Untypical Divorce

Chapter 3.3

She arrived in front of the public telephone, picked up the receiver, and dialed a number. Her mind in a state of confusion and her fingers trembling, she pressed the wrong button several times. With great difficulty, she finally punched the correct number.

“Senior, let’s meet. I have some information, you’ll definitely be very interested!”

After calling Xia Yu Mo, she was lost in thought for half a day before wandering back alone again like a wandering spirit. Ke Mu Yu was searching for her everywhere. Upon seeing her, he promptly made his way over in large strides.

“Where did you run off to?”

“Mu Yu, guess what?” She raised her face, giving him a light smile as transparent as a bubble. “I can see—“

That day, after going through a series of examinations at the hospital, she suddenly announced to him, she can see.

At first, when he heard it, he was momentarily stunned. Bewildered, he didn’t understand why she who had been pretending to have lost her sight would suddenly be willing to admit that she could see.

“Maybe it’s because I hit my head yesterday and it knocked away the fear I felt toward the car accident?” She explained, playing it down.

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“A contract marriage that began peacefully, then let us end it peacefully!”

The next day, the two people went to the law firm. She didn’t want any alimony and also rejected his transfer of the house to her. After signing the divorce agreement, they registered their divorce at the Department of Household Registration. The process was direct and efficient without any delay.

Of course this was what he wanted, he originally planned to get divorced with her immediately when the contract was up. It was just that the process in the middle was really too strange! She first pretended to be blind, obviously delaying divorce, then said she could see out of the blue and returned his freedom.

Ke Mu Yu stood in his office facing the floor length window, thinking back on everything carefully, painstakingly investigating.

He really wanted to fully understand why she had such a change of mind…

The telephone rang. Gathering his thoughts, he returned to his desk, and pressed the button to connect the call. “Is something the matter?”

“Mu Yu, just now the president of Starlight Technology called and said they want to cancel the meeting for this afternoon.”


“He didn’t say.” Ke Mu Yu furrowed his brows. He had a bad premonition. The acquisition and merger was already almost at the contract signing stage and the other party actually canceled the meeting at the last moment. Moreover, they have always personally contacted each other. However, this time they chose to go through the secretary. The possibility that they would back out was clearly high. There was a need for further investigation.

The matter couldn’t be delayed. He immediately dialed the other party’s cell phone. It was off. He made a call to Starlight Technology and was also unable to make contact and met with an excuse.

It seems they were guilty, so they didn’t take his call.

Ke Mu Yu sneered. If he wanted to find someone, no one could hide from him!

He looked in the contacts register inside the PDA1A PDA (short for Personal Digital Assistant) device is a handheld mobile device for storing and managing personal information such as contacts, emails, and calendars. They have more or less been replaced by smartphones and the like today. (So old!) and called all relevant people one by one, inquiring about the situation inside. In the end, he found from his inquiries that Starlight Technology was currently internally holding a confidential meeting and there was another company in attendance! Global Precision.

It was Xia Yu Mo?

Countless thoughts flew through his mind, Ke Mu Yu’s mind was enlightened. He pushed back the anxious feelings, ordering himself to calmly analyze the situation. Xia Yu Mo meeting with Starlight Technology at the last moment most likely meant that he already had a good grasp of En Yu Corporation’s acquisition strategy. But ever since he’d headed this merger and acquisition project, he had always been very cautious in controlling the information to avoid leakage. Even the related documents had never been handled by the secretary and those that knew about this were limited to core employees. Someone who had access to the company’s internal affairs and could obtain Xia Yu Mo’s trust to disclose information to him, who was it?

He suddenly froze, remembering that his wife had once been near his computer. At the time, he’d thought she was suffering from a migraine and didn’t think much of it. Could it be…

She betrayed him!

Ke Mu Yu pieced together a logical sequence of events and immediately felt a great burst of fury in his chest that filled him, making his eyes red.

So the reason she pretended to lose her sight, her purpose was to get close to him and steal information to give to Xia Yu Mo, and he was actually so muddle-headed that he failed to make preventative measures in advance.

“Jian Yi An, you’ve got guts to actually dare play such a trick on me!”

Ke Mu Yu viciously snarled. Shock, resentment, humiliation…various negative emotions wove into a net, gloomily trapping him. He raised his arm and like a sweeping gale, all the files and stationary on his desk subsequently fell scattered on the ground.

After he fiercely vented, he was silent for a moment as he thought back on the details of the past few days. Suddenly, he laughed. The sound of his laughter was heavy with self-mockery. Opening a drawer, he took out a sealed file. His finger stroked over her pretty and proper signature on the document as his eyes suddenly lit up with a wild light carrying a bit of bloodlust, some intent for war, and hidden very deeply, a little bit of subtle admiration.

“I’ll consider you capable, my dear wife, but the game still hasn’t ended—“

The game had ended, she won. Introducing Global Precision, this Cheng Yao Jin2Cheng Yao Jin: a general of the Tang dynasty; in popular culture, he represents an unexpected disruption to a plan (Wikipedia) at the final stage, caused Starlight Technology to gain this bargaining chip in their negotiations. En Yu Corporation had no choice but to raise their acquisition offer by nearly five percent in order to satisfactorily complete this merger and acquisition.

This time that man should’ve been fully taught a lesson and learned that not everything will always go as he wishes, yeah? Jian Yi An faintly thought, lightly sipping on champagne.

She won.

Then how come what she tasted from this glass of celebratory champagne wasn’t the taste of victory and instead some kind of inexplicable bitterness? Why was it that she was obviously supposed to be optimistically welcoming a brand new future, but her heart was gloomily sunken in some abyss? She thought that she who had recovered her freedom could be very proud, striding forward with her head held high, but it doesn’t seem to be that way… 

“Are you unhappy?” A concerned voice brushed by her ear. Jian Yi An was startled for a bit. Collecting her wandering thoughts, she looked toward the man who’d spoken. He was precisely her senior schoolmate and current boss, Xia Yu Mo.

“Eat something.” He passed her a plate of small exquisite sandwiches. “You haven’t eaten much since the beginning of the reception, aren’t you hungry?”

“En, I’m a little hungry.” She accepted the plate. “Thank you, senior. No, President.”

“When it’s just us, you can just call me whatever you want.” Xia Yu Mo smiled, this was the special privilege that he gave this junior sister.

“What’s wrong? In a bad mood?”

“No, how could that be?” Jian Yi An forced a smile and denied. “We’ve successfully acquired Shun Qi Optoelectronics and you’re not only welcoming me back into the company, offering me a position as a special assistant, but also giving me a raise, how can I not be happy?”

Actually Global Precision’s real target had never been Starlight Technology, but Shun Qi Optoelectronics that had similar technology. Through interacting with Starlight Technologies, Global Precision obtained even more information, allowing them to more accurately determine the value of the target company and finally complete the merger and acquisition without a hitch.

This, personally speaking, should be a win-win for her. Both sides were able to obtain the ideal result that she’d anticipated.

“Senior, a toast to you.” She raised her champagne glass. “Thank you for taking me in.”

“You earned this.” Xia Yu Mo lightly clinked her champagne glass, not daring to accept her gratitude. “You brought such valuable information to me, I should be the one thanking you.”

Jian Yi An was silent. Her somewhat bright expression immediately dimmed.

“You aren’t regretting it, are you?” Xia Yu Mo keenly took in her change in expression.

“Not regretting…” She sipped on her champagne, hesitating. Just not as delighted as she’d originally expected.

Xia Yu Mo gazed at her thoughtfully. “It appears that people still don’t know about your divorce yet.”

“Yeah, I also feel this is strange.” She slightly knit her brows. “I thought Mu Yu would take the initiative to alert the media. In the end, he seems to not have even told my father-in-law. It’s making me not sure whether or not I should contact my father-in-law.”

“Do you have a good relationship with your father-in-law?”

“En, he’s always loved me a lot.” She paused for a bit, faintly sighing. “If he found out about this, father and son will definitely have a big argument again.”

“Even if that happens, it doesn’t concern you anymore.” Xia Yu Mo said faintly.

Jian Yi An’s mind came to a halt. It took her a while to suppress her strange mood. “Right, it’s no longer my business.”

She forced herself to smile brilliantly. “That’s right, senior, you and senior sister still haven’t gotten married?”

Xia Yu Mo’s expression became heavy when he heard this. “Me and her…we broke up.”

“What?” She was startled. “Why?”

“Just, there were many reasons.” Xia Yu Mo appeared unwilling to say more. She looked at him, perplexed, a sort of melancholy surfacing in her heart. Once she’d secretly liked this outstanding senior, but because he and senior sister were already lovers, she could only sadly bury all her feelings. Unexpectedly, such a perfectly matched pair of lovers actually broke up…

“You don’t worry about me, just worry about yourself.” Saying this, Xia Yu Mo picked up a sandwich in passing and stuffed it into her mouth. Caught by surprise, she awkwardly covered her mouth with her hand, trying her best to swallow the sandwich.

“Have another one.” He wanted to pull the same trick again.

“Stop it, senior.” She lightly hit his shoulder and he laughed as he dodged her. While the two people were playing around, the venue was suddenly filled with whispers.

What happened?

“Mu Yu?” Jian Yi An said, puzzled. His eyes like a radar had long locked onto her, his handsome lips hooked into an arc that was like a smile yet not a smile.

“Why did he come?” Xia Yu Mo questioned.

Paying no attention to the stares around him, he made his way over with one hand in his pocket in a very casually yet extremely handsome manner to stand in front of her. She stood fixedly in her spot, unable to breathe. He glanced at her with ridicule, then directly ignored her and looked at Xia Yu Mo, generously extending his hand.

“CEO Xia, congratulations for your successful acquisition of Shun Qi Optoelectronics.”

[1] A PDA (short for Personal Digital Assistant) device is a handheld mobile device for storing and managing personal information such as contacts, emails, and calendars. They have more or less been replaced by smartphones and the like today. (So old!)

[2] Cheng Yao Jin: a general of the Tang dynasty; in popular culture, he represents an unexpected disruption to a plan (Wikipedia)

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