Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


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“But I can’t take it any longer…” I clutch on Gu Yan like a drowning person hanging onto a drifting wood, “I’ll go crazy, I’ll really go crazy if I keep going like this…”

I sob like a weeping child, letting Gu Yan hold my face and see my most vulnerable side.

Gu Yan wipes my tears away with his fingertips, staring at my frantic face with his same lazy smile of enjoyment, as if even his sympathy just now is a facade.

“But even if you turn into a broken toy, I’m not going to let you go.”


“You’re so cruel…” I agitatedly grip his wrists that are holding my face.

“I’m sorry, but you have to accept it, Wolf… because you are already mine alone.”

Gu Yan lifts my face as I rise with his support, but my legs can hardly stand firm. He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my abdomen in a seemingly unspoken way.

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After breakfast, I randomly spot a corner to stay alone. I don’t even bother supervising the prisoners in the sports field, more or less no different from the lazy Yaren and Teal.

But it doesn’t matter, I’m not in the mood to work today.

I fish out the envelope that is hidden in my arms, and the corners of my mouth can’t help but raise a smile.

Today, I received another letter from Xiao Cheng, which I am receiving every two weeks. That’s probably the only thing I look forward to everyday while I’m inside the Absolute Wing Hall.

I take a deep breath, feeling the cold air that is filled with the smell of dampness, and mixed with the smell of dirt and stones. The gloomy clouds are dense today like usual, letting us know its threat of heavy rain.

On the envelope’s front is Xiao Cheng’s exceptionally beautiful and neat signature, and when I open the letter, it gives off a nice and refreshing scent.

I continue to open the envelope hurriedly, but I have to be careful not to tear the paper. My whole heart is looking forward to what Xiao Cheng has written to me this time. Is it her college life? Or is it her recent personal life happenings?

I don’t know if she eats and sleeps well when I’m not around, or if she just keeps practicing on the old piano at home from morning till night again?

I think I should help her buy a new piano when I finish my work inside this Prison…

My action of opening the envelope abruptly comes to a halt, even the corners of my smiling mouth cannot help but stiffen. The joy I felt earlier is now replaced with helplessness, and I couldn’t help but sigh in bitterness.

Suddenly, a pair of large palms that press against the wall next to me startles me.

I raise my head instantly, surprised by the man who appears in front of me.


The man’s sharp phoenix eyes stare penetratingly at me, his golden pupils feel so imposing that it makes people can’t help but look away. His height of about 1.9 meters feels particularly oppressive, coupled with his tall body being illuminated by the faint pale light, it forms a shadow that towers over me.

I subconsciously shrank back.

“Gui Shang?”

“Hey! You’re alone… Isn’t it dangerous to stay alone in a deserted corner of the Absolute Wing Hall? Especially when you are offending people, whether you intend it or not. You are Gu Yan’s man, why don’t you stay with him?” Gui Shang’s rigid but arrogant and unrestrained face approaches me.

“Offending people?” I don’t understand what Gui Shang meant, and I couldn’t help but frown.

“Don’t you understand what I mean?” Gui Shang rolls his eyes at me, and says in a bad tone, “If you don’t understand, just forget it. I don’t care either way. Anyway, remember to be extra careful next time, and don’t stay alone in this kind of  place. If you want to stay here, find Gu Yan first and ask him to join you, then hide under his protection.”

I still can’t figure out Gui Shang’s inexplicable remarks. It’s simply confusing.

Gui Shang crosses his arms on his chest, then turns around and leans beside me. I feel strange as I originally thought he would leave immediately, thus I can’t help but stare at him.

“This time, if it were not for me, you would have been…” Gui Shang mutters to himself, as soon as he catches sight of me staring at him, he immediately starts firing curses. “What are you looking at! Don’t look at me with that scared look, I’m not going to eat you!”

“No, I didn’t mean that…”I couldn’t help but smile bitterly for a good while.

Is there fear evident in my eyes?

I don’t have a very good impression of each king. For Gu Yan, it’s needless for me to say my reason for him. For Li, who taught me a lesson as soon as I came in, of course I wouldn’t certainly like him either. I don’t have that good impression of Tian Hai as well. And the only one who can pass my judgment is probably Gui Shang… Because I don’t know him to a certain extent yet. It’s always Yaren, that number one supporter of Gui Shang, who often buzzes my ears how great Gui Shang is!


But to be honest, I have some fear for Gui Shang.

After all, Gui Shang is a king, and I have developed a fixed stereotype of kings.

“Where did you not mean what? Look at you, you look like you’ve seen the God of plague!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it…”


Gui Shang glares at me, then turns his head away. But he remains standing still beside me and shows no intention of leaving, which makes me feel nervous. I don’t know what Gui Shang has been thinking while standing beside me all these while.

I looked at the letter in my hand. Although I want to read it, Gui Shang is standing so close to my side that he may even be able to read it if I bring it out.

After hesitating repeatedly for a while, I thought I’ll just find another place to stay by myself. However, just when I am about to leave, I am grabbed by a certain person beside me.

“Where are you going?” Gui Shang’s golden tea-colored pupils sharply gaze at me.

──What do you even want?

I couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat.

“I’d like to change places, I won’t bother you anymore.”


“Change place? You idiot, what’s the point of me being here especially by your side? Don’t let me help others in vain. Stay with me, and leave after a while.” Gui Shang pulls the confused me back, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Gui Shang is a very puzzling guy.

What does he mean about help? What is he helping me with?

I look helplessly at Gui Shang who has been staring absent-mindedly somewhere in the distance. I follow his line of sight, and see nothing wrong to spot there.

I don’t know what the point of him wanting me to stay by his side is.

Being alone in a deserted place with the strange Gui Shang makes me feel stressed out. He forbids me to leave, yet he just perches silently by my side without explaining why, making the air between us and around us stifling.

Erza: Gui Shang is such an arrogant yet adorable person (yes, very tsundere 😂). I also love his story the most aside from Wolf’s ><. Gui Shang’s story is next in line of the AWH Series ^-^, so if you’re curious about him and Yaren, then stay tuned until I finish our YanLang~

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