Chapter 11: Popular Celebrity Reposts

  Li Kai’s untactful questioning caused the atmosphere to quiet down suddenly….

  In fact, Jiang Dai did not think much about it, but it was just that three men had fixed their attention on her at the same time, causing her to feel like a giant panda that was watched by onlookers.

  Just when she was about to speak, Qiao Jinye beat her to it and helped her out. “You are so nosy, yet you are an agent. Why don’t you just change your career and be an entertainment reporter instead?”

  Li Kai was criticized and lowered his head in embarrassment. “I am sorry, Sister Dai. I spoke out of turn.”


  Just when they were nearly done discussing, Li Kai took a call and went to deal with some work first.

  As Jiang Dai and Wen Yan prepared to take their leave, Qiao Jinye insisted on sending them off to the garage.

  Since her chauffeur had already gotten off work, Wen Yan took over the wheels himself and drove the car, but he first opened the back door for Jiang Dai.

  Just when Jiang Dai was about to get in the car, Qiao Jinye took a step forward. “There is something I forgot to say earlier.”

  She froze for a second. With a relatively fast reaction, she instructed Wen Yan, “Get in the car first and wait for me.”


  Yanjing had just entered the spring season, so the night breeze was still a little cold.

  Jiang Dai had already put on her blazer, but seeing her bare arms, Qiao Jinye still furrowed his brows.

  However, he did not say anything about it and went straight to the point. “Since Bao Li has tight capital flow, have you ever considered recruiting new shareholders to invest?”

  Jiang Dai was somewhat surprised. “You want to invest in Bao Li?”

  “Yes, I have an understanding of Bao Li’s situation. Not only does Bao Li have various product lines under its cosmetic brand, but it also has numerous daily consumable products that have competitive advantages in the market. It is also a large conglomerate, and I have always had a habit of making investments. So, even if I want to cooperate, wouldn’t it be better if I were to invest right from the start?”

  Jiang Dai thought it through carefully. “Bao Li is a listed company, so if you wish to become a shareholder, all you need to do is to make a large share purchase of over 5 percent and vote. However, if you wish to enter the Board of Directors, I would have to discuss it with my parents first and hold a board meeting. After all, when it comes to Bao Li, I do not call the shots.”

  “Alright, you should go discuss with your family first.”

  Jiang Dai nodded, thinking that the topic had ended. To her surprise, Qiao Jinye continued to ask inexplicably, “Jiang Dai, have you and Huo Rongshen really split up?”

  Under the moonlight, Jiang Dai laughed. Having drunk some red wine earlier, as soon as the wind blew, her cheeks still remained slightly flushed.

  “You still scolded Ah Kai for being too nosy earlier. Is this not the pot calling the kettle black?”

  Qiao Jinye’s handsome face hardened, and he swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. With a stiff voice, he questioned, “Since we were once classmates, and also for the sake of that rib bone, even I am not allowed to ask?”

  “……” This time, Jiang Dai was rendered speechless.

  That bully’s rib bone that Li Kai mentioned was indeed broken, yet she was not the one who landed the blow, but it was Qiao Jinye.

  Her fighting skills were not too bad, so she usually would not have any problems with defending herself. However, at that time, she miscalculated and was besieged by a group of thugs who were helping the bully.

  During the most dangerous point, the young man of few words seemed to have gone mad, using his fists and legs so ruthlessly as if he wanted to kill someone. His eyes were so red that it seemed almost bloody, scaring off that group of hooligans.

  Qiao Jinye was so seriously injured that he was hospitalized, whereas Jiang Dai was unhurt. When others asked about it, Qiao Jinye unblinkingly pushed everything on her, saying that if it were not for Sister Dai fighting against the eight of them all by herself, his life would not be saved.

  These groundless rumors had affected Jiang Dai’s reputation…… The more they spread, the more exaggerated they became, to the extent where people were saying that she had innate divine powers.

  Since then, no one dared to provoke her again. The unemployed youth, who occupied the First High School illegally on a long-term basis and even collected protection fees on the side, was also afraid of this Great Demon King that he went to work in an internet cafe as an Internet Cafe supervisor.

  Recalling these righteous ardor events that occurred during second grade, Jiang Dai’s plan to hold her laughter fell through. “Since we are brothers, you, of course, can ask. We have indeed split up and are currently at the negotiation stage of the divorce.” 

  She initially thought that Qiao Jinye would continue probing for the reason, but instead, he suddenly changed the topic. “Where are you living right now?”

  “I am staying at my parents’ place for the time being and will find some time during the weekends to pick a house.”

  With numerous properties in her name, she thought it would be easy for her to choose one to settle in. Who would have thought the person, who was assisting her in managing the properties, would be so responsible that all the properties were rented out at a high price, leaving only those semi-completed ones…… 

  Without hesitation, Qiao Jinye reasoned, “You have just taken over the company, so you will definitely be very busy. Regarding the house, just leave it to me. You also know what kind of business my family used to run.”

  Jiang Dai hesitated for a moment. “Alright, I will have to trouble you with this. It is best if the house was able to retain peace within a noisy neighborhood and be closer to Bao Li. In terms of the price, there is no need to economize.”

  It would be estranged for her to reject the good intentions of an old classmate. What’s more, the Qiao family was a real estate tycoon, even if they had already entered the entertainment circle. If they wanted to pick a house in Yanjing City……it was just a matter of a phone call.


  By the time Jiang Dai reached home, it was already late at night.

  Quite uncharacteristically, both Father Jiang and Mother Jiang had yet to rest and were sitting in the living room, with an undeniably troubled look on their faces.

  With no intention of evading, she went to pour herself a glass of orange juice and drank it while walking over.

  “Dad, mum, you still aren’t sleepy?”

  She had yet to change her clothes, so she was still wearing that set shown in the most searched hashtags.

  Father Jiang looked at her, as his face darkened.

  Mother Jiang held her arm and asked, “Tell mum honestly, what exactly happened between you and Huo Rongshen?”

  Jiang Dai answered lightly, “I just do not wish to be with him anymore.”

  Hearing this, Mother Jiang became shocked. “……It was you who suggested getting a divorce? Then it must mean that Huo Rongshen cheated on you! He has been keeping a woman outside, hasn’t he? This Mr. Huo…… I really could never tell that he was such a man!”

  Mother Jiang’s way of thinking was very normal.

  Jiang Dai had taken the initiative to pursue Huo Rongshen. This was a fact that the entire city knew.

  Countless outsiders speculated about Jiang Dai and believed that she set her eyes on the Huo family’s monstrous wealth. 

  However, Mother Jiang knew her daughter well. Being the only daughter, since young, she was cherished as the only treasure in the family. Even though Bao Li was not like before, her daughter was never in any way maltreated. For her to be with Huo Rongshen, it was entirely due to Jiang Dai being dead set on loving that man.

  Jiang Dai felt so much heartache, as her parents loved her dearly for over twenty years and could not bear to see her wronged.

  “No, that is not it. Huo Rongshen did not cheat on me.”

  Mother Jiang began to feel anxious, causing her pitch to rise. “This child, you are still trying to hide the truth from us? On the day of your car accident, you caught him in the act, didn’t you?”

  “Mum, please calm down first. Yes, we argued on Valentine’s Day, but I tailgated another car because I felt ill at ease. Even though it seemed like I was wronged, Huo Rongshen did nothing wrong.”

  She continued, “After the car accident, I had figured out many things. All along, I had been the only one who was painstakingly building up this relationship, while Huo Rongshen was responsible for cooperating with me. Perhaps he had tried his best, but he was born a workaholic, so his career is everything. He needs a gentle beauty who is willing to wait for him at home, day after day, over several decades. However, that is not me.”

  Hearing this, her parents fell into deep thoughts.

  Since young, Jiang Dai was an extrovert, sociable and had numerous friends.

  Three years ago, since she had gotten to know that Huo Rongshen did not like her constant indulgence in food, drinks, and having fun with a group of friends, she went to decline all invitations to such gatherings. Ever since then, she became a virtuous lady who preferred to read books in peace.

  From the way she dressed to her manner of speech, and even her personality, they could see that their daughter had changed massively.

  At first, they were worried about her, but after seeing their relationship had stabilized, they gradually assumed that their daughter had indeed grown up. Also, it was not a bad thing for her personality to become more stable.

  With unprecedented calmness and seriousness, Jiang Dai assured, “Having to arrange flowers, brew tea, read books and wait upon parents-in-law every day, this sort of day is not for me. In the past, I may have lost myself, but now I wish to change my way of living.”

  After remaining silent for a long time, Father Jiang finally said in a low voice, “Little darling, dad understands what you mean. So long as you do not regret it, dad has no problem with it.”

  The rim of Mother Jiang’s eyes reddened as she fought back her tears.

  Although Mother Jiang understood what Jiang Dai was trying to say, the thought of her daughter, who was only 22 years old, was about to get a divorce…… She always felt that it was her failure in carrying out her duty as a mother.

  Standing between her parents, Jiang Dai slipped her arms through her parents’. “Please cheer up. The share price has risen so much today, and even all of Zhen Xiu’s products were sold out. So, is it not an enormous joyous occasion?” 


  Once she had appeased her parents, Jiang Dai returned to her room and ran a bath before opening Weibo.

  The most searched news about the marriage upheaval had already disappeared, which was most likely done by Huo Rongshen.

  However, the popularity of the content about netizens snapping up the same designs as what she had used had not gone down.

  Jiang Dai went to register an account on Weibo. Since she wanted to market the goods herself, she had to strike while the iron was hot.

  However, it was not a good idea for her to start advertising the moment she came onto this platform, as the netizens were not stupid. This would also make her look too anxious if she were to take advantage of her current popularity.

  Hence, Jiang Dai decided to hold a lucky draw first.

  Those, who follow, comment, and repost on Weibo, would get the chance to draw ten big prizes that would be from her private collection, such as handbags, beautiful skirts, high heels, earrings, necklaces, etc.

  Not only that, but there would also be 200 lucky prizes of the same Zhen Xiu lipstick that she had used.

  As soon as she had posted it on Weibo, she notified Bao Li’s official page to repost it.

  Since it was already midnight, she reckoned that there would not be many people left on Weibo, so she decided to check on the results after she had a night’s sleep.

  Getting out of the bathtub, she blow-dried her hair and applied an entire set of skincare.

  As soon as she laid on the bed, she went straight to sleep right after setting an alarm. However, she was frightened by the notifications she received on her phone.

  It had only been 40 minutes since she had posted the lucky draw on Weibo…… 

  Yet, there were already over 100,000 reposts, and over 70,000 follows.

  Bao Li was only an outdated cosmetics group. With the addition of today’s most searches, there would only be 40,000-50,000 fans.

  Did they have that much power to rally supporters???

  Hopefully, the Public Relations Department did not act on their own and purchased zombie fans1 僵尸粉: fake followers that can be bought to boost one’s popularity on Weibo, Baidu, etc. for her???

  After using her finger to swipe her phone screen for a long time, and much to her surprise, she discovered——

  Thirty minutes ago, Qiao Jinye reposted her Weibo post, with the following caption: President Jiang is managing her account herself, so please pick it up whenever you pass by.

  In every second, the number of reposts was increasing dramatically——

Oh oh oh, Rich Sister, please look at me! May mysterious good luck fall upon me!
President Jiang, please look at me and save this child! I really want to have a pair of high heels for wealthy ladies!
Brother Jinye recommended us to come, and I feel that this sister is so beautiful! Is that really you in your display picture?
I saw Brother’s Weibo and came here. Is this the Airy Blue Sister who was on today’s most searched hashtags?
I came from Jinye’s side. Unlucky me is here to lower the chances of winning the prizes, hahahahaha!
As a fellow female Buddhist devotee, I wish to use my ‘Single’ status in my previous, current, and next lives to exchange for a chance to win the big prize, pretty please!

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