Chapter 25.1: The First Person who Provokes is Always Wrong

  Ya Li’s water army, who were hired to post comments on Jiang Dai’s Weibo page, met their Waterloo1 滑铁卢: When someone meets their Waterloo, it means that that person has been defeated by someone who is stronger or a problem that is very difficult to surmount. This phrase takes reference from the Battle of Waterloo near Belgium in 1815, where the French army under the command of Napoleon was defeated. .

  Now that they had been ferreted out by Jiang Dai’s lively fans, ruthless sneers and taunts were thrown at them from all directions. As such, they naturally had nowhere to hide.

  Even so, Ya Li did not stay within their bounds and promptly shifted the business battlefield to another location.

  For instance, perceptible signs of movements could be seen on various platforms, such as the Weibo pages of beauty bloggers and several female celebrities who worked as Bao Li’s ambassadors, Taobao, and even XiaoHongShu2 小红书: It is a social e-commerce shopping app based in Shanghai and helps users discover and buy luxury, fashion, and beauty products from overseas, share shopping tips and swap fashion ideas. .

  The techniques of Ya Li’s water army were simple yet outrageous. It was nothing more than an attempt at singing praises of the wondrous effects Ya Li’s new product offered——how it was simply the beacon of light for all domestic skincare products, and how its effect was comparable to certain renowned international brands that targeted upper-class women.

  At the same time, not once did they neglect their efforts in mocking Zhen Xiu’s new product that was about to be launched. 

  However, netizens nowadays were not stupid. If they were to ferment misleading sentiments openly, it would then only influence a portion of them. Meanwhile, a large majority of them would adopt contradictory attitudes. Hence, both sides would be quick to chime in their viewpoints and come to a stalemate.

I have never used any of Bao Li’s products, but as a passer-by, I really do not have a good impression of the company. Ever since that heiress took over, the company has been making moves recently. Isn’t it better for a less well-known domestic brand to do something more practical? Yet, it only knows how to create publicity stunts. By contrast, Ya Li has at least more popularity, and the effect of its new products is also decent.
Bao Li is not famous at all?? I would like to ask if the person upstairs is three years old this year? Bao Li was once the top domestic cosmetics brand that enjoyed widespread popularity throughout Asia. In the past, the company kept a low profile and rarely advertised its products. So, what’s wrong with them wanting to advertise more often now? How has their advertising campaign become a publicity stunt?
You do know as well that that was all in the past…… Anyway, before that certain heiress began creating her persona of a rich, beautiful woman, I have indeed not heard of these two words and only know Ya Li.
I am so into Ya Li’s new product, and it is conscientious of the company to set at this price!
Bao Li’s president has uploaded the patent in the comments on Weibo. Excuse me, may I ask whether Ya Li, this knockoff brand, has a patent as well?
Zhen Xiu’s new products have yet to launch officially, so no one has ever used them before. Jumping out to praise Ya Li and slander Zhen Xiu at this junction, doesn’t it seem a little too fake?
There is much to be said on either side. In any case, I think that neither of these two brands is cheap. Since both companies are domestic brands, they do not incur any import tariffs. Is it necessary for their products to be so expensive?

  On the other hand, the Zhang clan probably reckon it was far too slow to solely rely on the water army to achieve their desired results when it came to misleading the netizens. Also, they couldn’t land a fatal blow on Zhen Xiu’s new product that was about to be launched.

  Whereupon, they decided to issue a statement on Ya Li’s official Weibo page at 9 p.m., when Weibo had the highest traffic. 

In recent days, a particular counterpart will be launching its new complete set of products. Coincidentally, the product is highly akin to our company’s product that has been released a week ago, in terms of various aspects, such as the ingredients, efficacy, and catchphrase. Moreover, the mentioned company was one step ahead of us in applying for a patent certificate, and our company feels deep indignation. In pursuit of justice for the crucial product research poured over by our company’s R&D team over numerous years, our company will henceforth be presenting corresponding evidence and contest it in law.

  As soon as Ya Li made the announcement, it caused quite a stir.

  The market share of the domestic cosmetics brand was not high. Even so, Ya Li had always been pumping tons of money into their advertising over the years, ranging from product placement to large billboards in subway stations. Even if numerous people had never purchased their products, they would still have quite an impression of this brand. 

  As for Bao Li, its popularity had been considerably high recently, and this brand had just reached strategic cooperation with Qiao Yi International. As such, the attention drawn to the brand was not any worse than that of Ya Li.

  Initially, it had been brewing in the dark. However, from the moment the Zhang Clan Ya Li Group made a public announcement, this war had officially broken out.

  Ever since the trending topic began at 9 p.m., the public opinion on both sides pretty much remained in a stalemate situation.

  Qiao Jinye had way too many fans. Just from the popularity, they had practically bombarded the entire Weibo website, as they believed firmly that Qiao Jinye would never cooperate with a bad brand, let alone a brand suspected of a patent infringement. 

I have used Bao Li’s makeup products before, and I will also be planning to get my hands on this complete set of lotus ginseng skincare series. Bao Li is the beacon of light for domestic brands and has always retained a pretty good reputation amongst its consumers. Whereas, Ya Li had only been established for several years. So, isn’t it evident who is the one who had been imitating the other?
Standing by Bao Li, standing by President Jiang. Among other things, Brother Jinye will never recommend substandard products. So, for those products that Brother Jinye recommends, their quality must be ok.

  With countless fans on board, public opinion began to lean towards Bao Li.

  But soon after, a cosmeceutical live streaming influencer created a contentious post on Weibo: 

  Firstly, I would like to declare that I am in no way sponsored by either of these two brands. As a cosmeceutical blogger, I had been looking into this while being an onlooker as this matter panned on. Hence, I believe what I have to say will still be considered reasonable. Since I have researched cosmeceutical brands across the globe for numerous years, I have heard so much about various brands’ backstories. Similar to today’s dispute between these two major domestic brands, it is a common occurrence between countless foreign brands.

  Taking hold of others’ innovation to apply for a patent first sure allows one to gain the upper hand. Even if the issue were to be brought to court, it would be very difficult for one to seek justice, since the patent is a legal proof. Hence, all I can say is that I hope all major scientific research organizations can pay more attention to this infringement topic and learn from this lesson, in order to protect their proprietary rights.

  This blogger’s live streaming nonetheless was of a certain standard, as it was only through her unearthing that numerous obscure, niche, yet great products were able to come into the domestic consumers’ view. Hence, her fans and audience were very diverse.

  After creating that post on Weibo, it soon caused a certain extent of an impact.

  At first, numerous netizens were inclined to believe that Ya Li Group may have indeed been infringed. Since the company lacked experience in this area, it allowed Bao Li to take advantage of the loophole. As compared to the uninitiated, this blogger was more familiar with the competition in both the domestic and foreign cosmetics market. 

  However, a portion of the netizens harbored suspicions, as they recalled Bao Lai had indeed surged a bit too much. By utilizing all sorts of drastic actions, Bao Li would probably be attempting to reduce Ya Li’s presence in the market and incidentally drive up its share price.

  The moment the members of Bao Li’s R&D team caught sight of these opinions, they were fuming with such rage that everyone basically had yet another sleepless night.

  In the meeting, they seemed to have lost control of themselves. “This cosmeceutical blogger is simply too awful. It is evident that she had received money from the Zhang clan, yet she keeps blabbering about all this sanctimonious talk.”

  “Yes, that’s right! That is practically describing a deal hunter who advertises everywhere, plagiarizes, and infringes, Ya Li, as a domestic brand that is unpretentious, dutiful, and operates honestly. Has she no shame???”

  The PR Department3 Public Relations Department Director explained, “In actual fact, it is wrong to make use of information from those in the cosmetics circle and regular consumers. Frankly speaking, there are only a couple of domestic brands that are able to compete with our Bao Li. What sort of a company Ya Li is has not gone unnoticed by everyone in the industry, but consumers only purchase products based on reputation and effectiveness. Hardly anyone is so free to research a brand’s history.”

  The core staff of the R&D department felt most aggrieved, as this was numerous years’ worth of painstaking effort that they had invested. With her capabilities to market Bao Li’s products, Little President Jiang, who had recently assumed office, could entirely rely on this new product to lead Bao Li to a victorious turnaround. Yet, at a critical juncture, her efforts were trampled on by these Zhang clan scumbags.

  Amongst the group, someone raised a question, “President Jiang, I actually have something I have been suppressing for a long time. We have already confirmed that our ingredients formula was leaked a week ago when Ya Li launched its new product, so why did we not make an announcement beforehand? Why do we need to wait for Ya Li to start acting up before we release the patent?”

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