Chapter 23.1: Ex-Mother-in-Law’s Face is Swollen

  Recently, Jiang Dai had far too many matters to attend to at once.

  Once they had submitted the required documents, all they had to do was to wait for Feng Qi Bank to approve the loan. According to Liang Jingche, the total sales volume of all the products under Bao Li still had loads of room for improvement. As for this sort of massive loan, their headquarters would generally place their clients on an observation period of 1 to 2 months. If they were able to attain an improved performance during the observation period, the probability of acquiring the loan would be slightly higher.

  To increase its sales volume, Jiang Dai still needed to invest more time in live streaming. Coincidentally, her preparation was nearly coming to an end, so there was less than a week before she officially began to live stream. 

  Apart from those day-to-day work, Jiang Dai had to rebuild her social circle.

  Since she would be overseeing Bao Li in the future, it was definitely the best for her to have as many friends as she could. Bai Zhi had once advised that as far as adults are concerned, she might as well reconnect with her old friends, whom she had known when she was younger, as opposed to using benefits to foster countless fair-weather friends. 

  At the mention of friends from their younger days, she certainly was not referring to Jiang Dai, but rather those friends.

  No matter how much of a tough time the Jiang family was in, at the end of the day, Jiang Dai was still a young lady of a wealthy family. All in all, a lean camel is bigger than a horse1 瘦死的骆驼比马大: It means although a rich family has become less rich than previous, they are still richer than a poor family. . In the past, she could be said to be ‘the Queen of Socializing’ and had countless friends. Moreover, a majority of them were very much indebted to Jiang Dai.

  That would be due to the fact that they did not have a strong background and were ordinary folks. Since young, Jiang Dai was quite the character and did not like to be bound by rules and regulations. In addition, the rich were also divided into various ranks, so it was common for them to marginalize and discriminate amongst themselves.

  Besides her best friend, Bai Zhi, the other socialites in the social circle were predominantly acquaintances. There were also some, whom she loathed setting her eyes on, would hardly even qualify as an acquaintance. 

  By her early teens, Jiang Dai would have been at a considerably young age, and she had utilized all sorts of methods to get acquainted with countless friends. Some were high school students, while the others were university students, not forgetting a certain few whom she had gotten to know when she was out playing.

  Jiang Dai had never cared about one’s background, but the Huo family attached great importance to it. Her mother-in-law and other elders had the intention to let Jiang Dai interact with the top wealthy socialites and celebrities in the affluent circle. Every now and then, they would organize some charity events to assist in boosting their husbands’ reputation. Otherwise, when they had nothing on, they would play some mahjong and have afternoon tea.

  Before getting married, Jiang Dai had managed to lead this sort of lifestyle for almost a year. Subsequently, she felt that this was indeed very dull. Gradually, she came to realize that Huo Rongshen was vastly different from those elders in the Huo family, as he did not care about these meaningless matters. As such, Jiang Dai gave up on it as well. Thereafter, she continued to do whatever she wanted.

  However, it would be very difficult for her to reconnect with friendships that had been set aside. That was why after she had gotten married, Jiang Dai pretty much did not socialize and only remained in contact with Bai Zhi.

  Recently, with Bai Zhi’s encouragement, Jiang Dai had arranged a dinner reunion with her friends from the past. At the thought of it, the event had entirely exceeded Jiang Dai’s expectations.

  The other night, she had a few drinks and blurted out honestly, “To be frank, I have not met everyone for over two years and did not keep in contact with everyone on WeChat. Not only that, but I also did not invite everyone to my wedding…… Now that I think about it, I feel so ashamed. After all, even the best friendships require one to manage it well. I think I probably am very foreign to everyone since our former sentiments had long since faded away. Who would have thought……everyone is still the same as before and only I have changed.” 

  One after another, all her close friends began to shake their heads.

  “Daidai, you are overthinking this. We have merely not been in touch, but everyone still regards you as their best friend.”

  “That’s right! You have always been the adhesive in our friendships.” 

  “It was indeed a little harsh of you not to invite us to your wedding, but it will be alright so long as you remember to invite us to your next wedding.”

  “Sister Dai, next time you get married, please find an open-minded husband. That way, we can all go be your bridesmaids.”

  “Or maybe Jiang Dai should not get married. Well, at least do not consider it for these two to three years. Look at how young Daidai! If you ask me, she should go on a date more often and have a great time. However, do not tie the knot and settle in an unhappy marriage.”

  “Sister Dai, please don’t say that you feel ashamed. When you put it like that, we would not be able to find a place to hide from shame. In actual fact, it was not that you did not keep in contact with us, but we have also never taken the initiative to pester you. We always thought that since you have married into the wealthiest family clan, your social circle will naturally be different. We also did not dare to disturb you. At the end of the day, we have ourselves to blame.”

  Overcome by the sadness of their words, Bai Zhi felt tightness in her throat and her eyes rimmed with redness. She then began to scold, “Don’t f*cking touch on such a sentimental topic! It is not like ten years had gone by……Was it not just over two years? We are still young, aren’t we? Even if Daidai had married and gotten a divorce, she is still the same as before. This face of hers looks completely like that of an 18-year-old girl, who dares to say otherwise?” 

  “It is indeed so! I got to know Daidai when I was approximately 15 years old? Now, seven years have passed, yet she still looks the same. This face looks so young and tender that you will see water seeping out of that skin when you pinch it.”

  “Let’s not say anything else. Since Sister Dai is about to start live streaming to market Bao Li’s goods, we should give her a hand by making use of our connections. I am working in the new media industry, so look for me if you need affiliate marketing! I am both professional and reliable! Oh yes, Ah Hua, don’t you have over ten million fans on your Weibo page? Hurry up and promote Sister Dai!”

  As a travel blogger, Ah Hua was now considered an internet celebrity. Upon hearing that, she nodded her head frantically. “Of course, I will use my Weibo page to attract viewers on the day Sister Dai live streams. Also, I will be sending virtual gifts to Sister Dai during her live stream. Speaking of which, I would not be where I am today if it was not for Sister Dai’s willingness to help me at the beginning.”

  As soon as Ah Hua brought up her past, her words carried a hint of nasal voice. “As you all know, I did not graduate from high school and met Sister Dai at an internet cafe. At that time, I could not even afford a 400 dollars rental, so I ended up working at an internet cafe. As for my accommodation, I had to make do with sleeping on the ground of the internet cafe for three months. It was Sister Dai who rented a place for me and even helped me purchase all sorts of things. Later, I started my own business and it was Sister Dai who lent me two hundred thousand dollars.”

  Another girl, Cheng Cheng, also could not help but say, “Yours was only two hundred thousand dollars, and you are able to pay it back very quickly. Do you guys still remember my father went bankrupt and ran off five years ago? He became a debt dodger after he decided to wash his hands of the f*cking debt of over four million dollars. My mum, little brother, and I were faced with threats from the creditors every day. No matter where we moved to, the place will still be covered with red paint. In the end, it was Sister Dai who saved my entire family.”

  The corners of Jiang Dai’s mouth lifted. “At that time, I had no money as well, so I had to ask my father for it.”

  Cheng Cheng complemented, “Uncle is indeed a good person. With just a glance, one can tell he is Sister Dai’s biological father.”

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  2. Panacea

    Forget 1v1 BG romance I want to join this cult for Jiang Dai!! Women of all backgrounds that have received the goddess of luck’s blessing. If we pray hard enough she could ascend. THANK YOU FOR TRANLATING!!!!