Chapter 23.2: Ex-Mother-in-Law’s Face is Swollen

  Jiang Dai pleaded helplessly, “Please stop dredging up stories. What is the point of saying all these?”

  “That’s right. Isn’t everyone doing pretty well now? Come on, let’s drink.”

  “Drink up! Here’s to Sister Dai. May she make rapid success in her career.”

  “May Daidai’s live stream go viral and Bao Li’s share price explode.”


  The reunion of old friends was naturally lively, as they had just met up for a drink several nights ago, and they now agreed to go to a spa this Sunday.

  As such, Jiang Dai had planned the itinerary for the day perfectly. They would first head to the spa, and it would be after 3 p.m. by the time they were done. And to top it off, she would treat them to afternoon tea at the seven-star hotel right that was located opposite the spa.

  Once the spa session had ended, they went to get changed together and left the changing room one after another.

  Who would have thought that the world would be so small? We were just about to leave when we had somehow run into Old Madame Huo and two other ladies.

  Likewise, Old Madame Huo was equally as surprised, but she did not want to be at odds with Jiang Dai in front of outsiders. Recently, Jiang Dai had kept a high profile, so the entire upper-class society circle in Yanjing was constantly discussing her. They went on to mention that Jiang Dai was actually a mysterious billionaire, and her tendency to splurge was even worse than her ex-husband’s family, the Huo clan, as she had snatched the Nangang Palace from the Huo family at the auction. Before the Huo family was able to resist, they had already weakened significantly.

  Old Madame Huo raised her chin and looked straight ahead, deliberately pretending not to see Jiang Dai as she walked straight to the front desk.

  As soon as the young woman at the front desk saw Old Madame Huo, her eyes gleamed with awkwardness and nervousness as she rushed off to call for her store manager.

  The store manager spoke some offensive words politely, “I am so sorry, Old Madame Huo, but your membership has already expired. Hence, we may not be able to serve you anymore.”

  Old Madame Huo seemed to have heard a joke. “Expired? Then, just renew the membership now.”

  The store manager coughed. With no way of telling whether that was intentional or not, he swept his eyes towards the direction of Jiang Dai, who was at the entrance.

  A sense of foreboding welled up in Old Madame Huo’s heart.

  Sure enough, the store manager responded, “I am very sorry, your membership cannot be renewed.”

  Suspicion clouded Madam Ma’s face, as she questioned, “What’s going on? I can’t believe there are memberships that can’t be renewed?”

  Madam Li also knitted her brows and looked at Jiang Dai suspiciously.

  Without batting an eye, Jiang Dai chatted with Bai Zhi, not sparing a glance at them.

  Old Madame Huo must have felt a loss of face, as she snapped, “My friends and I have been patronizing this store for two years now, and this is how you treat your customers. Believe it or not, I’ll complain to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce!”

  Of course, the store manager knew that he could not afford to offend Old Madame Huo, so he bowed repeatedly. “I am indeed very sorry, but Old Madame Huo, the membership that you had been using was actually Miss Jiang Dai’s. Now that it has expired and you have not joined us yourself, so……”

  Old Madame Huo sneered, “That’s enough, I got it. I knew someone must have done some dirty tricks, so how much did she give you? How daring of you! Go and call your boss over. I want to acquire this beauty salon of yours. Twenty million? Is fifty million sufficient?”

  The store manager was at a loss for words.

  No one knew for sure when Jiang Dai had walked over, but she went on to ask merrily, “What can I do for you?”

  With a reproachful look, Old Madame Huo rebuked, “Who is looking for you? I am looking for the boss of this beauty salon!”

  The manager cleared his throat loudly and explained, “Ahem, Miss Jiang has already purchased all the shares of our beauty salon, so she is currently our only boss.”

  Upon hearing the store manager’s explanation, question marks surrounded Old Madame Huo’s head.

  Old Madame Huo’s face looked as if she had just swallowed poop, but it was not good for her to lose her self-control in front of Madam Ma and Madam Li.

  Hence, she raised her chin and tried her best to appear calm and collected. “Well, Jiang Dai, you have what it takes now, don’t you? Splurging money to bully people. Even if you have left our Huo family, we had once been mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Yet, you don’t even show respect to your elders. Forget it, since you are from a poor humble family, like the Jiang family, I should not harbor any hopes for your manners.”

  Once they were done changing, several best friends of Jiang Dai came out one, after another, and this was the scene that they saw. All of them could not help but turn to look at each other until one of them went up to tug at Jiang Dai’s sleeve.

  “Daidai, let’s go.”

  The majority of her best friends had no connections with the upper-class society circle, but they had heard numerous rumors. Everyone was saying how glamorous it was for Jiang Dai to be married into the wealthy Huo clan, but the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was not good at all. The one the mother-in-law had set her eyes on was the daughter of Senior Officer Qi, but she was not expecting Jiang Dai to come in and beat her to it. All these years, Jiang Dai made compromises with her mother-in-law, so she had been having a tough time.

  Now that they had seen Old Madame Huo for themselves, they were more inclined to believe everything they had heard from the rumors. Old Madame Huo held her head high and clearly was not a gentle and benevolent elder, so they’d better persuade Jiang Dai to leave, just to save her reputation.

  However, Jiang Dai sneered.

  In the past, this person had said similar words more tactfully, but it was that much tactful anyway. In any case, words had been expressed both explicitly and implicitly that her family background was never prominent enough to be compatible with her son.

  Huo Rongshen was someone she had chosen herself, so she had never complained before, and so all that the person had said went in one ear and out the other. 

  Now, she could not be so chill about it all.

  The corners of her mouth curled into an imposing smile. “Old Madame Huo, you have said words, like how our Jiang family is a poor humble family, numerous times already. In the past, for the sake of your son, I could not be bothered to take you seriously. Now that we divorced, if you still insist on discussing family status, I will have to argue with you.

  Firstly, our Jiang family’s upbringing is very good. In the face of vicious mothers-in-law like you, I had been respectful and humble to you across the span of three years. Hence, I am arguably the model for well-bred young ladies.

  Furthermore, our Jiang family was a literary family. Amongst my ancestors, there were even prime ministers and generals who attained outstanding achievements in war. Later, during the Republican Era, we renounced politics and engaged in trades, founding Bao Li Group. It was the top domestic brand and was once so popular throughout Asia. On the other hand, your Huo clan became prosperous over a hundred years ago. It was said to be a family of militarists, but in actual fact, the family was filled with bandits who dominated the market. Up until the previous century, your family was still reliant on this sort of marginalized business of the olden days, like opening casinos and selling arms, to make a fortune.

  Although it has now been whitewashed, your family history can never be erased. You can just randomly search it online. What your Huo family had done in the past is a well-known fact. That is why when it comes to discussing the secrets of one’s family, Old Madame Huo, you should not bring contempt upon yourself.”

  From the moment Jiang Dai first spoke, she had been all smiles, without any hint of hostility. Not only that, but she was also grounded with evidence, so her words became very persuasive.

  Madam Li and Madam Ma, who had close relations with Old Madame Huo all year round, were unable to defend her at this moment.

  Madam Li’s husband worked in the emerging technology industry…… To put it bluntly, she also held the Huo family’s history in contempt.

  Madam Ma was born into a literary family and acted as if she was morally better than other people. If the Huo family was not the wealthiest clan……I fear she was also unwilling to lower herself to cross paths too often with Old Madame Huo. A spoiled wealthy middle-aged lady, who would give excessive compliments to make one feel complacent and fall behind, causing them to degenerate in life.

  Upon hearing that, Old Madame Huo was so infuriated that she nearly died and even her face became swollen after being slapped so hard, to the point where it was spasming right now. “Jiang Dai, you are really something. I’d like to see what kind of tricks your outdated cold cream factory is able to come up with. Let’s wait and see.”

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