I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy

Chapter 9 Xie Lin was born from the demon world and has been carrying out evil since young

One sunny morning, I learnt of a grievous news.

Xie Lin had found the exit of the secret territory.

He said he woke up in a good morning this morning and went to the deep sea to catch some  starfish for me and was able to find the exit at their habitat.

Xie Lin said it so easily that it felt like 3 years of my life had been stolen.

I later on got to know that he had tricked me. He had already known early on where the exit was and had purposely hidden it from me. It was only when something happened in the demon world that required his presence that he finally told me.



After leaving the secret territory, I never brought up the matter of returning to Cui Wei Peak.

Xie Lin seemed to have also forgotten about this.

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Xun Xi pressed his second highness in the middle of the cluster of flowers and kissed him.


I was so shocked I bit my fingers, they were…actually…

His second highness’s face was covered with numerous pink petals. Xun Xi first bit off those petals before starting to gnaw on his highness’s neck.

My heart thumped wildly and I no longer dared to continue watching.


The next few days, every time I closed my eyes, I would recall that amorous scene.

One night, I had a dream. I dreamed that Xie Lin was going to discipline me. He didn’t hit me, instead, he pinched my chin and just like how Xun Xi kissed his second highness, he bit my lips.

The dream felt so realistic that when I saw Xie Lin return, I couldn’t look at him, feeling awkward.


Xie Lin noticed my peculiarity and assumed that I had been bullied by someone and persisted to find who the culprit was by asking me.

I didn’t dare say.

After Xie Lin finished bathing, he came out, draped in a thin piece of clothing. His long dark hair fell to his waist and together with the mist that wafted out, he appeared even more captivating.

He sat down on the bed, his clothing spreading, revealing a large patch of skin and he looked at me and inquired, “Having not seen me these past few days, have you turned foolish from missing me?”


I looked at Xie Lin with eyes moving erratically and I told myself not to blush!

Xie Lin frowned and got off the bed, carrying the bright red me and stuffing me onto the bed. He then covered me with the quilt and muttered, “He wouldn’t really have turned foolish, did he?”


I nodded off to sleep for a few hours and heard Xie Lin’s calm breathing and secretly opened my eyes.

The inner hall only had a night pearl that emitted a soft light. It turned my head and looked at the window. It was as if I saw the pair of mandarin ducks amongst the cluster of flowers again.

I turned my head and carefully poked Xie Lin’s face. No response.

I thought to myself, if Xun Xi dared to offend his superiors, then…I probably can too right?


Under the dim lights, I slowly neared Xie Lin’s face and held my breath, closing the distance bit by bit and in the end, I secretly took his lips.

They were soft and a little bit hot. I wanted to stick out my tongue for a lick when I suddenly caught a glimpse of Xie Lin opening his eyes and instantly staring at me.

It was also at this moment that I knew when humans were in dire straits, they would be able to burst forth with limitless potential. I pretended to be sleepwalking and bit Xie Lin’s lips, groping him and murmuring, “Rose cake sure is delicious.”

Xie Lin pressed on the corner of my lips and coldly said, “Little pervert, you actually dare molest this royal highness?”


My face turned red as I persisted in murmuring, “Rose cake sure is delicious.”

Xie Lin slowly got up and leaned on the bedside, chuckling, “Since you love putting up an act so much, why not go to the garden and build a stage to perform?”

I slowly moved back.

Xie Lin hooked a finger and wiggled it in front of me, “Come here.”

My body stiffened, not daring to move.


Xie Lin pressed me down the bed and I clutched onto my pillow in nervousness. Xie Lin chuckled, saying, “So the little pervert knows how to be afraid?”

He was clearly asking nonsense, little pervert wasn’t a naturally lusty person by nature.

Moreover….Moreover, this was the first time I had gotten charmed.


The windows weren’t shut tight so some moonlight sprinkled in.

Xie Lin’s hair draped down, entangling together with mine. We appeared like the human couples written in books, forever inseparable.


But I was a fish.

If Xie Lin learnt of this, would he grow to dislike me?

After all, back when we were on the island, he had never once eaten fish.


I asked Xie Lin, “Do I smell fishy?”

Xie Lin’s words made me disappointed. He had asked me to keep my mouth shut.

In reality, I was a bit aggrieved. He had asked me to open my mouth earlier but now he was telling me to keep my mouth shut, was it because it was convenient for him to kiss?

Thinking up until here, I sincerely proposed a suggestion, “If you don’t know how to do it, you can go and ask Xun Xi for guidance, I saw him kissing his second highness…”

Xie Lin got angry, why is he so short tempered!

My lips have turned swollen, wuuuuu~~~~

Immortal Lord Su Zezhou came to find me travel-worn, his face brimming with panic, asking me to return with him.

He said he looked through the whole desolate river and was unable to find me.

He said he was worried about me.

But when he was saying these words, Xie Lin was standing at the side.

Xie Lin held my hand and lowered his head, asking me, “Do you want to go back with him?”

I shook my head.


It looked like Immortal Lord Zezhou was determined to take me away by force, but this was the demon world’s domain and Xie Lin was here as well. With him outnumbered, he was helpless.

Immortal Lord Zezhou cast me one last glance before walking away sadly.

I started to become unhappy because I felt that I was cruel and unscrupulous.

I was unable to sleep at night and even dreamed of the time Immortal Lord Zezhou rescued me from the pack of wild dogs. I dreamed of him reprimanding Lu Yan and his gang all because of me and I dreamed of him taking great pains to find a medicinal herb for my sake, feeding me priceless pills everyday.

Seeing me look listless, Xie Lin specially went to the human world to buy many delicious human food, glutinous rice candy, cream puffs, tanghulu….

I took a bite and stopped after that.

Xi Lin said, “You’re spacing out again.”

I quickly recovered my senses and denied it, “No I wasn’t. I was just a little tired.”

“I know you miss your Su Zezhou. If you want to go back, just go.” Xie Lin started packing up all of the various human food in front, “Don’t hinder my view.”

“I don’t want to go back.”

Xie Lin chuckled and asked, “Do you really not want to go back?”

I didn’t respond.


Xie Lin personally sent me back.

I asked Xie Lin whether he would come find me.

Xie Lin didn’t turn his head back.


The days spent at Cui Wei Peak passed by calmly like before.

Immortal Lord Zezhou treated me much better, even backing me up in the meeting of the elders and from then on, nobody dared to bully me any longer.

Even Lu Yan, who used to be the main ringleader, could only dare to say a few unpleasant words whenever he caught sight of me.

This was something I used to yearn for before, but not now.

Everyday, I would think, why hasn’t Xie Lin looked for me?

He definitely has to be angry because I was a white-eyed wolf.


Immortal Lord Zezhou said that Xie Lin had charged into the spiritual abyss without rhyme or reason yesterday and had slaughtered several evil ghosts, the howls of the abyss echoing so loudly, the regions that were a hundred meters away were able to hear it.

I stood up abruptly and anxiously asked, “Was he hurt?”

Seeing me like this, Immortal Lord Zezhou told me in a matter-of-fact tone that Xie Lin was born from the demon world and has carried out evil since young. I should not be charmed by a momentary display of kindness.

Immortal Lord Su Zezhou warned me for a long time before asking me to stop keeping Xie Lin in mind.


From autumn to winter, Xie Lin didn’t appear before me again.

I miss him dearly.

It was snowing heavily that day when I bade goodbye to Immortal Lord Zezhou.

Because I had decided to go find Xie Lin.

T/N: Yes! If the mountain doesn’t come to you, you go to the mountain! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)

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