Chapter 12: #Jiang Dai, Goddess of Luck#

  The next day, Jiang Dai used Bao Li’s official page on Weibo to select the winners. 

  At this moment, the number of reposts had exceeded 600,000, and there were already more than 400,000 fans. This had exceeded far beyond her expectations. 

  In comparison to the number of reposts and fans, ten big prizes and 200 lucky prices, which were originally set by Jiang Dai, seemed far too little, so she decided to double the number of chances to draw prizes, evoking cheers from the comment section.

  The winners felt that their luck was off the charts, so one after another, they began to forward posts with @JiangDai and different types of crazy confessions.

  As for the others, it was a pity that they had not won any prizes. In the past, Jiang Dai did not really use Weibo, but she could not bear to see this group of young girls feeling so disappointed.

  She then posted on Weibo that there would be another lucky draw real soon, so everyone still had another chance.

  The majority of the comments were really adorable, and some girls were such witty talkers, causing Jiang Dai to laugh as she swiped her phone.

  Amongst the popular comments, there was one that was very eye-catching:

For someone as unlucky as I am, it is not surprising at all that I have not won any prizes! Since young, I have been unlucky. Not only have I never won any prizes from lucky draws, but my exam grades are also always one or two marks away from the minimum passing score. Boohoohoo, I still do not believe in heresy. The results of the entrance exams for graduate programs will be announced tomorrow and this is already my third time taking this exam! Sister, please pick my comment and wish me all the best for my entrance exam! Requesting all sisters to chuck a ‘like’, so that Sister will be able to see it!

  Perhaps the pain of taking the entrance exams thrice had evoked sympathy from numerous netizens, so there were loads of likes. 

  Jiang Dai was attracted by her profile picture of a crying Chibi Maruko, who looked so adorable and miserable at the same time. After clicking into the girl’s Weibo page, Jiang Dai found that she was passionate about life, as she frequently took pictures of good food. Also, it could be seen that she studied diligently, as many of the locations that she tagged were usually at a University Library, as well as the pictures of her densely-packed handwritten notes.

  Jiang Dai replied:

Wishing you all the best for your entrance exams. Remember to be happy every day!


  The next day, that comment had once again been pushed to the top. The girl had returned to make a votive offering and even attached a screenshot of her entrance exam results! 

Sister, you are amazing! My entrance exam results are out, and I have passed!!! Since this is my third time, if I do not pass again, my family would not let me continue taking the exams! Thank you, thank you, I am so grateful! I am so happy I could fly!

  Jiang Dai was also a little surprised.

  Ever since she became aware of the comic plot, she discovered that she had gained a jinx buff. However, this buff was used to curse others, so she would not use it casually unless it was necessary.

  Without thinking, she had replied to the girl’s comment yesterday…… Did it really work? Would this mean that this skill of hers had once again upgraded?

  Before she was able to be sure about her skills, her fans could hardly sit still and began scrambling to request for their comments to be picked.

Sister Jiang Dai, please bless me to have a successful operation!
Requesting Sister to bless me and ZX to get back together!
Requesting for my thesis to be successful!
Sister, please bless me to receive an ideal offer soon!
I am counting on Goddess as I have to pass my practical driving test next week!
President Jiang, please bless my baby in my womb to be born healthily and smoothly!
Please bless my grandmother to recover soon and live a long life!
Borrowing Sister’s luck to let me find my lost dog!

  Since Jiang Dai was quite curious about how much her buff had upgraded, she picked a few comments with requests that were more intense.

  As for these lucky ones whose comments were picked, within the next few days, they returned, one after another, to make their votive offerings…… 

My grandmother’s health has taken a turn for the better and could be brought home to recuperate in a few days! President Jiang, you are indeed too amazing! Even the doctors said that my grandmother barely managed to escape death!
I had lost my dog half a month ago, but I managed to find it again. I was so excited that I cried for the whole night. So, I came to make a votive offering without any delay, and want to thank Sister Jiang Dai on my knees! Not only are you beautiful, but also kind-hearted! I wish you a life of peace and smooth sailing!


  Since it was indeed too mysterious, Jiang Dai once again appeared in the list of most searched hashtags.

#Jiang Dai, Goddess of Luck#
#Rich Sister is beautiful and kind-hearted#
#Bao Li Group’s share price continues to rise#
Jiang Dai is way too lucky! Had I not witnessed it with my own eyes, I would not have believed in metaphysics as well!
What sort of immortal goddess is she? Such goddess-like attractiveness, valiant personality, and even her character are off the charts! Would she be considered as a real-life koi fish?
Koi fish only have good luck. This is literally the Goddess of Luck. Those people whom she had picked are way too lucky! I’m so jealous!
Putting it another way, all the wishes of those, who were picked by Jiang Dai, came true? This must be the spiritual power of words1 言灵: It is also known as Kotodama (言霊) in Japanese. Basically, positive words hold positive power, while negative words hold negative power. These powers can influence one person’s environment, occurring events, and mind. .


  Pei Jun saw the most searched hashtags while he was on a private plane to Europe.

  As he swiped his phone, he laughed, “President Huo, your ex-wife is absolutely amazing! What kind of new method is this to build hype? Goddess of Luck??? These people, who returned to make a votive offering, should all be part of a water army2 水军 or 网络水军: It refers to a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content. , yet so many f*cking people believe it. Now, they are all going to her Weibo page to request to be picked. Otherwise, how can it be said that netizens only have a primary school education.”

  Hearing this, Huo Rongshen’s brows snapped together. He stopped what he was currently doing and opened Weibo, skimming through quickly.

  Goddess of Luck? Koi fish? The spiritual power of words?

  Half a month ago…… Jiang Dai cursed him to be struck by lightning.

  In broad daylight, an inexplicable bolt of lightning struck through the window. Before he was able to see it clearly, he passed out.

  Afterward, he believed it to be a coincidence.

  After all, he had flown for 10 hours the day before, and he did not get a wink of sleep throughout that night as he was so furious with Jiang Dai. The following day, he still had to attend a meeting, causing him to be excessively exhausted and have hypoglycemia. Hence, it was likely that he would pass out suddenly.

  Now, seeing so many people making votive offerings…… 

  His brows furrowed deeper. He did not care what was wrong with this woman’s mouth, but how was it that when it comes to others, it was good luck, yet when it comes to him, it was a jinx?

  This woman was absolutely heartless!

  He held up his cup and took a sip. All of a sudden, this grounded coffee was not fragrant anymore…… 


  Under the effect of being in the list of most searched in Weibo, Bao Li’s share price continued to rise for another half a month. The company that was once past its prime suddenly became a dark horse3 黑马: It refers to an unexpected winner. in the stock market. Numerous leading financial news media competed against each other to report on Bao Li. Under the combined effects of various positive results, the share price had already stabilized at approximately 25 dollars.

  Even though the stock trading had just commenced on Monday, the share price had undergone some fluctuation, falling slightly.

  At this moment, Jiang Dao was sitting in the meeting room, having a meeting with several members of the senior management team. After the share price experienced some fluctuations, the meeting stopped.

  Wen Yan got the news very quickly. With a somewhat stern look, he informed, “President Jiang, I discovered that there is news about Zhen Xiu’s facial cream causing allergic reactions circulating on the Internet. They have spread throughout the popular social platforms, such as Weibo, Toutiao4 头条: It is one of China’s most popular news platform run by Bytedance and uses AI algorithms to generate an endless story feed for its users. and XiaoHongShu5 小红书: It is a social e-commerce shopping app based in Shanghai and helps users discover and buy luxury, fashion, and beauty products from overseas, share shopping tips and swap fashion ideas. . Moreover, they were all posted at around 3-4 a.m., so they may have been premeditated rumors.”

  She had a quick glance at the tablet that Wen Yan handed over, motioning him to display the content on the projector for everyone to see.

  It seemed that the source of the news came from XiaoHongShu, where the victim had taken a picture of her face with patches of intensely red skin. On the nine-grid image that was uploaded, it was a ghastly sight, along with the following caption:

Warning! Please do not buy this! Recently, the reputation of Zhen Xiu, a domestic brand, soared rapidly, so I followed the trend and purchased the most expensive facial cream in the classic series. It was said that the cream, which comprises valuable Chinese medical herbs, was anti-aging and hypoallergenic, as well as versatile! I never dreamed that three days later…… This so-called versatile facial cream would have ruined my face!

  The comments below the post were all different. Some expressed their shock, while others stated that their experiences with this facial cream were still pretty good. However, the majority of popular comments that received the most likes were all teary scoldings. 

I have finally come across someone who is as unlucky as I am! I have always had dry skin and did not even break out during puberty. However, ever since I used Zhen Xiu’s facial cream, my entire face broke out! They were so big and red that I thought I had contracted some skin disease. I was so frightened that I rushed to a Level 3 Hospital6 . After the doctor checked them out, he warned me never to apply such poor quality skincare products on my face. I was so frustrated that I almost cried out! The original price of this rubbish facial cream is over 1,200 dollars!
Little Blogger Sister is too pitiful! I am not too sure whether my experiences will comfort you, but ever since I have started using this facial cream, I did not break out, but instead, my skin started to peel! It is so disgusting to brush off the skin every morning!

  Soon after, the original post and popular comments went viral on Weibo. With the famous beauty blogger in the lead, she led her countless fans to boycott this product, triggering a heated debate. 

  In the meeting room, everyone’s expressions turned ugly.

  The Director of the R&D department could not help exclaiming, “President Jiang, this is slander! I have worked in Bao Li for 18 years, starting as an ordinary R&D staff and worked my way to become a Director. I can guarantee the professionalism of our R&D team! Every product had undergone a hypoallergenic test over a hundred times. What’s more, this is our most classic versatile facial cream, so that is impossible!”

  Of course, Jiang Dai could tell that there was something not right, especially that picture the blogger had uploaded. Those big patches of redness sure did not look like a normal allergy reaction. At the very least, even if she were to use a defective or expired product, she would, at most, experience slight discomfort.

  “That’s true, President Jiang. This could possibly be a rumor since the share price of our Bao Li has been rising like crazy, and sales have also increased tremendously. For aught I know, our rivals could have done this to frame us.”

  “Although Zhen Xiu’s sales are considered average in recent years, for its stability, its innovations and products have always remained stagnant. Even so, its reputation still remained good, and nothing of this sort had ever occurred.”

  One after another, the other members of the senior management team began to express their stands, appearing to be very frantic.

  Since the beginning, Jiang Dai remained very calm and composed, as she watched the stock market attentively while looking at Weibo.

  Jiang Zhuyuan, who initially did not want to get involved, was unable to contain himself and coughed. “Daidai, recently you have been marketing the goods on Weibo so conspicuously. Sure, the sales had increased tremendously, but trouble has arrived in quick succession as well. Since the majority of the shareholders are not present at the top management team meeting, I will say something on behalf of all the shareholders. If this is really done by the rivals to frame us, you will have to be responsible for it.”

  Hearing Jiang Zhuyuan’s words, the massive meeting room became as quiet as a grave.

  Jiang Dai’s exquisite face resumed its cold expression, so everyone guessed she became angry.

  Ever since Little President Jiang assumed the CEO position, she was resolute and ruthless, always standing by her words. Only someone from the Jiang family would dare to…… 

  However, Jiang Dai’s mouth suddenly curved into a smile. “Cousin, why are you fretting? If this is someone’s plan to frame us, that will prove that there is no problem with the quality of our facial cream. So, this is a good thing.”

  “……But the share price, the rumors. When it comes to running a cosmetics business, the most crucial thing is our reputation!” Jiang Zhuyuan pretended to be unyielding.

  Jiang Dai laughed just like a spring breeze caressing one’s face. “Don’t be so anxious. I am someone who would seek out revenge for the smallest grievance. So, if there is someone that is envious of our Bao Li and is playing some dirty tricks, I will make them pay a heavy price.”

  Jiang Zhuyuan somehow felt chills running up his spine. On a cold day like this, he could even feel the shirt he was wearing in his suit became wet.

  “What……price? You can’t do anything illegal!”

  She blinked and swept her gaze across the room. “What on earth are you thinking about? I am merely hoping that these serious skin problems will be used as retribution on those unscrupulous people.”  

  “…………” Inexplicably, Jiang Zhuyuan’s face began to itch, and he really wanted to scratch it.

The author wants to say something:

President Huo: I just went on a business trip, and my wife became a Goddess of Luck??? _(:з」∠)_

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