Chapter 28.2: A Horse Racing Bet

  “Old Huang, your reemployment salary is only 6 to 7 thousand per month. In a place like Yanjing, you can’t even afford the rent with that miserable salary, so why don’t you just come work in my company? I will pay you 20 thousand dollars.”

  “That’s right, Professor Huang. Do you really not know that Dean Zhen has established a pharmaceutical company himself which will be listed in two years? Even if you might be old and can’t handle any strenuous research, it is not like it is that big of a deal to oversee the pharmacy and put things in order. You can count, can’t you?”

  Infuriated, Jiang Dai felt anger first welled up in her heart before a fire of rage surged forth from her stomach to the back of her throat. 

  All that she had done today was for the sake of Bao Li. Following her plan, her ultimate goal was to rope in Mr. Huang, including investigating Mr. Huang’s nemesis, Mr. Zhen.

  However, she had never thought that it would make her blood boil. 

  Although she did not have much social experience, she could imagine how difficult it was for someone, like Mr. Huang, to walk in this materialistic society. It must have been a struggle to be confronted with many difficulties and ridicule.

  It was his stubbornness and old-fashion that helped him walk this far, but this society still required such a character. For instance, if Mr. Huang was reduced to a businessman who would forgo the bottom line while in pursuit of self-interest, there would not be any hope for those critically ill patients who could not afford TCM. 

  Getting up from her seat, Jiang Dai strode over to their table, clapping her hands and laughing out loud. “How wonderful! Headmaster Zhen, right? I have to say thus far your position as the top expert in Yanjing’s TCM reflects your reputation.”

  For such a young and beautiful girl to appear so suddenly amongst a group of men, it attracted everyone’s attention instantly.

  Even Professor Zhen could not help but glance at her several times. “You are……?”

  Whereas, only Zhang He’s countenance turned for the worse, as his eyes darkened.

  Smiling as dazzlingly as ever, Jiang Dai rebuked, “It is only after seeing this face of yours that I finally understand why there the TCM research has remained stagnant in the recent years. It is understandable for you to change your career to a businessman in the name of fame and interest. In this world, there is a sort of businessman who is filthy——someone who trample upon others for his own interests. These are the trash of the business world.”

  As soon as her words left her mouth, the atmosphere in the restaurant froze in an instant, while approximately seven to eight people seated at Professor Zhen’s table turned to gaze at each other.

  Since Mr. Zhen won an award recently, countless people have been seen approaching him to be his good stead and seek help. As such, they unconsciously assumed that this beautiful girl definitely had similar intentions.

  Jiang Dai continued, “Mr. Huang’s TCM clinic has treated at least fifty to sixty critically ill patients. Yes, I know people with exceptionally high moral standards are pretty much considered as black sheeps in today’s society. All in all, most people prioritize saving their face, so they should not make a mockery of it if they know that they can’t do it.”

  “You old things are shameless filthy trash that has a habit of being despicable and a duty of being contemptible. It is only right for people, like you, to find yourselves so disgusting. Can’t you smell a copper stench on you?”

  The moment the words left her mouth, the men at the table began to knit their eyebrows one after another, exchanging looks with each other. Immediately right after, they held their noses.

  They had indeed begun to emit wafts of copper stench. No, it was something far worse than the copper stench.

  Mr. Zhen’s countenance turned exceptionally ugly, but this was, after all, a public place, and he had difficulty trying to figure out Jiang Dai’s identity. If this happened to be a reporter’s secret investigation, everything would be over for him. Hence, it was safer for him to keep his silence.

  Whereas, his colleagues around him were also rendered stunned from her words.

  Even after living for a large part of his life, he had never been scolded right in the face by a girl who looked no older than a university student.

  It was just that one could tell from Jiang Dai’s aura that she was someone who was wealthy and respectable. As such, Mr. Zhen did not dare to make a sound while the others did not dare to make a rash move.

  Since Zhang He was the only person who knew Jiang Dai, he could immediately figure out her intentions.

  Getting up from his seat, he closed in on Jiang Dai. “Miss Jiang, what’s the point of doing that? For the sake of appeasing Mr. Huang, you are willing to offend all the amazing professors in the TCM industry. At the end of the day, your Bao Li relies on TCM cosmetics to make your fortune. Wouldn’t this do more harm than good?”

  Wrinkling her nose in disgust, Jiang Dai’s face became void of all expressions. “Stay away from me. You’re unbearably pungent.”

  Zhang He felt ashamed in front of everyone at an instant, so his attitude turned for the worse. “Is it worth the trouble to give up being a socialite for a godforsaken business that will be done for sooner or later? Not only that, but you have also dressed up so nicely just for the sake of appeasing an old man. Let’s be honest here, you do indeed look very beautiful in your equestrian outfit, but have you never thought whether……Mr. Huang, at such an old age, is even able to do it?”

  Mr. Huang, who had remained silent all this time, stood up and warned sternly, “Zhang He, you better watch your mouth. For you to say such things, Miss Jiang has the right to call the police on you.” 

  Giving Mr. Huang a reassuring look, Jiang Dai turned and beamed at Zhang He. “Chairman Zhang, do you really look down upon women that much? I see that you have dressed up pretty nicely as well. At a glance, one can tell that your equestrian outfit looks new, so it must be newly bought. However, have you never thought whether Mr. Zhen……is interested in men?”

  Sure enough, Zhang He’s complexion turned blue. No matter what, he had never expected that Jiang Dai was so sharp-tongued.

  Feigning a look of calmness, he sneered, “Alright, Jiang Dai. You are pretty quick to react, aren’t you? Since you are so amazing, do you dare to race with me? If you win, I will take back what I have said earlier and apologize to you in front of everyone.”

  As he watched things panned out this way, Mr. Huang wanted to stop this situation.

  Even Mr. Huang’s students also stood up to persuade Jiang Dai.

  “Miss Jiang, just forget it. Don’t be enraged with this sort of person.”

  “That’s right, Miss Jiang. There is no need for you to do so. The temperature in the midday is far too high, so be careful not to get a heatstroke.”

  Yet, Jiang Dai remained calm and composed. “Sure, I have not had my fill of fun yet today, so I will join you for a game. If you lose, you don’t have to apologize to me. I will be satisfied as long as you break your bone from falling off your horse.”


  Through this, people at Mr. Huang’s table had changed their opinion of Jiang Dai. Even if they wanted to stop her, their relationship with her was not that close, causing them to be at their wits’ end.

  Catching up with Jiang Dai at the place where she was selecting her horse, Bai Zhi whispered, “You should take it easy. At a glance, you can tell Zhang He is a vile person, so what would you do if he were to set you up?”

  Pinching her best friend’s face, Jiang Dai cautioned, “Be good, Zhizhi. Go grab an umbrella before you head out again. That way, you won’t get a sunburn.”

  A trainer brought out two violent-tempered horses for them. “These two are racehorses are rather violent-tempered, but they do run very fast. Hence, the risk is slightly higher, so these horses are generally not recommended for women to ride. If you don’t have sufficient strength, they will bolt easily.”

  Even so, Jiang Dai stepped forward and petted the horse’s head.

  As a matter of fact, she was an experienced horse rider, so she could tell that this horse indeed had a violent temperament. It might even be possible that this horse had only been trained recently, so it was a little frightened and angered at the moment.

  Subsequently, Jiang Dai began to feed the horse. “It does not matter. I want this horse.” 

  On the other side, Zhang He was already on the horse and had begun getting a feel for it.

  Seated on the horse, he looked down at her from a higher altitude and became increasingly conceited, “Miss Jiang, it is not that I am looking down on others, but you should probably pick a horse with a much gentler temperament. What if you aren’t able to haul the reins in time and fall flat on your face? Tsk tsk, you do actually rely on your face to earn a living.”

  Upon hearing his taunts, Jiang Dai remained calm. “Chairman Zhang, who relies on his manhood to earn a living, is not afraid of falling, so why should I be afraid?”

  Not daring to leave, Bai Zhi continued to persuade Jiang Dai.

  Even though Jiang Dai could ride a horse, she had once been thrown off a violent-tempered racehorse. Ever since then, she was afraid of them.

  “Daidai, why are we competing with him? Clearly, Mr. Huang already has good opinions of you, so there is no need for you to go all out like this.”

  “I am not doing this for Mr. Huang, but rather, I just want to see Zhang He fall and break his leg.”

  Upon hearing that, Bai Zhi continued to talk incessantly. 

  In an instant, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped, so much so that one could stuff an egg into her mouth. “Mr……Mr. Huo, why are you doing here?!”

  Just as Jiang Dai was busy feeding and talking with the racehorse to build a friendship, she suddenly caught sight of Huo Rongshen. 

  She could not help but curse at him inwardly. This b*stard ex-husband of mine sure knows how to pick his timings and loves to interfere with my life.

  Without any warning, Huo Rongshen grabbed her wrist. “Stop this nonsense. You do know what your situation is, don’t you? So, is there a need to do things out of spite? Do you think it is worth risking your life over your stubbornness?” 

  Noticing Zhang He was nearly done with his preparation, waves of anxiousness washed over Jiang Dai. With much strength, she shook his hands off vigorously.

  “Stay far away from me and leave me alone.”


  At the beginning of the competition, Zhang He’s first step started exceptionally well, leaving Jiang Dai far behind.

  Even so, Jiang Dai gradually increased speed and became increasingly fast as well. It seemed as if her cooperation with the violent-tempered horse progressively grew into a tacit understanding.

  Even the trainer was rendered stunned at this sight.

  “This lady is amazing! This horse is the most violent one out of all the horses that we have here. Apart from several of our trainers, no one is able to ride this horse.”

  Watching Jiang Dai outpaced Zhang He, one of the onlookers shouted, “Zhang He, you are far too weak! You are even worse than a girl!”

  In his fury and frustration, Zhang He whipped his horse three times harshly.

  With a long neigh, the racehorse lost control of its front hooves and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Zhang He was thrown off the horse and let out an anguished wail——

  Charging towards the finish line, Jiang Dai won the race beautifully. As soon as she got off the horse, she even petted the horse’s head and could not conceal her smile. “Good boy. Your name is Little White, right? I will come back to play with you whenever I am free.”

  Bai Zhi watched on as the racecourse descended into chaos. In the midst of it, someone called for an ambulance, intending to send the motionless Zhang He, who has broken his leg from his fall, to the hospital.

  Initially, the racecourse’s first aid personnel wanted to take a look at his injuries first.

  However, Zhang He simply would not allow anyone to touch him, as he would scream in pain whenever someone did so.

  On seeing this, Bai Zhi laughed so hard that her stomach hurts. “Daidai, your mouth is vicious. He is far too miserable, crying as if his chrysanthemum has been plucked. Hahahaha.”

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