Chapter 24.3: Brother Ye, Why Don’t You Just Confess?

  Being confronted with the elders’ harsh voices and stern expressions, he did not say a single word at that time, but instead, he dragged Huo Shenli, who had just come of age, to the company the following day and began the handover procedures. It appeared that he was planning to resign and hand over the conglomerate to his father and little brother.

  Since Father Huo got married and had children later in life, his age brought about all sorts of issues with his body. At that very moment, it nearly triggered his heart attack. In the end, he could only compromise.

  Not only did Father Huo compromise, but the entire family clan of over a hundred members also put on their elated expressions and got ready for the wedding of the Huo family’s eldest son. Consequently, they planned the wedding of the century, which alarmed the entire country, for Jiang Dai. Furthermore, no one in the whole family clan dared to express their objections to this marriage overtly. 


  With tears welling up in his eyes, Huo Shenli pleaded, “Mum, please seriously don’t mess with Sister Dai anymore. Aren’t you just adding to Big Brother’s frustrations?”

  Seething with rage, Old Madame Huo was so deadpan that she simply could not laugh at all, and even her favorite fish maw soup next to her hand suddenly was not fragrant anymore.

  Huo Shenli continued, “It was only until recently that I have come to understand the relationship between Big Brother and Sister-in-law. Everyone seems to think that it was Sister-in-law who pursued Big Brother, but rather, it was Sister-in-law who took on the leadership role in this relationship, and Big Brother was incredibly devoted to her. Back then, not even a female mosquito was able to come near Big Brother’s side, yet he gave in when Sister-in-law crooked her finger to beckon him. Now that Sister-in-law had walked out just like that, Big Brother’s heart had shattered completely.”

  Since young, Huo Shenli had always regarded his big brother as his idol.

  When it comes to family status, the Huo family took it very seriously, so the overwhelming majority of the children could only get married to people of well-matched families. Occasionally, there would always be someone who would step up and rebel.

  Many years ago, one of their cousins, who was studying abroad in France, fell for a French lady and insisted on getting married to her. In the end, his sources of finance were cut off, and was forced to wander for half a year. Soon after, the French lady ran away. As such, he was forced to return home to kneel and admit his mistakes.

  As for Huo Rongshen’s marriage, Huo Shenli used to think that Big Brother was unusually insistent on his marriage at that time, but he never liked how the family clan meddled with his personal affairs. What set Huo Rongshen apart from his cousin was that he was the most talented grandchild in the Huo family, so he had to shoulder the entire family’s future. For that reason, the elders in the Huo family could use power and wealth to repress all of the grandchildren, except for Huo Rongshen.

  To this day, Huo Shenli finally understood that his big brother was an impassive person. No matter how serious the matter was, he would always react coldly. It was not for establishing himself within the family clan when he stood firm in regards to his marriage, but rather, he simply did not give a d*mn about these hypocrites.

  It was all for Jiang Dai. All the intense emotions that he experienced in this lifetime was all for Jiang Dai.


  After Jiang Dai moved into the Nangang Palace, she held a housewarming party. Other than inviting her close friends, the female celebrities under Qiao Yi International, who signed a contract with Bao Li, also came to congratulate Jiang Dai one after another, bringing gifts and bouquets in hand.

  Since the move was considered a happy occasion, it was certainly a must for Jiang Dai to post it on her Weibo page to give her fans some fan service.

  Apart from the replies to their comments and the lucky draw specific to the Goddess of Luck, Jiang Dai had also publicized an upcoming new product. 

  In three days, Zhen Xiu would be launching a complete set of their lotus and ginseng skincare series worldwide, which includes products like cleanser, emulsion, toner, facial cream, essence, and facial mask.

  Before the product launch, they had already tapped on countless channels for publicity. Hence, numerous fans had long since begun sharing and recommending it to others.

  Not only that, but Jiang Dai had also announced that she would be conducting a lucky draw during her live stream in three days, imbuing her fans with happiness.

Aaaah, I’m dying, I’m dying! I have waited for this live stream for over half a month, and now I am finally able to see a live Goddess Daidai!
Kachu live stream, right? Alright, I have already registered an account and ready to go!
I am totally looking forward to this skincare set. Wasn’t this skincare set’s complimentary gift the handbag President Jiang used when she was trending in the most searched hashtags? This has been circulating for so long already, so why don’t you launch in advance? I am so afraid that I won’t be able to snatch a set due to a lapse of concentration!
President Jiang, why don’t you arrange a special link for your Weibo fans? I am really worried that I might not be able to snatch a set in three days! Boohoo!
You will be live streaming tomorrow at 2 p.m., right? Ok, looks like the helpless jetlag club will be pulling an all-nighter! We will wait in front of our phones so that we can watch how stunning Daidai looks!

  Halfway through the party, Jiang Dai and Qiao Jinye, as well as several celebrities, took a group picture of them clinking their champagne glasses.

  With that, several female celebrities began uploading the picture on Weibo, which made Jiang Dai gain countless fans.

I came from Nü’e’s side and have reposted! Also, here I come to contribute to the number of unremarkable people.
After clicking into Nü’e’s Weibo page, my first reaction was how envious I was of this sister who was actually able to invite my Nü’e to her housewarming party! After taking a closer look at the pictures of the party at the mansion, I went on to click into this sister’s Weibo page. Instantly, I felt so envious of Nü’e for being able to attend Sister Jiang Dai’s party of the century! Aaaaah!
The one upstairs, your train of thoughts is exactly the same as mine! Hahahahaha
Sister’s attractiveness is indeed off the charts! Have you ever considered debuting?
President Jiang is a rich woman. Would a rich woman who lives in an 800 million dollars mansion ever consider debuting?
Nowadays, numerous rich women have taken the plunge to act in films and series. Even if you don’t pursue acting, it would be great to go on a variety show. I just want to have my meals with a stunning beauty!
Brother Jinye, why don’t you invite President Jiang to work on a film with you? I am absolutely fond of the beauty in these two!


  Just as Jiang Dai sat down to scroll through Weibo, Li Kai nudged Qiao Jinye with his elbow.

  “Brother Ye, Sister Dai is becoming increasingly beautiful, especially after curling her hair. She simply looks divine.”

  Not long ago, Jiang Dai dyed and permed her straight black hair wavy. As such, the originally charming appearance became all the more dazzling. Even someone who was immersed in the entertainment circle, like Li Kai, would still be amazed by her beauty each time he saw her.

  With a stoic face, Qiao Jinye questioned, “Doesn’t Jiang Dai always look like that?”

  Li Kai clicked his tongue and whispered, “Drop the act, will you? Don’t think I was clueless about the fact that you have liked Sister Dai since your high school days. I have long since picked up on it. Back then, you were still young, so what is done is done. Now, it is a predestined fate that brought us back together again. It was definitely not easy for Sister Dai to not want her leading billionaire husband and become single again, even going as far as to take the initiative to look for you to cooperate…… What do you think is her intention?”

  Upon hearing that, a suspicious blush crept up his ears, yet his voice remained impassive. “Don’t be ridiculous. It was all for her family clan’s business. What’s more, the cooperation between Qiao Yi and Bao Li is a win-win strategy.”

  Rousing himself to a state of anger, Li Kai refuted, “I am begging you, please stop pretending, and you need to go confess to her now. I am not exaggerating this, but when it comes to single rich women like Sister Dai, if you don’t make your move any time soon, the number of rivals you will be facing will increase by the hundreds each day. So, if someone else strikes first and gains an upperhand, you can just go ahead and cry.”


  On the other hand, Jiang Dai had not the faintest clue about her old classmates’ staring from a little distance away, as they felt perturbed and wished to speak to her, but stopping on second thought. 

  At first, she had been laughing while browsing through the complimentary comments written by her fans.

  As she continued scrolling through the comments, she felt something was amiss as something strange began to appear.

Even so, Zhen Xiu’s new skincare set seems far too similar to Ya Li’s new product that they launched a week ago, and even the benefits are pretty much the same. Is it an imitation, by any chance?
Ever since this heiress had taken over Bao Li, she has been creating hypes on Weibo all day long……emmm

  Not only had these comments seemingly appeared at the same time, but the number of likes had also surged abnormally fast.

  Having made thorough preparations beforehand, Jiang Dai went on to reply to the most-liked comment with an image.

  She initially assumed that she would only be using this image during her live stream, but little did she know that certain people had been keeping an eye on her at all times, without tiring their eyes out.

  Despite that her response was only a screenshot of a patent, the trending comment was sent into a roar of laughter.

Hahahahaha! Ya Li must have spent five cents to hire its water army1 水军: It refers to a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments to particular content. , right?
This is totally cracking me up! Nowadays, this sort of water army is no longer in the trend, so Ya Li’s in-charge, you should wake up!
Stunning President Jiang slaps them in the face ruthlessly! Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack

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