Chapter 29.2: Recording Evidence

  Bai Zhi once mentioned that Jiang Dai was beautiful, and popular. Also, she was so intelligent that  it took her no effort to attain top ranks. On top of that, the most blessed thing was that Jiang Dai was the only child, so she had no siblings who would compete for inheritance. As such, she was most suitable to act like a loser, as all the good things in this world would naturally belong to her. Hence, is it necessary for her to have such high expectations of herself?

  Later, when she met Huo Rongshen, Jiang Dai thought she had become mature and chill about everything, as she began to neither care about her ranking nor others when they flaunt, praise, jump on the bandwagon, and ridicule others.

  All she wanted to do was to lead a good life henceforth.

  However, it was not until she had survived a recent daunting car accident without any mishap did it allow someone, like her, to awaken her self-awareness.

  It finally dawned on her that even after getting to know Huo Rongshen, she had never allowed herself to relax, but rather, she merely averted the direction of her obsession. It went from her academic achievements and the people who revolved around her to her love and marriage.

  It turned out that she was someone who would not allow herself to make a single mistake.

  Despite knowing that this man was not easy to get close to and that being with this sort of man was bound to change and aggrieve herself, it was still her who had chosen Huo Rongshen.

  However, not once had she ever thought to retreat.

  It was just that she had merely continued to walk forward with her eyes closed.

  As a matter of fact, even before their wedding, Jiang Dai was already very clear of Huo Rongshen’s tendencies to be a workaholic and hardcore straight man.

  However, she was obsessed with acquiring good results, as if she was afraid that her giving up a relationship would become a stain in her life.

  Mr. Huang continued, “You are very much unlike your father, but rather, you are very much like my daughter. Be it her personality or appearance, my daughter is pretty much like a replica of me. When she was younger, she was also a bold and confident girl like you. She was so outstanding that even males would fear her. It was just that after she had gotten married and became a mother, she had significantly softened and became so busy that she can only visit me during the new year.”

  As for this background information, Jiang Dai had actually looked into it.

  Mr. Huang had a daughter and a son. His daughter, who was approaching her middle age, was a successful career woman and had settled in Country M. Her child should also be in his teens. On the other hand, his son, who was still living in Yanjing, should be in his early thirties. Currently, he was a researcher, but his career was relatively slower in pace. 

  Through this, Jiang Dai could tell that Mr. Huang was kind of partial to his daughter.

  As such, she chuckled, “You have already retired and are only working on projects to contribute to society, but you cannot do without any rest. Since your daughter is too busy to visit you, why don’t you take a trip there once or twice a year to visit her instead?”

  Subsequently, Mr. Huang had once again begun to chat with her about some trivial matters.

  Soon after, he suggested adding each other on WeChat, which Jiang Dai naturally agreed with him.

  As soon as they added each other on WeChat, Mr. Huang sent her an exceptionally large audio file.

  Mr. Huang stated, “The audio file is rather long, but you should listen to it when you head back. I will have a student sort out the records for the research done five years ago before sending it to you.”

  Upon hearing that, a tidal wave of elation and surprise washed over Jiang Dai.

  She initially thought it was the most favorable evidence for Bao Li to have Mr. Huang disclosed his research recordings.

  It had never occurred to her that……a sound recording like this had even existed.

  With heartfelt gratitude, Jiang Dai thanked Mr. Huang rather emotionally. “I am most grateful that you agreed to help. Frankly speaking, I inwardly thought that you had gone a little far when you rejected me for the first time today. After all, I know my dad too well, so whatever my Second Uncle had done was never my dad’s intentions. Not to mention, my dad had even offered you a humble apology personally, so I think you are rather stubborn.”

  She continued, “But then, I soon realized that as far as you are concerned, it is unforgivable for anyone to cross their bottom line. In this society, the number of grey areas is increasing exponentially, and you are someone who distinguishes right from wrong clearly. That is why I can understand completely. Thus, I am especially grateful for your willingness to testify.”

  Upon hearing that, it seemed that Mr. Huang heaved a soft sigh. “It is all in the past now. Whether your father had acquiesced or opposed your Second Uncle’s actions, it isn’t important anymore. I am merely doing what I am supposed to do, so there is no need for you to feel thankful.”

  Nodding her head, Jiang Dai affirmed, “Yes, it does not matter whether Bao Li had once gone down the wrong path. However, now that I am overseeing Bao Li, I can assure you that with Bao Li in my hands, the company will never take on any schemes to deceive consumers.”


  As soon as she left the teahouse, Jiang Dai could not resist putting on her earpiece and opening the audio file hastily to listen.

  To her surprise, this was a recording of a conversation between Zhang He and Mr. Huang.

  She could tell at a glance that this vile person had set his mind on Mr. Zhen, but she had not seen this coming, where Zhang He had first attempted to win Mr. Huang over.

  At this point, Jiang Dai was already very familiar with Zhang He’s sanctimonious voice. “Mr. Huang, since you already have research experience when it comes to this product, you won’t be creating any fraudulent statements. All you need to do is to disclose your research records. As for other aspects, we will naturally be the ones who will step forward and speak up. When Bao Li makes a move, everything will be alright so long as you don’t make any response.”

  “This twenty million dollars is just a little something from me. When it’s done, you will receive even better rewards. Yes, I do know that you are not short of money, and you have worked for a greater part of your life for the sake of Traditional Chinese Medicine, not for personal wealth.” 

  “But if my memory serves me right, your little grandson has an autistic disorder. To date, your grandson is five years old and still has yet to utter a single word. Currently, he has been receiving medical treatment in Hong Kong, which costs over three million dollars each year. The daughter-in-law, who used to be a civil servant, resigned from her job to accompany your grandson in his medical treatment. However, a family of three can only depend on your son’s meager salary. Apart from the medical fees, the living expenses of both mother and son, as well as the rental in Hong Kong, are at least twenty thousand dollars.”

  “With this twenty million, you can bring your grandson and his family, as well as your wife, to Country M for medical treatment. As far as I know, Country M’s medical treatment for autistic disorders is far more superior than that of Hong Kong.”

  After listening to the entire recording, Jiang Dai was so enraged that her fingers convulsively clenched into fists.

  She had long since known that the Zhang clan siblings were nasty pieces of work, as they would stop at nothing to reach their goals. Well, this was the design of their characters in the first place. 

  With Mr. Huang’s recording, it might not be sufficient to be submitted as evidence to the police, but it was enough to be exposed in public to influence public opinion. In Jiang Dai’s perspective, this was more than sufficient.


  Ultimately, Mr. Zhen and his party were wholly disgraced. As soon as the ambulance had taken Zhang He to the hospital, they began to scatter in succession.

  Mr. Zhen then made his way to the garage to get his car. 

  The moment he opened his car door, a man’s arm suddenly reached out and forcefully closed the door.

  Mr. Zhen jumped in fright before coming face to face with someone whom he had never seen before.

  With a grave expression, Chen Mu’s countenance was precisely the same as that of his boss’.

  Enunciated carefully as he spoke, “Professor Zhen, the paper that you had received an award for has 17 suspicious references and was ghostwritten by students. You have not written a single word yourself, have you?”

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