Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


I sign my name on the letter paper and put the pen down.

This letter is for my sister.

There are one or two letters from my sister on my side table, and many more in my drawer, which I take out almost every night to read, as if they are my favorite books.

I stare at the picture frame placed on my table for a while, and sigh silently in the stillness of the night.

Looking at the time, it’s already getting late.


I take off my electronic watch and put it on the table, rise up and enter the bathroom attached to my room, and take off my uniform and put it in the laundry bin on the side. The temperature in the bathroom is colder than outside, and the white porcelain bath tiles seem to emit a chill, which makes me anxious to turn on the hot water.

The shower is not as pleasing to me as soaking in a tub full of hot water, but it can more or less wash away my fatigue.

Hot water continuously jets down on my head and body, and the room becomes filled with hot steam.

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Damn those bubbles!


I curse at the bubbles and raise my head to wash it away with hot water, but deep inside my heart, I know that the bubbles are not the culprit for my tears.


I wrap a bath towel around my lower body and grab a towel to wipe my damp hair.

As soon as I step out of the bathroom, I hear my digital watch ringing.

I frown and walk over to the desk and pick up my digital watch to peek at it. I have stayed in the bathroom a little too long to tell when the digital watch has begun ringing.

I sigh and put my electronic watch down. Just as I am about to change my uniform and make my way to Gu Yan, I suddenly notice that the letter that is supposed to be on my desk is missing.

Did I put it away after I finished writing? But I don’t remember…

“It seems that I just arrived at the right time.” A low, magnetic voice sounds behind me, making my heart skip a beat as I hold my breath.

The person behind him lets out a chuckle, that sound has long been deeply engraved in my brain, and my body naturally breaks into goosebumps as if pins and needles of coldness are running up my spine.

“Gu Yan!” I turn my head and see a fair and slender man leaning against the wall with his arms around his chest, his emerald green eyes staring at me with a lazy interest.

Gu Yan stands in the dead end of my range’s vision after coming out of the bathroom, so I didn’t notice him earlier.

“Why are you here?” My heart is thumping wildly, as if trying to crush against my chest from its every beat.


“Because I’m tired of waiting for you, and you usually come to me, hence I just thought that it’s better for me to find you this time.” Gu Yan smiles at me, his long eyes bending into a beautiful arc. “Luckily I came to see you. I think my harvest is good, I read a lot of your letters.”

Gu Yan raises the letter paper in his hand, which is the one I couldn’t find.

“Give it back!” I dash forward like a released arrow and angrily snatch the letter from his hand.

“Ah, you’re angry?”

“How can you just look at other people’s things!” I shout at Gu Yan.

In fact, I am not upset that the contents of the letter had been seen, but rather angry that Gu Yan arbitrarily broke into my room and casually peeked at my things.

Does he even want to take away my privacy?

“It’s not like I’m looking at someone else’s stuff.” Gu Yan stands a few steps forward. He was only a little taller than me and it is not obvious in ordinary times, but he seems very oppressive as he approaches me right now.


“I’m looking at something that also belongs to me.” Gu Yan’s handsome face that is pushing towards me makes me unconsciously take a few steps back.

I am not yours! These words should have been rushed out of my mouth, but for some reason, it choked back down my throat.

Gu Yan’s cold fingers clings onto my shoulders, and the coolness of his fingertips makes me realize that I am not wearing any clothes. Only a bath towel is wrapped around my lower body.


“I came at a really good time, so I can even save on undressing later.” Gu Yan gapes at me up and down and smiles with satisfaction.

Gu Yan’s words cause my body to stiffen, because I certainly understand what he meant.

“By the way, that photo on your desk, is that your sister next to you?” Going around me, Gu Yan walks to my bed and sits down along the edge of it.

Without speaking, I fold the letter in my hand and put it back in the drawer, and only after a little while do I reply, “Yes, her name is Ye ShiJiu Cheng.”

“Wolf, you’re the eldest, right?” Gu Yan asks.

I nod, “Why do you know?”

Gu Yan lightly laughs a few more times. “Because Wolf’s personality is very formal and likes to be brave. It perfectly conforms to the eldest man’s personality.”

I say nothing, but it doesn’t mean that I am acquiescing. I don’t agree with his comment.

“I wonder what kind of person your sister is?”

“Xiao Cheng, she is a good girl.” I pull the chair by the table and sit down as I wipe my damp hair. My smooth and nonchalant tone is the most frequent tone I use when talking to Gu Yan, except with an additional hint of fierce anger and cowering fear.

“How good is she?” Gu Yan’s gestures make it clear that he wants to chat with me.

Although I am a little reluctant, it doesn’t really hurt to talk about it. And if I can drag him away from what he came here intending to do to me, whether for a minute or a second, it would be truly beneficial for me.


“She’s a very thoughtful and gentle sister. She has been like this since she was a child. She has a great talent for music, she’s so talented that I think she’s a girl no one would hate, and she’s doing very well in school now and is also very popular.”

“Is that so? Then I guess your parents must be very proud of her.”

“My father passed away very early, and my mother died during my high school years. Xiao Cheng and I are the only ones in the family who depend on each other…” I raise my eyes and meet Gu Yan’s pool of green eyes. “However, I think my parents in heaven are very proud of her, and so am I.”

Gu Yan stares at me, within his clear green eyes flowing an emotion that is unfamiliar to me. He smiles faintly and seems to also wonder, “You and your sister have a strong bond, don’t you?”

“Yes, and I think it’s deeper than you can understand.”

“Well, emotions are something that I guess I do have trouble understanding.” Gu Yan hooks up the corners of his mouth, making a very captivating smile, but I could not see any hint of his heartfelt amusement.

Gu Yan has always been like this, always smiling superficially.

Gu Yan and I talk a lot about me and Xiao Cheng’s past one after another. Gu Yan just quietly listens to the side, and only when I pause would he open his mouth and put forward another beginning for me to answer.

“You seem to become more talkative when your sister is mentioned.” Gu Yan chimes in as I end another topic.

I am left speechless, and only then do I realize that I have talked with Gu Yan more than I expected.

Unknowingly, I had seriously regarded Gu Yan as an audience and listened to me as I narrated my memories.

“Gu Yan…” I don’t really think about anything else in my head right now, but naturally, or perhaps on impulse, I subconsciously blurted out, “Because I miss her.”

“I miss her so, so much. I want to see her so badly.” My deep longing is like a faucet that has reached its limit, leaking out from the depths of my heart and bones along with a sourness that I could not afford to keep tethered.

I don’t notice how weak my tone is at this time, even with an implication of longing for support.

I suddenly feel my eyes become hot, and when a few drops of blazing tears fall on the back of my hand, I realize that my face had long been crawling with tears, and no matter how much I wipe them away, it just wouldn’t stop.

I can’t help crying uncontrollably, even my shoulders are shaking and trembling.

“Wolf…” Gu Yan calls me softly. His voice seems to have a magical effect. I move my body without thinking and walk towards Gu Yan.

I fall to my knees in front of Gu Yan, my fingers climbing on Gu Yan’s arms and clutch onto them tightly.

“Gu Yan…I want to see her, I want to leave the Absolute Wing Hall.”

Gu Yan cups my face, his slightly curved eyes flash with a smile yet with a hint of pity.

“Wolf… I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to leave.”

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