Transmigrated into a Heartthrob Novel and Went OOC


Chapter 116 

Seeing Xue Danrong’s eyes turning red, Fang Chaozhou was momentarily stunned.

Xue Danrong seemed embarrassed, turned his face away, but Fang Chaozhou could still see the redness at the corners of his eyes. Fang Chaozhou opened his mouth, closed it again, and after a moment, stammered, “You’re so seriously injured now. If you don’t go back to the sect, what if you can’t be cured?”

Xue Danrong turned his face back, his eyes still red, but black energy surged between his eyebrows, floating in and out. His voice carried a resolute determination.

“If Senior Brother insists on me going back, why not just kill me now.”


As he spoke, Xue Danrong summoned the Broken Water Sword. However, with his current physical condition, just summoning the Broken Water Sword made him cough several times, his face pale as paper, devoid of any trace of blood.

Trying hard and soft, Fang Chaozhou could only temporarily surrender. “Okay, okay, we won’t go back.” He reached out to take the Broken Water Sword from Xue Danrong’s hand. “Put away the Broken Water Sword for now.”

With Xue Danrong’s current physical condition, he was really afraid that the other party might accidentally hurt himself with the sword.

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While Fang Chaozhou was considering this path, Xue Danrong suddenly spoke again, his voice soft, “Senior Brother.”


“Hmm?” Fang Chaozhou looked at him upon hearing the voice.

Xue Danrong’s gaze was still direct, “I have something to say to Senior Brother…”

The following words were almost inaudible. Fang Chaozhou thought he might be weak, so he bent down, getting closer, “What do you want to say?”

Xue Danrong’s lips moved, but the sound was still unclear. Fang Chaozhou leaned down further, tilting his head, pressing his ear to Xue Danrong’s lips, “Hmm?”

Almost simultaneously, his cheek felt a cool, soft sensation.

A hand held onto his neck, and the kisses on his cheek continued, from the side of his face to his earlobe. Teeth lightly nibbled, then released. Xue Danrong pressed his cheek against Fang Chaozhou and whispered, “Senior Brother, forgive me, and don’t leave me.”

On Xue Danrong’s pale face, only his brows, eyes, and lips had some color. In this month, Xue Danrong had become much thinner, as if a slight touch could shatter this beautiful vase. However, this vase had already been broken and now pieced back together.

Inside the gorgeous exterior were shattered porcelain pieces, cutting deep into the organs, blood flowing continuously.

Xue Danrong had numbed himself every day, searching the demonic realm for five years. His efforts to cultivate were only to find Fang Chaozhou more effectively. Regardless of others giving up or not, as long as he hadn’t found Fang Chaozhou, he would keep searching.

After five full years, he finally saw Fang Chaozhou again, knowing that something was wrong with him, yet he shamelessly engaged in a dual cultivation. After the dual cultivation, he and Fang Chaozhou could never return to their original simple senior brother relationship.

He wanted to keep Fang Chaozhou, by any means necessary.

If Fang Chaozhou loved his face, he would use his face; if Fang Chaozhou loved his body, he would use his body.


He feared that Fang Chaozhou didn’t love anything.

In the month of gaining and losing again, he almost went crazy. His mind was filled with scenes of Fang Chaozhou being dragged into the underground and taken away by Zhongli Yueshui. Both times, he could only watch helplessly.

The wounds that healed because Fang Chaozhou came back were torn open again. He couldn’t let Fang Chaozhou leave him again, unless he died.

Xue Danrong’s eyes grew darker, and he turned slightly, seeing the fair neck of Fang Chaozhou. Unable to resist, he bit down, but stopped when his teeth touched.

Fang Chaozhou’s face reddened at this moment. Feeling the movement on his neck, he, a well-read person, almost immediately realized what the other wanted to do, “Do you want to bite me?”

Xue Danrong softly hummed, asking, “Senior Brother, is it okay?”

“No…” Fang Chaozhou paused for a moment, then changed his mind, “You can bite.”

After saying this, he waited for the pain to come, but it didn’t. The bite turned into a gentle kiss.

“I can’t bear to see Senior Brother in pain,” Xue Danrong whispered.

Anyone hearing this would be moved, especially considering the person saying it was Xue Danrong, a great beauty. However, there are exceptions, and Fang Chaozhou’s face quickly darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “Nonsense, you were quite assertive when you were on top, let go!”

Because Xue Danrong insisted on not returning to Tian Shui Sect, Fang Chaozhou could only take him and the two birds to the nearest big city. The doctor in the big city was indeed more skilled, but he also told Fang Chaozhou that the prescribed medicine could only regulate the chaotic true qi inside Xue Danrong. As for how effective it would be, it depended on Xue Danrong’s fate.

As for Xue Danrong’s demonic cultivation, the doctor had no solution.


For the convenience of treatment, Fang Chaozhou also rented a small house next to the clinic. The clinic was busy, and the first time it was the apprentice who brewed the medicine, later it was Fang Chaozhou himself who took over.

The doctor told Fang Chaozhou that Xue Danrong would need to take medicine four times a day. In addition to the medicinal soup, there were also pills to take. With such a high frequency of medication, Xue Danrong’s body had already absorbed the medicinal scent within a short day. However, the scent was faint and did not clash with his natural cold fragrance.

Fang Chaozhou had never boiled medicine before. The first batch was burnt because he was afraid of missing the timing for taking the medicine. He could only bring the burnt medicine to Xue Danrong.

Xue Danrong knew the medicine was burnt but didn’t mind. Instead, he checked Fang Chaozhou’s hands first, “Senior Brother, did you get burned while boiling the medicine?”

Fang Chaozhou shook his head, looking at the bitter medicine about to overflow. He took out some preserved fruit from his storage ring, “Burnt medicine is even more bitter. Later, you can eat these preserved fruits.”

The storage ring belonged to Xue Danrong but was currently with Fang Chaozhou.

Xue Danrong nodded and drank the medicine in one gulp. After drinking, he looked at Fang Chaozhou and softly called him “Senior Brother.” Fang Chaozhou quickly handed over the preserved fruits, but Xue Danrong didn’t take them immediately; instead, he gazed at him.

Fang Chaozhou understood and, after cleaning his hands with a purification technique, picked up a piece of preserved fruit and offered it to Xue Danrong’s lips. Only then did Xue Danrong eat it.

For the afternoon medicine, Fang Chaozhou learned his lesson and stayed close, watching the fire carefully. The fire couldn’t be too strong or too weak; too strong would burn the medicine, and too weak would delay the medicine-taking time.

As soon as he saw the medicine lid move, Fang Chaozhou eagerly wanted to take it down. However, in his haste, he forgot to use a cloth to hold the jar. The moment he grabbed the handle, he felt a piercing pain in his hand. Despite the pain, he endured it, gently placing the medicine jar back to avoid knocking it over.

His palm turned red, but Fang Chaozhou only glanced at it, used a healing technique to remove the burn, took the cloth, and started pouring the medicine. The doctor had emphasized the importance of taking the medicine at specific times; missing it was a big deal.

Brown chicken beside him gasped, but before it could say anything, it found itself under a silence spell.


Fang Chaozhou, carrying the medicine bowl, walked past Brown chicken, saying, “Don’t talk about this.”

When he entered the room, Xue Danrong was already dozing off.

Xue Danrong’s spirits were not good, waking up and sleeping throughout the day. After being awakened to take the medicine, he soon fell asleep again. After feeding the medicine, Fang Chaozhou had time to deal with the burn on his hand.

Removing the illusion spell, he revealed several small blisters on his palm.

When the doctor treated Fang Chaozhou’s wound, he endured the pain with gritted teeth. The doctor found it amusing, “How can a big man like you be so afraid of pain? If you’re afraid, you should have chosen the first type of medicine I mentioned. Although it heals more slowly, it’s much gentler and less painful.”

Fang Chaozhou sucked in a breath, “Enduring short-term pain is better than prolonged pain. Solving it all at once is better.” He looked at the doctor, uncertain, “Doctor, the medicine works immediately, right?”

The doctor nodded, “Yes, it guarantees an immediate effect, but it’s also the most painful.”

Finally, when the medicine for the night was finished, Xue Danrong expressed a desire to take a water bath. Fang Chaozhou asked Brown chicken to bring hot water. Brown chicken’s fire-spitting ability was useful, but it sometimes lacked control over its heat. Fortunately, there was a Golden Winged Bird that could swallow some excess fire.

Xue Danrong’s spirits were still not great, almost falling asleep during the bath. When he touched the pillow, he immediately dozed off. However, before sleeping, he didn’t forget to hold Fang Chaozhou’s hand, even though his eyes were full of fatigue, “Senior Brother, won’t you sleep with me?”

“You go ahead; there are still things I need to tidy up. I haven’t bathed yet,” Fang Chaozhou said.

Xue Danrong asked again, “Can I see Senior Brother tomorrow?”

“Of course, you can. Sleep well,” Fang Chaozhou stayed by Xue Danrong until he fell asleep, then got up to clean up the medicine jar and other things. He was also exhausted today, skipped bathing, quickly showered, and went to bed.

He slept in the outer room, Xue Danrong in the inner room, Brown chicken at the foot of his bed, and the Golden Winged Bird slept on a stool. Fang Chaozhou didn’t mind another bird on the bed, but Brown chicken was very particular.

“I’m not sharing a bed with that stupid bird,” Brown chicken said.

Fang Chaozhou yawned and temporarily didn’t want to deal with the love-hate relationship between the two birds. Love had its own fate, and he didn’t want to force it. Sleeping until midnight, he suddenly heard movement from the inner room. As he sat up, he saw a figure flashing out.

Xue Danrong, without even wearing shoes, rushed out, embracing Fang Chaozhou. His snow-white beautiful face still showed traces of panic, and his body trembled slightly.

“I dreamed that Senior Brother didn’t want me anymore and left me behind,” Xue Danrong whispered, his voice still filled with lingering fear. He hugged Fang Chaozhou tightly, as if fearing that if he didn’t, Fang Chaozhou would disappear.

In that instant, Fang Chaozhou suddenly understood the reason for Xue Danrong’s abnormal behavior today. Xue Danrong rarely showed such vulnerability in front of him, but today, he had revealed it multiple times because Xue Danrong knew he couldn’t stop him.

If he wanted to return to Tian Shui Sect, Xue Danrong had no other choice.

So, in a roundabout way, Xue Danrong pleaded with him not to go back but to stay.

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