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  • I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy

    Chapter 11 I made Xie Lin angry

    I made Xie Lin angry

    Majority of the women in the demon world did not care about trifles. One day, I was outside taking a stroll when I bumped into a voluptuous servant girl. Her clothes weren’t worn properly so I didn’t dare even look at her.

    She loved playing me and blocked my path, teasing me until my face and ears turned scarlet. Just as I was about to leave, that naughty dog Qiong Qi pushed me from behind.

    I staggered forward and with a “thump”, my face landed in between her bosoms.

    At that exact moment, Xie Lin encountered this scene.



    It’s been 3 days since he last paid me any attention.

    After I had nagged him over and over again, he left the demon world, saying that he needed to go to the endless sea to drive away his worries.

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    My heart felt sour and bitter. How could he not look at me? How could he smile so happily at someone else?


    I pushed that demon girl to the side and placed a hand on his shoulder saying, “What a coincidence. Were you going to the endless sea? I was coincidentally going there as well.”

    He brushed away my hand, “Don’t follow us, the beasts there will only restrain you.”

    I felt very dissatisfied, the endless sea was the habitat of many mermaids before they were exterminated so I was very familiar with the place. Besides, aside from him, who else could restrain me.

    I didn’t believe in evil so I insisted on following them.


    He was currently speaking with that demon girl.

    While he wasn’t paying attention, I left a dark red embroidered pattern on his collar.

    As he walked, the collar would always rub against his neck. I was taken by the faint scent he emitted and had already forgotten about the existence of the demon girl, floating all the way to the endless sea.

    The endless sea had a small island and when the island owner saw Xie Lin arrive, he narrowed his eyes and smiled in welcome.

    As expected, my intuitions weren’t wrong. He had actually arranged Xie Lin and the demon girl to be in the same guest room!

    I didn’t believe that in such a big endless island, there would only be one room.

    Xie Lin actually didn’t refuse too!


    I angrily followed him around the island and realized that there really only was one guest room. This did not appease my anger. For a lone man and woman to share a room in broad daylight, even if the people of the demon world did not care about trifles, they shouldn’t be this frivolous.

    Fortunately, I had gone along with them and this made me feel a bit of comfort.


    When night came, the demon girl had vanished.

    Xie Lin leaned on the window side, dozing off and I had recovered my human form, poking his cheek, scolding him for being a two-timing heartless rat.

    Xie Lin opened his eyes and cast me a glance, suddenly asking me, “Is it soft?”

    I recalled the feeling of poking him and honestly nodded.

    Xie Lin’s face changed and scolded me for being naturally perverted.

    I was immediately labeled as a pervert just for poking his face!

    He was too much. In my anger, I did my duties and lived up to my label as a ”pervert”.


    Devoid of any clothing, I straddled Xie Lin. Xie Lin apparently looked like he was enjoying it despite calling me obscene.


    The smile on his face was extremely striking.

    I raised my body, wanting him to pull out but was pushed back down by him again, warning me not to leave things unfinished and even forcing me to finish this matter until the end.


    I realized that I had made a rod for my own back1Asked for trouble.

    I held on the window side and softly cried out. There was moonlight tonight and from the gaps of the window, a faint moonlight could be seen slipping in, lighting the sweat that seeped out from the tip of my nose, highlighting my pitiful look.

    Xie Lin hugged me and asked whether I would dare take advantage of anyone else ever again in the future.

    It was clearly I who was a victim and I ardently tried to prove my innocence to him.

    Xie Lin: “Then why was your face really red?”

    I honestly answered, “It’s because I haven’t experienced much from this world.”

    I saw a look of enlightenment flash across Xie Lin’s face and felt my heart turn slightly sour, unable to help but say the words in my heart out.

    Xie Lin said, “Don’t you dare taint someone else’s innocence. If you hadn’t tempted me, I would have remained a pure and innocent lord who hadn’t experienced much of this world.”

    The way he looked at me made me unconsciously blush.



    The demon girl’s angry voice sounded outside, “What shameless things are you doing inside? I’ve been waiting for several hours outside the boundary!”

    Surprised, I hurriedly got out of Xie Lin’s embrace and wore my clothes.

    Xie Lin languidly said, “What are you so scared of?”

    What was I so scared of? I was naturally scared that someone would discover the shameless things I was doing with Xie Lin.


    The demon girl stuck one hand on her hip while the other hand held a whip. She pointed at Xie Lin and said, “I was working myself to death in the sea while you were here doing happy things!”

    The demon girl cursed angrily before throwing her hands and saying that she was done.

    I looked at Xie Lin, then looked at the demon girl and felt befuddled.

    Demon girl: “What are you looking at!”

    I retorted back just as fiercely, “Xie Lin doesn’t like girls, he only likes me!”

    Xie Lin burst out in laughter.

    The demon girl replied, “Then I’ll just destroy the hall that was just decorated.”

    After she said this, she stormed off in a huff.

    “What are you blanking out for?” Xie Lin took my hand, “If you don’t chase her, our wedding hall will be dismantled.”


    I originally thought that I would only be feeling sadness once I returned to my native land, but at this moment, my heart felt so complicated, it couldn’t be described with just sadness.

    The originally ruined place had recovered all its original form.

    I passed through the seaweed I used to play hide-and-seek with, the big and gorgeous coral reefs, the small road that mother secretly took me out on and arrived at the main hall.

    Everything was just like yesterday. It felt like in the next moment, the mermaids that I knew would suddenly come out from the inside and start welcoming me, praising me for finding such an outstanding husband.


    The demon girl stood in the middle of the hall and complacently looked at me. No anger could be found on her face, rather she looked as though she was asking for praise.

    Xie Lin once asked me in detail what candlestick I liked, which silk, which bed…

    The things I said without much thought back then were now all here.

    The demon girl looked a little helpless, “What are you crying for?”

    Seeing me remain silent, she turned her head and scolded Xie Lin, “I already told you this looks very ugly. You insisted on finding all these random things and now he’s crying because of the ugliness.”

    Xie Lin helplessly sighed and pinched my chin, giving me a kiss. He said, “Stop crying, don’t you like it? If you don’t like it, I can ask her to rearrange it.”

    How could I not like it?

    I only felt incredulous, wondering what I did to deserve such treatment.

    I even felt grateful to have been bullied back in the days of living at Cui Wei Peak, grateful that Lin Yunpu had thrown me off the flying ship.

    Because it allowed me to crash onto a gentleman, and also crash into his heart.

    The End.

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    1. coffee

      This was a very cute story! Xie Lin is so sweet towards mc, I couldn’t help smiling every chapter. The two faced “righteous” sect and it’s poster boy made me really mad in their hypocrisy, but it all ended well!Thank you so much for translating!

    2. Kris Xian
      Kris Xian [Translator]

      MC is so adorable wuwuwuwuwu

      Also, is it me having a short memory or MC’s name really wasn’t mentioned at all?

      Anyway, they are so cuuute ❤️❤️❤️

    3. thesilentdarkangel

      This is adorable!!!!
      When they say that Fortune favours the Fool… 😂😂😂😂
      he directly fell on top of his fated person who has been the best person for him…

      Thank you for your hard work on this story! 💕💕💕✨✨✨