Untypical Divorce

Chapter 3.4

“Thank you.” Xia Yu Mo shook hands with him, fully aware that his purpose for coming was definitely not so simple, but still said some polite words.

Only after this small talk did Ke Mu Yu lazily shift his attention back to Jian Yi An. “By the way, this young lady is?”

He was unexpectedly pretending not to know her, Jian Yi An was stunned. She was even more certain that her ex-husband’s purpose for coming was not good.

“Let me introduce you,” Xia Yu Mo actually very calmly played along. “This is my special assistant, Jian Yi An. An An, this is the vice president of En Yu Corporation, Mr. Ke Mu Yu– you guys have a good chat, I won’t disturb you.” After speaking, he very tactfully left.

The two people stood opposite one another. Like two boxers in the ring, they each sized the other up.

“I’m honored to meet you, Miss Jian.” Ke Mu Yu offered his hand first.

She appeared calm as she shook his sturdy large hand, yet her heart was disappointingly pounding. “Vice President Ke, it’s an honor to meet you.”

“Miss Jian, don’t you think this scenario feels familiar?” He asked smilingly. She froze, he blinked his eyes. “I remember your boss once introduced us two years ago.” She recalled now. A few days after Ke Cheng En arranged a blind date for them, the two of them coincidentally met again at a business social banquet.

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“Really?” He snorted lightly. “It appears that he truly treats you very well.”

Was he dissatisfied? She warily watched him. From his tone, she detected a subtle trace of sourness. He hooked his lips in a sneer. “Although I should admire you for your courage in returning to work, there are some words I still have to say. In regards to the way you dress, can’t you be a little more fashionable?”

Fashionable? She was startled, subconsciously lowering her line of sight to take in the generously tailored outfit that she was wearing. The way she dressed was very conforming, it should be very appropriate for the identity of a special assistant.

“Too old fashioned.” He commented bluntly. “Could it be that your taste hasn’t improved at all over these two years? I really can’t think of any reason why you would dress yourself in such a way that would make someone lose their appetite.”

She makes people lose their appetite?

The disdain in his words offended her and her eyes immediately lit up with fury. “I have no need for an…irrelevant outsider’s comments on the way I dress!”

An irrelevant outsider? He seemed to be angered as well, his eyes flashed, appearing very dangerous and filled with menace.

Her breath caught, but she stubbornly raised her chin. “Vice President Ke, how have you been?”

“Not so good.” He closed in on her, “You may have heard, I’ve just divorced my wife and work hasn’t been going smoothly for me. There was an acquisition that I used six months to painstakingly prepare for and in the end, in spite of everything, a Cheng Yao Jin rushed out, causing me to spend another large sum of money to settle the matter.”

“Really?” She ordered herself to breathe steadily. “Vice President Mu is so astute, he can also be sabotaged?”

“It should be that the person fighting with me over the same duck is very capable. Keeping silent until the very end before a quick execution, they almost caught me unprepared.”

“You…must’ve been very disgusted.”

“Of course. Not only disgusted, I was also chewed out by the chairman because of this matter at the meeting with the board of directors.”

That serious? Jian Yi An immediately paled. She could imagine that if Ke Cheng En was really angered, he wouldn’t hold back at all. The relationship between these two father and son wasn’t good to begin with, this matter was equal to her adding oil to fire…

“Looking at your expression, it appears you’re really feeling bad for me?” His tone was ordinary, but his knife-like eyes sharply cut into her.

She sadly accepted it. “Could it be that Vice President Ke isn’t distressed?”

“If you’re speaking about distress, it’s okay. After all, the mission was still accomplished in the end and the other board members weren’t too critical of me.”

That’s good. She felt somewhat relieved. Suddenly, she felt that she was very useless. Undoubtedly, she wanted to retaliate so she pushed him into the bottomless abyss, yet she was afraid he would really fall in and suffer hardship, peering anxiously at the overhanging cliff.

“Honestly speaking, I suspect that there’s a spy in our company that betrayed the information on this merger to that Cheng Yao Jin.” The deep black pupils confined her.

Her heart abruptly stopped. “Really?”

“Furthermore, I think the development of the situation and its result was also within her expectations.” He smiled as if there was a deeper meaning. There seemed to be ridicule and seemingly a few parts of admiration. He took a step forward again. She clenched her jaw, not allowing herself to cowardly retreat. “Then…has Vice President Ke found out who betrayed your company?”

“I didn’t investigate it.”


“Because I know very well who that spy is,” the handsome face leaned down to maintain a breath’s distance, “But it’s such a pity, I don’t have any evidence, so I can’t take any legal actions against her.”

“That’s really…a shame.” Her breathing was unsteady, she didn’t dare meet his dark eyes, afraid that she would accidentally drown.

“Who said?” He lightly laughed, his finger frivolously scraped against her cheek. “Not a shame at all.”


“Do you want to know?”

“I’m…a little interested.”

“Because that person is my wife.” He announced, smiling. While she hadn’t recovered from her shock, he slightly leaned forward, ambiguously playing with her ear. “Furthermore, would you believe it? She still is.”

“What did you say?” Jian Yi An cried out in shock, forgetting about whether she would attract attention. She retreated in a flurry. “Aren’t we already divorced?”

“We’re still one step short, wife.” He called her, feigning intimacy.

“Although we signed the divorce papers, the divorce registration process wasn’t completed.”

“Why?” She didn’t dare believe him. “We definitely went to the Department of Household Registration to take care of it together!”

“Do you still remember that while we were waiting for the staff member to process things, you once went to the bathroom?”

Did she? She was perplexed, thought about it for a bit, then confirmed it. “I did go, and what about it?”

“At that time, I don’t know what happened either, perhaps you could say it was a blessing? Suddenly I didn’t want to go through with the divorce procedures so fast, so I told the staff that I regret it, I need to properly discuss things with you, then that person returned the documents to me.”

“But at that time, you told me the procedures were all done!”

“I simply thought, divorce is a big matter after all, there ought to be much careful consideration. After thoroughly thinking it over, it’s still not too late to let you know and go again to take care of the formalities. ” Where would you find someone that played like this? Jian Yi An wanted to wail in anguish. “Why did you have to do this?”

“What do you think?” Ke Mu Yu gave a malicious smile, drawing closer to her once again. “This is all thanks to my dear wife. I can see her one moment and I can’t the next, it’s really too theatrical. I can’t help but feel that this kind of married life is very amusing.” He leaned down, his finger deftly playing with her exquisite and cute little ear.

She was teased by him to the point of speechlessness, her face was red and her heart was pounding. “You said…amusing?”

“That’s right, amusing.” He came closer to her, his cheek practically touching hers. “So, Yi An, about you betraying company information, I won’t bother about it as long as you stay and play with me…”

She was dumbfounded and speechless.

Contrarily, he who had managed to recover some lost ground was naturally proudly satisfied. He straightened his body and reached out to push aside her hair, announcing his declaration of war to her by giving her a spirited and disdainful look from the corner of his eye.

The real battle has just begun.

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