Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


Finally, after a second half of silence, I could no longer bear but to start a conversation. “Ya… Yaren didn’t follow you?”

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Yaren, I reckon as I see Gui Shang’s face turn fierce and impatient.

“What’s the point of mentioning that guy?” Gui Shang grunts, “I ran into you by hiding from that guy, ha! Then again, you may even have to thank that kid.”

My brows furrow, clicking my tongue, I ask, “Why? I’ll be fine here… Anyway, I am a prison guard.”

“You only say that, because you are Gu Yan’s, right?” Gui Shang gives me a blank look.


I can’t refute Gui Shang’s words. In fact, I know it well in my heart. I know that everyone in Absolute Wing Hall knows that my relationship with Gu Yan isn’t that simple. It is unlikely that anyone will recklessly dare to come and provoke me. In this way, I can move freely in places without Gu Yan, and it has nothing to do whether I am a prison guard or not.

“Hmph, most people wouldn’t dare to touch you because of your relationship with Gu Yan, yes, but there are also people… that were born wicked by nature, you know?” Gui Shang slightly narrows his pair of phoenix eyes, and I more or less see the glint of mockery in his eyes. “Don’t think Gu Yan is omnipotent and can cover you even to the places he can’t see. I advise you to be good and just run behind Gu Yan’s butt all the time.”

“I didn’t think that Gu Yan was omnipotent! And there’s no need for me to run behind him!”

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“Is there only hatred?” Gui Shang interrogates again, but this time I remain unresponsive.


Towards Gu Yan, I actually feel another feeling aside from hate— it’s an emotion that’s quite completely contrary to hate. I can’t name what this feeling is, but ever since I discovered this strange emotion, it grows and expands everyday like the fears and worries I had in the beginning. I already have an inkling of this feeling, however, it isn’t what I imagined it to be. It didn’t end up confined in a little box called hate and would disappear due to lack of space as I expected. Instead, it seems that one day, it will break through the small confinement of hatred and give birth to a new kind of…

What kind of disgraceful and scandalous righteous thing will I become then?

“Ha, if only you were my prison guard then I wouldn’t be bothered to death everyday.” Gui Shang pulls up the left corner of his mouth, revealing his white teeth.

“Do you dislike Yaren?”

I always feel that the relationship between Yaren and Gui Shang is very strange. Yaren seems to like Gui Shang very much, but Gui Shang just consistently puts on an attitude of arrogance and distaste for Yaren.

“Ha! He is annoying more than anything!” Gui Shang’s face turns sour.

“Why? Although Yaren is a troublesome person and loves to order people around, but I know he is a good perso──”

Before I can even finish my sentence, I am suddenly pulled on my collar by Gui Shang.

“You only know sh!t! If you really think that guy is a good person, then surely you must believe that Gu Yan is a great guy as well, right? No! I bet you think all the guys in the Absolute Wing Hall are good people!”

“I didn’t say that! I’m just telling you he’s a good guy based on my impression of Yaren.” I glare at Gui Shang and swat his hand away. “No matter how bad Yaren’s personality is, it’s still hundreds of times better than yours!”

“You kings! You only know how to play people like ants, cruelly toying people and torturing them to death, but then refusing to simply crush them and instead watching and laughing at them struggle to death! Just like Gu Yan, you are no better! You are invading Yaren like Gu Yan plays with my body, right? You are torturing Yaren just like how Gu Yan tortured my dignity, right?”

“I really don’t know why Yaren is still following you wholeheartedly!” I know I may have overstated it, but my reasoning is so overwhelmed by emotions that I don’t even give second thoughts before saying it.


Therefore, in the next second, Gui Shang becomes so angry that he slams me hard against the wall, even the blue veins on his temples are protruding.

“Fuck you! Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know anything!” Gui Shang’s golden eyes burn with rage as a cold smile appears at the corner of his mouth. “Do you really think that Yaren is such a fragile and easily bullied guy?”

“Look here,” Gui Shang pulls his collar apart for a bit, exposing a part of his dark skin that is horribly bruised right on his collarbone. “This is what Yaren left behind last night, and I spent almost the entire night lying in bed at his mercy! Just like what Gu Yan is doing to you, ah.”

“You know what? Yaren once cruelly and mercilessly broke my hands until they were dislocated, then tied me to the bed because I had resisted him so much, and left me in a cold sweat of pain while he was still smiling like a fox showing off his beastly nature.”

What? How could it be possible…

I gape at him in disbelief, too shocked to believe him. What Gui Shang said is quite different from what I had originally guessed.

“That fellow Yaren, don’t look at his thin, frail, and harmless appearance. His strength is no less than mine or other kings. He is actually a real wicked demon hiding underneath his skin!” Gui Shang props up one hand to the wall on the side of my face, his handsome face approaching towards me as he vents out a deep breath. “In Absolute Wing Hall, don’t think that only prisoners could bully people and no prison guards-bullying-prisoners cases are happening.”

“Even though that guy swore to me that he has changed now, I still don’t trust him because of the vicious things he has done to me.” Gui Shang’s phoenix eyes glint with coldness. “I hate him, I only hate him──”

I stare at Gui Shang in surprise, unable to speak for a long time.

“Hmph, why are you looking at me with such a nasty look again? You don’t believe me? I can show you more if you don’t believe me… Do you want to see the marks where he tied me up yesterday, or do you want to see the hickeys on my other parts, or do you want to hear more fragmented details…”

“No, no need…”

My originally angry and wild mood instantly dropped to the freezing point, left with only my surging guilt. This is the second time, because of my ignorance and arrogance, I’ve hurt another person.


“I’m sorry, it’s my fault.” I take off my police cap and bow my head deeply to Gui Shang.

I hang my head down and remain silent for a long time, until I hear Gui Shang let out a big sigh and mutters, “Why do you make yourself look like a kid who did something wrong, as if I’m the bad guy here.”

“Huh?” I lift my face in confusion, not really understanding what he said.

“I…I mean, what’s the use of apologizing now!” Gui Shang looks at me angrily.


“Fvck you! I told you that it’s useless to apologize now!” Gui Shang lightly punches and kicks me before laughing rampantly and saying, “Next time you want to apologize, remember to bring a bottle of wine to make amends, otherwise I will really smash your model-like face into a human looking paste.”

I momentarily freeze before stroking my cheeks. Honestly, Gui Shang’s ‘gentle’ hit still stings my face.

“Okay.” I smile helplessly.

“You know what to do.” Gui Shang looks in the same direction again, then turns his head and bumps me with his elbow: “You fellow, if you don’t mention some annoying topics, you’re very likable. If there’s a chance next time, I don’t mind talking to you again, so long as we don’t blab about some sensitive topics.”

“But I am not very good at talking.”

“Ha! I can see that, but it doesn’t matter!” Gui Shang shrugs.

I smile, but don’t say anything anymore. Gazing at Gui Shang, I feel some emotion and pity for him, and at the same time── I realize that there are so many things in the Absolute Wing Hall that I still don’t know.


“Here’s some piece of advice, don’t feel like you are already very pathetic and miserable. There are way more miserable people than you inside the Absolute Wing Hall. But if you think comparing things like this will make you feel better, then you can go ahead and do it, I don’t really care!” These are the last things Gui Shang threw at me before he trots away.

Erza’s Notes:

What kind of disgraceful and scandalous righteous thing will I become then? → Wolf is full of righteousness in the beginning and he’s afraid he’ll become a degraded righteous person in the end. Poor Wolfy, you’re already falling to the dark pit that Gu Yan had dug. >_<

: Tsundere-Gui Shang is actually so innocent while complaining to Wolf about his complicated love affair, because in fact, he’s already spilling all his supposedly hidden beans haha. ^^

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