Chapter 24.2: Brother Ye, Why Don’t You Just Confess?

  A grimace of pain contorted the manager’s face. “That is because we have a limited number of guests who are here for our afternoon tea. On top of that, our opening hours are only from 14:00 to 17:001 Since the author uses a 24-hour clock system for this. , and we normally have no more than four tables of guests. That is why there is only one pastry chef.”

  Madam Ma proposed, “……Old Madam Huo. Since the time is early, why don’t we go somewhere else?”

  With that, Old Madame Huo picked up her customized Hermes and gave the manager on duty an unfriendly look. “I’ll be suing you! You just wait and see!”

  With a long face, several attendants, as well as the manager, chased after her and apologized, “It truly is an accident. Old Madame Huo, I hope you can understand.”

  The manager on duty added, “Old Madame Huo, let us compensate you with a lavish gift voucher.”


  On the other hand, several people around Jiang Dai were all rendered stunned.

  “Daidai, how did you do that? Did you plant informers in the kitchen???”

  “Today, the situation sure has gotten the better of Sister Dai’s ex-mother-in-law. I’m sorry, but it is just too hilarious! My stomach hurts, hahahaha.” 

  At this juncture, even Bai Zhi was confounded. “You didn’t honestly acquire this hotel, right?”

  Jiang–Little Jinx–Dai replied ambiguously, “I just feel slightly sorry for the pastry chef.”


  Seething in anger, Old Madame Huo was so choked up that she pretty much died on the spot.

  As soon as she reached home, she threw a massive tantrum and forced her husband to give Huo Rongshen a call, demanding him to return home that night.

  With a pounding headache, Father Huo gave his son a call and said nothing else, other than to have him return home that night. This allowed him to have an excuse to escape from all the social engagements.

  Recently, Huo Rongshen had not been in good condition, so he had declined all sorts of social engagements, regardless of their importance. During his time off, he would often relax and meditate in the Mirror Lake Mansion.

  Together with Huo Shenli, they made their way back to the old residence, only to see Old Madame Huo had her nose out of joint. Immediately, she began to recount everything that had occurred in the afternoon.

  As she spoke, Huo Shenli struggled to contain his laughter and even had to go as far as to bite his tongue.

  Once she was done, the first thing that came into his mind was, Amazing, Sister Dai is so amazing!

  Not only was his mother a lady of the Huo clan, but she was also the female head of their household. As the eldest daughter of an influential military and political family, her family also offered them a very strong backing. Since his mother’s family was involved with the whitewashing of the Huo family’s entire business, his mother was always considered the most respected female member of the Huo family. Regardless of their seniority in the family, everyone would constantly suck up to her. Over several decades, she was on a roll, as no one dared to show her disrespect.

  You’d have to admit that Sister Dai is still so amazing.

  As if he had not heard a word she had said, Huo Rongshen did not say anything and began to have his dinner impassively.

  On the verge of crying with rage, Old Madame Huo’s voice rang out, “What the h*ll is wrong with the both of you? Pretending to be deaf and blind? I am your mother! Are you going to just sit back and watch me be bullied by that woman?!”

  Since his big brother said nothing, Huo Shenli continued to observe quietly, not daring to comment rashly.

  Finally, Huo Rongshen placed his chopsticks down and remarked, “Don’t provoke her in the future.”

  At the sound of that, Old Madame Huo widened her eyes as her countenance changed significantly. “Rongshen, how can you say that? I am the elder here. Even if both of you have divorced, she is of the younger generation, after all. So, why should I stay out of her way? Has this Yanjing city turned into Jiang Dai’s territory?!”

  Huo Rongshen reasoned, “Jiang Dai is not someone who likes to stir up trouble, so it must have been you who insisted on provoking her, bringing contempt upon yourself.”

  Old Madame Huo continued to insist, “???? I did not! Did you not hear me? She acquired the beauty salon first and refused to let my friends and I patronize it!”

  “Since she acquired it, it is now her business. Hence, she has the right to decide on her customers’ privileges.”

  As she was being pinched by her family, Old Madame Huo pleaded, “Shenli……Huo Shenli, speak frankly. Has your brother gone insane? Is he even speaking English?”

  The more Old Madame Huo mulled over this, the more despair washed over her. When they were still married, Huo Rongshen had always been on Jiang Dai’s side. Even though he did not say anything, he had done loads, be it overtly or covertly.

  Since Jiang Dai was not well-liked by the elders, Huo Rongshen took it into his hands. That was why she did not have to visit them frequently. During the holidays, she had Huo Rongshen there to keep her company, and all she did was to greet them out of courtesy. 

  When Jiang Dai was outcast by the wealthy married women circle, her conceited and arrogant son went as far as to pressure those women’s husbands, forcing their wives to acknowledge their mistakes and apologize to Jiang Dai.

  Old Madame Huo figured now that they had finally divorced and even caused Rongshen not to look too good, so she believed he should give up on this woman, right? Who would have thought he would become all the more obsessed with her?!

  Huo Shenli knew that his mum was actually a kid at heart and spoiled by everyone, so she loved to go on a fit of pique.

  As a bystander, Huo Shenli was able to pick up on the reason she disliked Jiang Dai, and it was not entirely because of Qi Yao.

  In fact, it was due to Big Brother being an aloof person since young and had placed everyone at an arm’s length. Even if it were his parents, he would still regard them in a polite and restrained manner. For unknown reasons, Jiang Dai was the only one who was able to destroy the balance. Ever since Jiang Dai arrived, Big Brother had done countless things that were inconsistent with his persona, causing his mum’s mind to become out of balance gradually.

  Huo Shenli braced himself to persuade Old Madame Huo. “Mum, forget it. Don’t pick a fight with Sister-in-law anymore since you are no match for her. Don’t you get it? Sister-in-law does not even have Big Brother in her sight, so even if our entire family were to pick a fight with her together, we would still be outmatched. Let’s forget it and don’t be too hard on yourself.”

  To coax and tease Old Madame Huo, Huo Shenli initially was still in a half-kidding mode. With how things had panned out and how Sister-in-law loved teasing her in the past, his mum exploded with fury.

  However, he was not expecting his mum to actually thump the table and chided, “That’s impossible! Huo Rongshen, you have to give me a definite answer today! Your ex-wife is overly brazen and presumptuous! Firstly, she insisted on getting a divorce on a whim. Then, now that both of you are divorced, she even has an ambiguous relationship with that Qiao person! It has brought disgrace upon our Huo family!”

  Watching his big brother gingerly, Huo Shenli could not help but think, Big Brother usually disregards mum when she finds fault with someone for no reason, so he should also be able to control himself today? 

  However, Huo Rongshen looked straight ahead in her direction with an unprecedented solemn gaze. “If your reputation is so important, I can announce my withdrawal from the Huo clan and hand it over to Shenli tomorrow. From now on, I will have nothing to do with the Huo Clan Financial Group, and my personal affairs will also have nothing to do with the Huo family. This way, your reputation will be unscathed, and I will also be in peace.”

  The moment the words left his mouth, Old Madame Huo stared at him with her mouth slightly agape.

  The resentment in her countenance was rapidly replaced with panic before she began to give in. “Son, you……”

  Getting to his feet, Huo Rongshen walked out of the dining room and made a beeline for the entrance of the old residence. 

  Under a surge of fear and distress, he could not be bothered to coax his mum and immediately ran to catch up with his big brother. “Big Brother! Big Brother, you need to calm down!”

  However, Huo Rongshen turned a deaf ear to his brother’s cries, and he opened the door without stopping for a second. Subsequently, he started his car with a roar and vanished from sight in a blink of an eye.

  After he ran home weeping grievously, Huo Shenli sat in the dining room and wailed, “Mum, are you trying to kill me!? Do you know what the outcome is if Big Brother were to run away? It will be my death and dad will be the death of me! You know clearly that I do not have the brains to take over this massive Financial Group!”

  Soon after, question marks began to surround Old Madame Huo’s head.

  “Recently, Big Brother has been acting abnormally. Ever since Sister-in-law left, he became seriously ill and could break down at any time. So, could you stop provoking him? You know that Big Brother would never casually say this sort of threatening words. Since he dares to say it out loud, he will definitely follow through in action!”

  Upon hearing that, Old Madame Huo broke out in cold sweat.

  Although Rongshen was aloof, he was never willful.

  Since young, he had only ever made such declarations twice. 

  The first time was today.

  Whereas, the second time……was when he wanted to marry Jiang Dai, as this notion was objected to by the entire Huo clan.

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