Chapter 13.1: Child Bearing Agreement

  Jiang Zhuyuan tensed his body as this inexplicable itch persisted continuously…… Finally, he was convinced that this was not just his psychological reaction.

  With all eyes centered on him, he did not dare to stretch his hand out to scratch his face, causing him to feel so anxious that he began to sweat all over.

  The Sales General Manager, Zheng Xu, could not stand to watch it anymore. “Vice President Jiang, I disagree with you. An intentional frame-up is perceived as a form of malignant competition, which is illegal in every way. How could you place all responsibilities onto President Jiang alone?”

  Usually, Jiang Zhuyuan was still able to put on an act, but at this moment, it was killing him that he was not able to scratch his itch. With a grave face, he questioned sulkily, “Zheng Xu, you sure have loads to say. If it were not for your incompetence in driving sales, do you think it would be necessary for the young mistress of our Bao Li to show her face in public and market goods herself?”

  Although he was only the Vice President, everyone knew that he was the eldest son in the Jiang family. Now that his cousin had just airdropped into the company…… Yet, she was able to gain an upper-hand on him, who was older and had far more experience than Jiang Dai did. The more he thought about it, the more he gnashed his teeth with hatred.

  Zheng Xu also did not want to be outdone. “Showing her face in public? How many years has the Great Qing Dynasty perished? Do you not know that the highest turnover of the most popular and top-notch internet celebrity in the country can exceed one billion dollars in a single day! Sure, I am not as capable as President Jiang. Regarding this fact, I accept wholeheartedly, but Vice President Jiang, it seems that you also have yet to make any achievements, right?”

  Zheng Xu had always been frank. Hence, the atmosphere in the meeting room felt especially ominous that someone began to mediate the situation.

  Jiang Dai smiled. “Alright, General Manager Zheng, you should stop talking. Look at how you have angered my brother. He is already sweating so much.”

  Jiang Zhuyuan was neither perspiring from anger nor the heat, but from the itching sensation.

  Jiang Dai was still beaming as she watched him. In a split second, it caused him to feel that this woman was simply not like the sister, whom he had known since young. 

  His cousin was undoubtedly a lovely and pure Gardenia.

  But now she had become a black lotus that would start seeping out venom at any time…… 

  He honestly could not stand it any longer. Out of a sudden, he stood up and pretended to leave hastily in ill-temper, but in actual fact, he wanted to rush out through the door. The moment the meeting room’s door closed, he began to scratch his face frantically.

  Seeing Jiang Zhuyuan rushed back to his office, his assistant asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

  Resentfully, Jiang Zhuyuan tossed his tablet onto the table and snapped, “Contact President Zhang. I want to see her now.”

  His assistant hesitated, “Public opinions are currently spreading, so at this time, we should be avoiding any chances of arousing suspicions. Also, why is your face so red? Is it because Jiang Dai had angered you?”

  The more Jiang Zhuyuan scratched, the more he felt there was something wrong with his face, as Jiang Dai’s malicious words continued to linger in his ears. D*mn it, it would not really be like what is circulating in the recent most searched hashtags, right? Do whatever words come out of this woman’s mouth actually happen?

  When he could not bear it anymore, he rushed into the bathroom to wash his face with cold water. “It is alright if we do not see President Zhang for the time being, but contact her for me and urge her to try harder. Public opinion backlash is very difficult to deal with, and is Jiang Dai not very proficient in creating publicity stunts? I will just make Zhen Xiu, which Jiang Dai had built so much hype around it, fall into oblivion!”


  Even though Jiang Zhuyuan was a young master, he was not a second-generation rich kid, so he still had to work very diligently in the company. It was everyone’s first time seeing him just leave in frustration at a meeting.

  All the senior management looked at each other.

  Only Jiang Dai knew why Jiang Zhuyuan ran away so hastily. Besides, this time, she was looking forward to seeing how the miraculous effect of her buff would turn out.

  However, work was not a trifling matter, so she asked sternly, “Let’s return to the topic. Since we suspect that our rivals are framing us, then we should have it implemented immediately. I will entrust this job to Assistant Wen. The Public Relations Department should use the official pages on all the major social platforms to refute the rumors first. Also, do not forget to provide the ingredients list and test records of the facial cream in the classic series. As for the other departments, what should you do? Since we had rebounded from when the share price had plummeted to 2.5 dollars, so why should we be afraid of this small difficulty?”

  At an instant, everyone felt more confident about the situation.

  “President Jiang, you are right.”

  “With you in charge of the overall situation, we have nothing to worry about. So, we will leave you to do your work. If the Board of Directors wants to hold someone accountable for this, we will provide an explanation.”

  Jiang Dai nodded. “That’s all for today.”


  During the lunch break, an employee saw a custom made Rolls-Royce, which had a unique license plate number, parked in the underground parking garage of the Bao Li building. 

  Someone in the company group chat mentioned that he had seen Little President Jiang’s ex-husband alighting from the car with his own eyes, causing everyone to go crazy instantly.

Is he her husband or ex-husband? Have they actually divorced or not?
They have probably divorced already since women would have had a divorce would then devote themselves to work. Look at how Little President Jiang is working so hard, even arranging for a lucky draw to market the goods. Frankly, I think she is ruthless. Did she not manage to catch a leading billionaire for a husband after much difficulty, and now she dumps him after saying she doesn’t want him?
Hey, what is this amazingly cancerous speech of yours?
The male chauvinist upstairs, could you think before you speak? Little President Jiang is Chairman Jiang’s only daughter, so it goes without saying that she is the heiress to the Jiang clan. Also, it was because she had yet to graduate, so she had not started working in the company.
Having lived for thirty years, I had never seen any woman who is more beautiful than President Jiang. If she has kicked her ex-husband away, then so be it. It is better to be beautiful by yourself!
That’s true. Since she has money and looks, so it would not be out of the question for her to get whatever sort of man she wants.
Hahahaha. If I were President Jiang, I want to adopt a horde of cute puppies1 小奶狗: it refers to a cute guy. ——no, I want cute puppies, wild puppies, puppies that bite, and crazy puppies. I want one of every kind.
Sigh, who does not want to be beautiful and rich like President Jiang? The most crucial point is that she is still very lucky! All of you must have been on Weibo? President Jiang is now known as the Goddess of Luck——this I really do believe. Ever since President Jiang airdropped into the company, our Bao Li’s Feng Shui seemed to have become better, and the share price has been increasing non-stop. If this is not the Goddess of Luck personally overseeing the overall situation, then what is it?
Hope you do not mind me saying this——sure, President Jiang is beautiful, but that Mr. Leading Billionaire is also very handsome!
How handsome could he be? Have you seen him with your own eyes? Please do tell!
I ran into him when I went to pick up the car earlier. Oh my god! He must be at least 1.9 meters tall, with an amazing figure and a straight back. He definitely must have a mermaid line! That face of his…… How would you describe it?  His face is exceptionally prominent, just like an international model, and he is so handsome that I want to cry. It is just that he seemed somewhat cold.


  In the afternoon, President Jiang wanted to eat a hamburger, so Wen Yan ordered it from HardRock. Later, he went down to collect and then brought the food to the CEO’s office.

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