I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy

Chapter 10 That night, Xie Lin broke the customs

I kowtowed, coming clean to Immortal Lord Zezhou of why I returned.

Immortal Lord Zezhou didn’t let me go, saying that I was his dao partner.

In the past, I would have definitely rambled about the same belief but now the one lingering in my mind was Xie Lin.

Seeing that I was determined to leave, Immortal Lord Zezhou brought me to the secret room in the rear courtyard of his bamboo residence and there laid an ice coffin, carrying a beautiful jade-like youth whose features were similar to mine.

As if possessed, Immortal Lord Zezhou said that that youth was me.

I was a little afraid, turning around in an attempt to leave.

Immortal Lord Zezhou pressed me down on the coffin and held my face, forcing me to look at the boy.

Immortal Lord Zezhou said, “Wait until he wakes up and I’ll let you go.”

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After eating pills for 10 consecutive days, at night, I began to feel head-splitting pain and even started to vomit blood.

On the verge of losing my consciousness, I suddenly saw Su Zezhou push the door and enter.

In his hand was a soul-sucking needle and he walked towards me, step by step.

I struggled to keep myself standing and held the wall for support. I bit my tongue in desperation, telling myself to stay awake.

Su Zezhou knit his brows and used his power to keep me trapped, saying, “You are certainly not him, but your body contains half of his soul, I need to get it back for him.”

He was speaking nonsense again. I shared no relations to that flower demon so where did half a soul come from?

Choking from the blood, I started coughing violently and powerlessly slid down the floor, the distance between the soul-sucking needle growing closer.

I grit my teeth and thought, I don’t want to die.

He had his little flower demon, I had my Xie Lin.


On the island, not only did Xie Lin help me train my body, he also taught me some self-protection skills.

I carried them out all at once.

But it was of no use. In front of Su Zezhou, they were no more than child’s play.


As if returning back to that day, all the veins in my body were cut off and the pain that washed over me was excruciating. I curled my body, nearly unable to keep my eyes open.

But on the brink of death, I saw Xie Lin.

Perhaps it was a hallucination. I heard that when one was close to taking their last breath, they would see the person they wanted to see the most.

I wanted to see Xie Lin the most and so, he appeared.

For some reason, even when I was in extreme pain, I was actually able to squeeze a smile. I looked at Xie Lin’s blurry figure and murmured, “I’m in so much pain.”


I didn’t die. I had returned back to the demon world, lying in Xie Lin’s quarters, a familiar place, a familiar smell.

Xie Lin sat at the bedside and coldly looked at me, showering me with scoldings, “You fool!”

I hugged his waist in tears and said I missed him terribly.

Xie Lin paused and returned my embrace, his tone very fierce, “What are you crying for. I gave you a jade piece to contact me, it was you who didn’t look for me.”

I rubbed my tears on him and replied to him with a choking voice, “On the road back, I dropped and broke it.”


Xie Lin pinched my chin to lift my head up and wiped my tears roughly, evilly saying, “You’re the one who wanted to go back, what could I do? If I wanted to take you back, you would have started to miss that hypocrite.”

“This royal highness is busy with matters so I was unable to visit you every day, it’s not that I deliberately allowed you to be bullied.”

I asked in realization, “Did you come to Cui Wei Peak to see me?”

Xie Lin responded, “No!”


I pulled Xie Lin’s sleeves and said, “My head hurts. Am I going to die? I don’t want to die. I haven’t even become dao partners with you.”

Xie Lin scolded me for being presumptuous while putting a hand on my wrist to probe my condition with his spiritual qi.

“I’ve already helped heal your injuries early on so after a while, your head should stop hurting. The pills Su Zezhou had given you collided with your spiritual core, fortunately, the body forging techniques were able to help so it could be considered as a blessing in disguise, you can now cultivate.”

I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy.

Xie Lin: “Little mermaid, don’t cry. If you continue to cry, you’re going to start producing pearls.

I was so startled by his words, I started quivering.

Xie Lin calmly said, “The spiritual qi contained in these pills collided with your spiritual core so the mermaid blood that’s being suppressed in your body will gradually start to awaken.”

He stroked my legs and asked, “Would a tail reveal itself very soon?”


Xie Lin carried me into the hot springs to soak, staring at me intently, wanting to see my tail come out.

I asked him, “Will you become dao partners with a fish?”

Xie Lin frowned, “Stop calling yourself a fish all day. You have to keep in mind that you are this royal self’s fiance, calling yourself a fish is too distasteful.”

I poked my body out of the water and smiled at him.

Xie Lin assumed an indecent position and spoke righteously, “Don’t try to tempt me, there are things that should only be done after the wedding. Don’t break the customs.”


That night, Xie Lin broke the customs

I didn’t want to cry but I couldn’t help it. Pearls trickled and fell down on the bed before rolling down on the floor.

They made pitter-patter sounds, the sound silvery and sweet.

Round pearls were scattered everywhere, painting a very pretty picture.

Xie Lin then later on used these pearls to make a bed curtain.

But every time, I always caused one or two strings to break. Xie Lin wanted me to compensate him and though I would compensate him at night, it would immediately get broken again.

I was very sad and I read from a book that if a person you loved cried, it would certainly hurt your heart as well.

But when I cried, Xie Lin wouldn’t be in pain because he’d be too busy picking up the pearls.


Being Xie Lin’s fiance was tough, I complained to his second highness and his second highness also said he was in a difficult position.

The both of us were birds of the same feather, fellow sufferers who empathized with one another.


Xie Lin taught me how to cultivate every day but there were some cultivation techniques that were not very proper. Xie Lin solemnly told me that these cultivation techniques were of a hundred benefits and did not have a single harm nor were they difficult.

But to me, no matter if I was following the proper way to cultivate or going with Xie Lin’s proposed way, they were all difficult.


Inside Xie Lin’s quarters, my pearls were embellished everywhere. In the beginning, it was only embedded with night pearls, now it had turned into a sea of pearls.

To tell the truth, there were so many that it made me slightly afraid but Xie Lin thought it looked good so I had no other choice.

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