Untypical Divorce

Chapter 3.2

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Jian Yi An came back to her senses and held her burning cheeks in her hands. She didn’t know that her face was like a lotus right now, dyed with a splendid red color.

Ke Mu Yu happened to stop in front of the hospital at this time. Turning his head, he caught a glimpse of her appearance and his eyes darkened inexplicably. “You…are you okay? Is it really uncomfortable? Do you have a fever?”

“Fever?” She was stunned, then hurriedly shook her head. “There shouldn’t be one, it’s just…a little hot.” Because those memories made her too embarrassed. “Have we arrived at the hospital?”

“En, let’s go in.” He led her into the emergency room. The doctor on duty generally examined her and couldn’t find the cause of her headache and so asked her to remain in the hospital for observation, they will conduct a more detailed examination tomorrow.


He immediately helped her take care of the formalities and arranged for her to live in a first class hospital room.

She laid on the hospital bed, watching him busying for her. She suddenly felt that he, this husband, wasn’t all that bad, at least he was responsible.

After taking care of the formalities, he explained to her in a low voice: “You stay in the hospital and rest, I’ll come again tomorrow!”

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“Xjyu, R rasxkpl usw.”

He kept his promise, not only staying that night to keep her company, he also stayed in the hospital the next day, accompanying her to do various detailed examinations.


“Mrs. Ke, your husband is really very good!” When they were preparing to perform a CAT scan, the nurse enthusiastically chatted with her. “Nowadays, there are very few husbands that take care of their wife like this. Moreover, he’s in charge of such a big company, there’s so much work, and he’s still willing to take leave to accompany you to do examinations.”

“Yes, he indeed treats me pretty well.” Jian Yi An smiled as she responded to the nurse’s envy. If it was before, she would’ve thought this was only the shallow effort that Ke Mu Yu was putting in to uphold his image, but now, she truly felt that perhaps he treated her with a bit of sentiment. Although it was a contract, they’d been husband and wife for two years after all, wasn’t that so?

“How can there be such a wonderful man in this world? Both handsome and rich and treats his wife with deep love and consideration. Ai, this kind of husband can’t be found anywhere else!” The nurse clasped her hands as she exclaimed. Her eyes brightly shone, bursting with admiration.

Jian Yi An couldn’t help smiling. It appeared that her husband had yet again conquered another female fan.

“Mrs. Ke, you really have to properly appreciate your husband!” The nurse was dead serious as she advised.

Jian Yi An distractedly sighed. She understood very well that she bore the expectations of countless female fans on her shoulders, but what did they know? Ke Mu Yu didn’t want her to stay at all, where would she get the opportunity to appreciate him well?

In the near future, they were going to cut off their fate as husband and wife, perhaps they won’t even be friends…

Jian Yi An shook her head, doing her best to shake off useless worries. After the CAT scan was over, the nurse assisted her in leaving the examination room. Ke Mu Yu, however, wasn’t outside in the waiting area.

“Strange, where did Mr. Ke go?” The nurse looked around.

“He probably went to make a call or to the bathroom,” she smiled. “It doesn’t matter, you go do your work first, I’ll wait here on my own.”

“Okay then.” The nurse made sure she sat down safely on the chair before turning around and leaving. Jian Yi An calmly sat, patiently waiting. This wasn’t her first time waiting for him, but it was the first time she was waiting in a cheery mood. If he would use those manly arms to gently support her as she walked when he came back, she was willing to forget about all the time she spent waiting before.

She would even be willing to hurry and divorce with him, return him his freedom, not make things difficult for him anymore…


Suddenly, she glimpsed the movement of a figure at a corner. Identifying carefully, it was Ke Mu Yu.

She smiled sweetly, thinking he was returning to her side. Another woman approached him first, a slim confident figure blocked her line of sight.

They…what are they doing?

Jian Yi An couldn’t resist having suspicions, the smile on her lips left. She quietly got up, approached their wall in a roundabout way, tilting her ear to listen attentively.

She heard the sound of someone thumbing through files. Then, Ke Mu Yu’s clear and sonorous voice spoke.

“That’s right, what I wanted was this data. Thank you for delivering them, you can return to the company first.”

Song Qi Hong, however, wasn’t willing to leave. “Mu Yu, you wouldn’t be staying at the hospital the whole day today, right?”

“I plan to do so.”

“There’s an important meeting this afternoon! Did you forget?”

“Help me postpone the meeting to tomorrow.” He firmly decided. “Yi An still has to stay at the hospital to do some detailed examinations, I promised I would stay and accompany her.”

“Why do you have to accompany her?” She resentfully asked. “Why are you being so good to her? Don’t tell me, you’re only doing it to uphold your image as a good husband, I don’t believe it!”

Then what is he doing this for?


Jian Yi An pasted herself to the wall, her mind tense. Just like her husband’s ex-girlfriend, she wanted to hear his reply.

However, he only ignored it indifferently as if he didn’t think this was a question that deserved a serious answer.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Song Qi Hong became more suspicious. “It can’t be that you can’t let her go. If by any chance she went blind for life, don’t tell me that you would spend the rest of your life together with her?”

“How could that be?” He denied her speculation.

“But with your conduct right now, I can’t not suspect this!”

“You’re thinking too much.” He coldly refuted. “Just like you said, I’m only doing this for my image. Yi An, as far as I’m concerned, is merely a chess piece. I can’t be as stupid as to ruin my own life because of a chess piece.”

She is merely…a chess piece?

Jian Yi An’s body became cold in an instant, even her heart felt like it had frozen over and become a desolate field of snow.

She didn’t understand why she had to be so distressed. Wasn’t this something she’d long known? It was only hearing her husband’s confirmation with her own ears, why is it so surprising?

“…You really think this way?” Song Qi Hong still insisted on asking.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it, I have no need to explain any more to you.”

“I’m sorry, Mu Yu, don’t be angry. I didn’t mean it like that, I’m only worried for you, afraid that you would be bothered by that woman for life and unable to escape. What will you do then?”


Following that, she even performed some flirting tricks. Jian Yi An already no longer wanted to listen nor did she have the courage to witness. She turned around, wandering off in another direction. The amorous scene followed her like a ghost.

She thought that being husband and wife for two years, even if they didn’t love each other, her husband would more or less regard her with some friendship. It turns out it was her wishful thinking.

He didn’t care about her at all. As he said, she was forever merely a tool that he utilized to punish his ex-girlfriend.

This man was really so hateful, she hated him, hated him…

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