Chapter 24.1: Brother Ye, Why Don’t You Just Confess?

  Impassively, the corners of Jiang Dai’s lips curled up. “I have indeed played numerous tricks. Unlike Old Madame Huo, you still need others to go easy on you to win at mahjong, let alone have a business sense.”

  “…………..” Old Madame Huo glared. “What did you say?! When have I ever required anyone to go easy on me?”

  Jiang Dai’s grin became increasingly brighter. “Stupid, yet you don’t even realize it yourself. This is probably the power of praising someone in a way that puts them at a disadvantage.”

  The moment the words left her mouth, she led her group of best friends and walked away impressively.

  Leaving Old Madame Huo and the two ladies stare at each other speechlessly.

  Straining to keep her face taut, Old Madame Huo asked, “Jiang Dai was just rambling a bunch of nonsense, Madam Li, Madam Ma, when have I ever needed anyone to go easy on me during mahjong? Has something like that ever happened?”

  Madam Li smiled awkwardly at Old Madame Huo. “How is that even possible? Old Madame Huo, please calm down and don’t lower yourself to her level.”

  Whereas, Madam Ma echoed impassively, “Old Madame Huo’s mahjong skill is outstanding. What did she mean by going easy on you? Nothing of that sort has ever occurred.”


  It was only after Madam Li and Madam Ma coaxed and flattered her for a long time before Madam Li’s words barely managed to pacify Old Madame Huo’s emotions.

  Madame Li coaxed, “Anyway, you have never liked Jiang Dai, and now that both Rongshen and her had divorced, isn’t that the best thing that could ever happen to you? It was merely bickering, so why should you take it to heart?”

  Old Madame Huo thought to herself: That’s right! Since Jiang Dai had left, at least she would not continue bringing harm to my son.

  In a barely maintained arrogant frame of mind, Old Madame Huo and the two other ladies arrived at the seven-star hotel opposite the beauty salon.

  They chatted with each other while taking the lift.

  Madam Ma remarked, “I have long since heard that this hotel’s English afternoon tea is exceptionally authentic, even its design is unique.”

  Madam Li continued, “It is made by a Michelin recognized pastry chef. Not only that, but the hotel also launches different themes each week. So, each theme would only be launched for a week, then a new one will be implemented the following week, never reusing the same theme.”

  Appearing to have forgotten the episode that occurred in the beauty salon earlier, Old Madame Huo’s lips curved up into a gracious smile. “It is indeed good and is considered to be one of the best afternoon teas in Yanjing. Also, I happen to know the wife of this hotel group’s chairman very well. I will introduce her to you two another day.”

  “That will be really wonderful.”

  The atmosphere here was good. As soon as the three of them stepped into the hall, a cacophony of oddly familiar voices resounded in their ears.

  They could not help casting sidelong glances, and sure enough, it was Jiang Dai chatting happily with her group of friends.

  Old Madame Huo went limp at the sight and nearly stopped breathing.

  Stealthily, she massaged her purlicue1 虎口: It is the space between your forefinger and thumb. . Steady now, you have to get a hold of yourself.

  Earlier at the beauty salon, she had already been crushed ruthlessly by Jiang Dai.

  At a place like this, I have to keep a hold of myself. What is this place? This hotel happens to be under the name of my friend’s husband, so I do not believe that Jiang Dai, this enchantress, would still be able to stir up trouble.

  The moment they took their seats, Bai Zhi nudged Jiang Dai’s arm.

  “Why is this mother-in-law of yours so clingy? What are the odds of her following us wherever we go?”

  Jiang Dai, on the other hand, was not surprised at all. Since this hotel was located right opposite the beauty salon, she had highly recommended it to her ex-mother-in-law in the past. Also, it was not strange for them to yet again run into each other since these two locations were situated along a straight route in this area.

  Out of the corner of her eye, Old Madame Huo had been keeping an eye out for Jiang Dai. Seeing that there was no sign of movement from her end, Old Madame Huo knew that this woman was merely putting up a bold front after purchasing a cheap beauty salon. Since this seven-star hotel was part of a global chain, she highly doubted Jiang Dai was able to acquire it.

  Both Madam Li and Madam Ma knew what Old Madame Huo was like——a dramatic individual. On top of that, the afternoon tea, which was located at a high altitude venue, was only offered to the hotel’s private members who had satisfied the minimum annual spending limit. Hence, there were very few customers around.

  Watching her best friend slap her ex-mother-in-law in the face, Bai Zhi was entirely engulfed in that sort of setting where the storyline was awesome and had Mary Sue characters.

  Since their afternoon tea had just been served, they would still be sitting here for a long while. However, Bai Zhi had no desire to breathe the same air as Jiang Dai’s ex-mother-in-law. 

  Bai Zhi whispered, “Rich Woman, looking at the current situation, do you want to consider acquiring this hotel and slap that old witch’s face swollen? In the past, both of you were family, so you were good-mannered enough to give her face. However, there is absolutely no need for that now. Anyway, even if you do not offend her, she will still speak ill of you in the upper-class society circle.”

  Jiang Dai simmered with laughter, “You seriously believe that I am a money printing machine?” 

  Bai Zhi pouted and answered, “Anyway, she just gets on my nerves. What an eyesore!”

  Jiang Dai’s lips quirked into a vague smile. “There are plenty of ways for you not to see her, so whoever said that we need to waste money on this?”


  On the other side, Madam Li flattered with an ingratiating smile, “As expected, Jiang Dai has wilted completely, not even making a single sound. Old Madame Huo is indeed impressive. My son will be getting married soon, so I have to learn more from henceforth.”

  Whereas, Madam Ma relaxed and began to enjoy the view outside.

  There was one good thing about this hotel. It was well-located and had massive pieces of windowpane, allowing loads of light into the vicinity. The most ideal time to be here was in the afternoon, where guests were offered a river view in the far distance and fancy fountains nearby. Since the weather was good today, the fancy fountain was pleasing to the eyes under the sunlight.


  A look of surprise flashed across Bai Zhi’s face as she asked, “???? You have a plan?”

  The corners of Jiang Dai’s mouth turned up into an unfathomable smile.

  Well, my buff will be useless for a while now.

  Bai Zhi urged incessantly, “What exactly is your plan? Go on, tell me!”

  “The light here on the 47th floor is not bad, and the fountains are also very beautiful, but certain people are just not welcomed here.”

  Jiang Dai spoke flatly as she enunciated her words clearly at an average pace. Even so, her voice seemingly carried an inbuilt strength as it was able to reach the ears of the three middle-aged women, who were sitting at a nearby table.

  Old Madame Huo found it so difficult to pretend not to hear what Jiang Dai had said, as she was so infuriated that she wanted to thump the table. Straining her voice, she asserted sharply, “What are you talking about? Aren’t you very wealthy? Since you even have the capabilities of purchasing the most expensive mansion in Yanjing, aren’t you just slapping your face until it is swollen in an effort to look imposing? If you are indeed so capable, why don’t you acquire this seven-star hotel as well? I will then be somewhat convinced by you today.”

  Jiang Dai continued to remark, “When the time is right, I will naturally splurge my money. However, when I do not feel like spending, no one is able to provoke me into doing so. I only just think that a certain lady does not match with the bright and spacious atmosphere here, or she may not have the luck in enjoying the creations made by the Michelin pastry chef himself.”

  Even though her words seemed pretty gentle in one’s ears, anyone was able to detect an exceptionally imposing aura as if she was so confident.

  With that, all her best friends by her side had their hearts in their mouths. If Daidai had spoken and yet was not able to drive them away, wouldn’t that be real awkward? 

  Nevertheless, the actual person, who felt truly flustered, was the attendant standing nearby. 

  The attendant could tell that there was a feud between the guests of these two tables, who were on the verge of standing up.

  It had nothing to do with them…… 

  However, some things were just meant to be.

  As soon as they were notified of the situation in the kitchen through their earpiece, the attendants’ heads began throbbing furiously at an instant.

  The attendants faltered for a long while, and it was only then they finally braved it out and walked up to them. “Old Madame Huo, I am very sorry. Our pastry chef has become unwell all of a sudden. Since our afternoon tea is freshly baked upon order by the pastry chef himself, none of the other apprentices are able to complete it on their own. So, I am indeed very sorry.”

  Raising her head in disbelief, Old Madame Huo appeared to have heard a horror story as she glared at her. “You have got to be kidding me!? You must be doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

  At her reproach, the manager on duty was very close to tears. “No, it is not like that. Something really came up with our pastry chef, and we have also just been notified……”

  At a loss for words, Madam Li could not help but sweep Old Madame Huo’s livid face and Jiang Dai’s beautiful and enchanting face with her gaze. “No…… Do you only have one pastry chef in such a massive hotel?”

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