning.

  Even the curse of ‘it getting cold and the Zhang clan would go bankrupt’ that she previously mentioned had yet to be fulfilled.

  Ever since she gained the knowledge of the storyline, Jiang Dai discovered her buff and began to familiarize herself with it gradually.

  In the beginning, she assumed it was merely her being a jinx, so she only needed to curse others to have bad luck, and it would come true very quickly. At its strongest, it would only require one to two seconds.

  Subsequently, she began to realize that not only would her buff work like a jinx, but it worked just as well when it came to good blessings. It was just that it might take a longer time for it to come true.

  Even with the jinx buff, it did not necessarily come true instantly. However, this buff seemed to particularly like trash talks with a sick sense of humor.

  For instance, when she cursed her ex-husband to be struck by lightning, it came true promptly. As for curses like ‘it was getting cold and the Zhang clan would go bankrupt,’ the process still required to be built up in the real world, and all her curses could was only to expedite the process. In order for her to achieve the result, changes in the real world would be required.

  Even so, Jiang Dai thought this was pretty good, as her life would be far too boring if she were to only rely on her buff to be invincible. Also, she would not enjoy the feeling of no gains without any pains.


  At this moment, Bai Zhi was still reveling in her awe for her best friend’s charisma when she humiliated that unscrupulous b*stard surnamed Zhang before everyone.

  “Daidai, this horse is simply too fast. Earlier, it looked rather stable at first, but when you overtook Zhang He, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest! It looked far too frightening, especially when the horse’s hooves seem as if it is about to fly. This horse’s temperament is so violent as if it has turned into a demon. Were you not in the slightest bit afraid?”

  Both Bai Zhi and Jiang Dai grew up together since kindergarten, so she could still remember whatever Jiang Dai had experienced.

  Jiang Dai had been fond of horseback riding since she was little. As such, their families would always make it a point to meet at the racecourse every weekend.

  Once when Jiang Dai was in her second year of junior middle school, she happened to pass by a naughty brat as she was speeding up on her horse. Being mischievous as he was, he picked up a stone and hurled it at the horse’s hoof, scaring the horse out of its wits, causing Jiang Dai to be thrown across a fairly large distance. Even though it was extremely fortunate for her to have only sustained minor injuries, she had developed psychological trauma through this episode. Since then, she had not ridden on violent-tempered horses and speedy horses, but instead, she would only go for gentle mares.

  Bai Zhi was under the impression that Jiang Dai had not come in contact with a violent-tempered horse since her second year of junior middle school. Could it be that this sort of psychological trauma would heal on its own after a prolonged time???

  Entirely free from worry, Jiang Dai went on to explain, “My psychological trauma is still there, but it is just that I had never taken the chance to do something that I’m not sure of. Just now, the look in Little White’s eyes did not seem right, indicating clearly that it must have had just completed a training session with its trainer. I reckon he has undergone such training frequently for his violent temperament. As such, when it comes to this sort of horse, they would all the more require a sense of trust. Once I fed and groomed him, I could tell he had gradually calmed down through his eyes. Also, I did not speed up right at the beginning of the competition. It was only after I had established a tacit understanding with Little White did I begin to sprint.”

  Well, to begin with, Bai Zhi had always worshipped her. At this point, her eyes glistened brightly like stars as she began to worship Jiang Dai even further.

  Jiang Dai could not help chuckling and emphasized, “But after all, it has its risks, so you should not do things like this out of spite. It is not worth it if you were to by any chance injure yourself in a fall.”

  Upon hearing that, Bai Zhi was rendered speechless. This somehow sounds rather familiar……isn’t this the valuable advice the Leading Billionaire Huo had just spoken of earlier???


  At noon, the temperature had risen so high that Jiang Dai’s equestrian outfit was practically half drenched in sweat.

  Hence, both Bai Zhi and Jiang Dai made their way to the women’s changing room to change back into their daily outfits. As soon as they stepped out, they were stopped by one of Mr. Huang’s students.

  “Miss Jiang, Teacher is currently in the teahouse and he mentioned that he has something for you. So, if you are not in a hurry, why don’t you make your way there?

  Arriving at the teahouse entrance, Jiang Dai discovered the entire place was empty, apart from Mr. Huang. Even all four of his students were waiting outside. Hence, he must have wanted to speak with her about something not suitable for others to hear.

  Thus, she turned to Bai Zhi and instructed, “Why don’t you go buy two glasses of iced coffee first? This should not take too long.”

  In the prospects of victory, Bai Zhi’s heart could not help but thump in excitement as she nodded her head. It appeared that it was not a wasted journey today, although it was mainly the result of Jiang Dai’s hard work. As for this best friend, she……was not entirely useless since she was, at least, able to buy coffee.

  In the teahouse, Mr. Huang was brewing tea. Glancing upon his countenance, Jiang Dai realized that he was very much focused and had a peaceful aura as if he had completely forgotten about the unhappiness of being outcast and humiliated in the restaurant earlier.

  Jiang Dai took a seat and watched Mr. Huang for a moment before chuckling, “Mr. Huang’s brewing technique is exactly the same as my dad’s.”

  Raising his head, Mr. Huang had a gander at her. “Frankly speaking, your father taught me this brewing technique. Like your father, I also love tea, but I am just rather impatient. Hence, I am not as stable as your father. After getting to know him, I’d always see him brewing tea each time I make a trip to his office. Only then was I able to learn this technique.”

  Jiang Dai knew she had made a lasting favorable impression, so she stopped her plans to flatter him blindly. As such, she relaxed significantly. “If it weren’t for those unpleasant days, both you and my dad would have been old friends by now.”

  Pouring two cups of tea, Mr. Huang stated self-deprecatingly, “Forget it, it is all in the past now, and only old men, like me, would always think about it. Also, we are living in this world of the younger generation. Not only is your father getting old, but now I have also gotten even older.”

  Thinking that he might have something else to say, Jiang Dai did not interrupt and continued to listen silently.

  “With your personality, I would not have believed that you are Old Jiang’s daughter if you had not identified yourself.”

  Jiang Dai mused elatedly, “What’s more, my father has only one child.”

  Without Mr. Huang mentioning, Jiang Dai also knew that she did not share any similarities with her father.

  Her dad was calm and introverted. In modern terms, he was someone who was chilled about everything, and her mum was the same as well. Since they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, they could never be bothered to compete with others for anything.

  Jiang Dai could never figure out why she would do the opposite, as it seemed she did not inherit the least bit of her parents’ tranquility. Since young, she was always competitive. Subsequently, when she entered her adolescence, Jiang Dai might seem tranquil, but in actual fact, she was still as competitive and adept at calculating as before. In school, she had to ensure she acquired the first place for all subjects, not allowing herself to make any mistakes.

  Even Bai Zhi, her best friend, could not understand at all and would always feel emotionally exhausted for her.

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