Chapter 22.3: Love Triangle

  One could clearly see the bluish-black dark circles under Chen Mu’s eyes, showing how sleep-deprived he had been.

  Sighing repeatedly, he answered, “Sigh, let’s not talk about it. President Huo used to be only indifferent, but now, it seemed as if he had eaten some dynamite, losing his temper every day. Everyone’s nerves were shot to pieces. Oh! A few days ago, he made several Managing Directors’ secretaries cry, and soon after, they began to resign one after another. Why don’t you try picturing the scene of three women and two men crying as they ran out of the office?”

  “……” Wen Yan felt that the image was a little hard on the eyes. “Well, it is not difficult to figure out the reason. I am sure things will be alright after a while.”

  Chen Mu shook his head and disagreed, “From what I have seen, I don’t think it will ever be alright. Ever since President Huo and Young Madame divorced, he became exceptionally bad-tempered as if he reached menopause. As for this situation……unless Young Madame is willing to return and remarry him, how else would he recover?”

  In an instant, Wen Yan was more sympathetic for him. “Remarry……that is not happening with our President Jiang.”  

  At the mention of President Jiang, envy overtook Chen Mu’s face. “It seems like you and your President Jiang have done well for yourselves. How is Bao Li? I heard that due to the shareholding structure issue, the internal strife had been very intense?”

  Wen Yan boasted proudly, “Those old shareholders are just troublesome and trying, but they do not even stand a chance against our President Jiang. Apart from being a little busier, everything else has been good. The senior management is quite knowledgeable and competent. When we work together, we are quite in tune with each other.”

  Chen Mu listened with increasing envy. “Young Madame treats you pretty well. You have just transferred over recently, and she already let you be involved with the senior management. The senior management of a listed company! It definitely sounds better than being an assistant.” 

  “Actually, I am still working as President Jiang’s assistant. It is just that I am merely taking up a few other duties that President Jiang trusts. Oh yes, why don’t you consider coming over to work for President Jiang? Given your qualifications, it is no problem for you to be on an equal footing with me. Since we are brothers, there is no distinction between what is yours and mine. Also, right now is a good time to come over! President Jiang had just established her position, and everyone had witnessed her capabilities, but she still needs to foster her own trusted followers. If both of us were to go over, we would become old heads1 Old heads refer to one who ranks in age and experience, especially when in social groups. with great achievements under our belts in the future. Since President Jiang is the only daughter, she will grasp authority by herself in the future.”

  The more Wen Yan spoke, the more envious Chen Mu became. “I am indeed envious, but I dare not…… After you left, President Huo had already been seething with rage. If I were to follow you, I am afraid he will literally have me killed. Currently, President Huo is killing others without discrimination, even female secretaries are not spared. It is simply too brutal.”

  Upon hearing that, Wen Yan felt both sympathetic and delighted in the misfortunes of others. “What the h*ll has been going on here? Aren’t those female Managing Directors’ secretaries pretty competent?”

  “It was not due to any mistakes at work. Who knows what is wrong with President Huo to have suddenly criticized someone for having nauseating scents. That young lady said she was using perfume from Miu Miu. Also, when I sniffed that perfume, it smelt pretty sweet and light…… In any case, he scolded a few of them to the point where they broke down. So, we are currently looking for recruits these few days. By the way, one of our newcomers is quite beautiful with clean and fair skin, just like those internet celebrities.”

  While Chen Mu was speaking, the clean and fair-skinned ‘internet celebrity’ just happened to open the glass door and entered the reception room.

  In her hands, she carried a tray with two cups of pour-over coffee and placed them onto the table nimbly. “Assistant Chen, Assistant Wen, your coffee.”

  Chen Mu gave it his all to shoot Wen Yan a look, and fortunately, Wen Yan got the message. It seemed that this was the newcomer.

  This little lady is pretty likable, and her pour-over coffee tastes great. However, it is such a pity. Who knows how many days she is able to remain in front of President Huo? 

  Chen Mu asked, “You are Sheng……Sheng Wanwan, right? Did you brew this pour-over coffee yourself?”

  “Yeah, I am.” Sheng Wanwan’s voice was thin and cautious.

  Chen Mu instructed, “In a moment, bring your computer over. There is some work that Assistant Wen will handover.”

  “Alright, I will be right there.”

  Quickening her pace, she entered the Managing Director’s office. As soon as she entered the office, she could hear the commotion resonating from the President’s office.

  “Where’s the secretary? Get the h*ll in here!”

  All the other secretaries had either long since submitted their resignation application or prepared themselves to run away and save themselves at any time. 

  Since all of them had spontaneously decided to pretend to be dead, Sheng Wanwan could only brave it out and entered the office.

  “President Huo, what can I do for you?”

  Just when President Huo was about to give his orders, he was caught off guard when an unfamiliar face came into his sight. Hence, he could not help but snap his brows together. “You are?”

  Nervousness crossed Sheng Wanwan’s face. “I am a secretarial intern who just reported today. My name is Sheng Wanwan, but you can also call me Abby.”

  The distance between them was very far, approximately three to four meters. 

  Yet, Huo Rongshen, who has a keen sense of smell, was still able to smell the scent on this woman.

  However, it seemed to be different from the various scents that made him feel nauseous recently. 

  It was a……very familiar sweet scent.

  His brows drew together and asked condescendingly, “What perfume do you use?”

  Shivers went down Sheng Wanwan’s spine violently! It was all over! When she reported today, Assistant Chen specifically told her not to use any fragrant cosmetics, perfumes and skincare products. Even shampoo and body wash must be fragrance-free.

  She was not sure what sort of ailment this President Huo had……but she could only understand it as the Virgo’s obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  President Huo was currently looking disdainfully at her out of the corner of his eye, causing her to feel somewhat weak in her knees. Instantly, she understood why this job offered such a high salary.

  Just when she was hesitating.

  Without allowing others to interfere, Huo Rongshen shouted grimly, “I am asking you which brand and which scent are you using!”

  “Yes…… President Huo, today I am using Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia scent. I am so sorry. Since today is my first day at work, I did not know that you do not like the smell of perfumes. Assistant Chen had reminded me before, and I had forgotten about it. I am really very sorry.”

  After saying so, she bent down and bowed deeply to him.

  Very quickly, these simple words matched with his speculation.

  There was always a bottle like that on Jiang Dai’s dressing table…… There was a time where she would often use it, and it smelt amazing.

  Looking back on it, he was always very sensitive towards smells since he was young and had never liked any pungent fragrances. However, Jiang Dai was always fragrant. After coming out from the shower, her hair and body were already very fragrant, but she still insisted on applying all sorts of things onto her body and legs. Some had strong scents, and according to her, it helped her sleep at night. Not only that, but the pillows and beddings that she had slept on were also sweet-smelling.

  Yet, he had never felt any discomfort.

  With a darkened expression, he instructed, “You will get off work early today. But from today onwards, do not let me catch you using this scent again. Get out.”

The author has something to say: 

Sheng Wanwan: *Cries* Am I not the female lead??? _(:з」∠)_

Chen Mu: Work has been so tough. I really want to run away and seek refuge with stunning President Jiang! o(╥﹏╥)o

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