Untypical Divorce

Chapter 3.1

“What are you doing?” Oh no! When Ke Mu Yu’s voice fell, the first thought that flashed through Jian Yi An’s mind was that she was dead. For him to catch her doing bad things red-handed, according to his personality, he would definitely serve her a miserable death.

She was very panicked. Without time to analyze whether his voice carried suspicion or if it was simple inquiry, she subconsciously executed the first idea that came to mind. Her right foot purposely hooked the power cable and, seizing the opportunity to throw her body forward, she ended up sprawled on the floor in a sorry state. The computer had also fallen with a bang.

“Yi An!” He shouted in surprise, rushing over. “Are you okay?”

“I…” With his assistance, Jian Yi An reluctantly sat up, afraid to see the expression on his face. She began to act. “Mu Yu, what dropped?” She stretched out both hands, putting on the act of feeling around on the floor.

“Was it your computer? Oh no! What should we do?”


“Didn’t I warn you not to carelessly move around already?” He sternly scolded her. “Do you know how much important data is in this?” As expected, he was angry. She trembled in fear as she shrank her neck. This action wasn’t deliberately acted out at all. She was really afraid of how he was going to react next. “Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

He kept silent.

She lowered her bright eyes, stealing a glance at him. His expression was restrained, as if he wanted to say something.

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“Yw Zw, xu blye bwavp…”

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“Maybe, but it’s really too terrible this time…” She intuitively lowered her lashes, not daring to meet his gaze, and pointed to her forehead near her temple. “Also here, it got hit just now.”


“Really? Let me see.” He examined it carefully, his thumb lightly stroking the area that she was pointing at, his brows furrowed. “It seems that it really is a little swollen.”

“What should I do? It really hurts, I almost can’t breathe…I can’t breathe…” She grasped her chest, faintly breathing, creating the appearance that she was having difficulty breathing.

“Yi An, don’t be nervous, calm down first.” He held her face, telling her to be calm. “Come on, take deep breaths first, listen to me, inhale!”

She followed his instructions and deeply inhaled.


She exhaled the air.

“Inhale! Exhale!”

She slowly adjusted the rhythm of her breathing. As she listened to his voice, she felt like he was truly worried about her and her heartstrings gradually tightened. Should she not trick him like this? Not lie to him and not let him believe that she was truly feeling unwell.

“How is it? Is it a little better?”

“Much better, but…it still hurts…” Tears silently filled her eyes, not because of pain, but because of guilt.

“Don’t be scared, I’ll take you to the hospital immediately.” He gently soothed. “Can you stand?”

“My legs…seem to have gone soft.” They’d really gone soft. It was all his fault for being too gentle to her, leaving her at a complete loss.


“No problem, I’ll carry you.” After he said that, without caring about whether or not she agreed, he abruptly picked her up, steadily letting her lay in the crook of his arm.

She was scared out of her skin and immediately felt flustered. “Put me down, Mu Yu, I can…walk by myself, hurry and put me down, I’m very heavy…”

“You are quite heavy.” He hooked his lips humorously. “But don’t worry, I can still bear this weight.”

He carried her all the way to the elevator. She was incredibly embarrassed, continuously begging him to put her down. He finally set her down, however, he still confined her by the waist, not letting go.

Considering she was a blind person who couldn’t see in his eyes, she could only allow him to hold her.

The two got into the car. When he helped her buckle her seatbelt, she again sensed his pure manliness. Her body tensed.

“I’m taking you to the hospital, sit tight.” He said. She didn’t move at all. He saw her panicked expression and thought she was having a hard time enduring the headache. “Bear with it for a bit, Yi An, you’ll be okay, we’re almost at the hospital.”

Why was he suddenly so gentle? She sat rigidly in her seat, her emotions in such disorder that she felt numb.

He was never a gentle man and was usually selfish and arrogant. Although it wasn’t to the point that he was vile and would get fresh with her, he definitely wouldn’t be considered considerate.

But his actions just then could almost be considered caring for her. This made her quite uneasy.

And, at this moment, memories that had been painstakingly sealed away awakened without warning. She sorrowfully recalled a certain night, a certain chaotic and ambiguous night.

That night, was her first time becoming intimately aware of his temperature and his touch—


“Okay, just take it as me saying the wrong thing, to you…I’m sorry, don’t cry.”

At that time, they’d experienced a fierce quarrel, and also the one and only quarrel since they’d become husband and wife. She who had already been sad over her mother’s death cried even more broken-heartedly.

Perhaps because she was really crying too terribly, he who had never been willing to lower his head for anyone unwillingly apologized. But she didn’t want to forgive him easily.

“What gives you the right to ridicule me? Why do you believe yourself to be so infallible? Could it be that you’ve never cried for your family or your friends before? If they suddenly left you one day, won’t you be sad?” She asked loudly. In the quiet night, her words broke into heart wrenching echoes.

Listening to those echoes and looking at her expression, he was quite wooden, without any emotion. “I’ve never been sad for anyone before.”

“Then what about your mom?” She didn’t believe he was that strong. “She divorced your dad and  left Taiwan for Canada, you’ve never been sad? At that time, you were only thirteen, I don’t believe you didn’t cry!”

“I really didn’t cry.” The tone of his reply sounded very empty. “I’ve said before, everyone will leave, I don’t think this is something to cry about.”

She stared at him incredulously. “You’re so…cold-blooded.”

“Yes, I’m cold-blooded.” He calmly accepted her accusation, his face didn’t even twitch.

“Then can you stop crying? I dislike women crying the most, do you know? It’ll make me look down on you.”

“What gives you the right to look down on me?” She complained sharply, almost going crazy. He said he didn’t love her, didn’t feel anything for her. She could accept all these, but how could he scorn her?

“I’m sad and distressed so I’m crying, what’s wrong with that? All humans have emotions, everyone laughs and cries. Don’t tell me you believe you don’t have blood or tears and that you’re super awesome? You!”


“Shut up!” He got angry, furiously stopping her. She froze, dumbstruck.

“Stop talking.” He looked at her profoundly. She couldn’t make out what was hidden in his enigmatic eyes, there seemed to be complaints, seemed to be anger, and seemingly some kind of indescribable pain. “I don’t want to hear you lecture me, no one is allowed to preach to me, so shut up!”

The way he shut her up was very overbearing, then his action of pushing her down on the bed was also very masculine. He didn’t ask her what she wanted, nor did he obtain her consent, dragging her to become lost in the confusion of lust between man and woman together without allowing her to explain.

And she had actually lost herself in that bizarre world, forgetting to cry, and forgetting all language…

So humiliating!

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