Transmigrated into a Heartthrob Novel and Went OOC


Chapter 117 

Time passed, perhaps only in a fleeting moment, or maybe the duration of a cup of tea; even Fang Chaozhou himself wasn’t sure. Slowly raising his hand, he patted Xue Danrong’s back and comforted, “I’m not leaving, go back to sleep.”

Xue Danrong, upon hearing this, loosened his grip slightly, turning to look at him. The room was unlit, illuminated only by the moonlight filtering through the window paper.

“Sleep with me, Senior Brother,” Xue Danrong whispered, with a pitiful look in his eyes.

Fang Chaozhou, gazing at the face before him, almost nodded without hesitation. After nodding, he realized what he had agreed to.


Glancing at the two birds beside him, Fang Chaozhou couldn’t help but observe the Brown chicken. It had been through too many midnight awakenings by Fang Chaozhou and was now in a deep, undisturbed sleep. However, the golden-winged bird was different; it was tilting its head, watching Fang Chaozhou and Xue Danrong cuddling.

Meeting the gaze of the golden-winged bird, Fang Chaozhou inexplicably felt like he was corrupting a child, despite the bird being older than him. A sense of guilt lingered.

He cleared his throat and patted Xue Danrong’s back again, “You go first, I’ll come over in a moment.”

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Fang Chaozhou walked to the bedside, looked at the not-so-large bed, and asked, “Junior Brother, do you want to sleep inside or outside?”


Following Fang Chaozhou’s gaze, Xue Danrong also looked at the bed, “I want to sleep outside, is that okay, Senior Brother?”

“Sure.” Upon hearing Xue Danrong’s words, Fang Chaozhou took the initiative to climb into the inner side. As he crawled in, he couldn’t help but think that Xue Danrong wasn’t just a humanoid ice machine but also a humanoid perfume. The bedding that Xue Danrong had slept on exuded a fragrance.

He got into the blanket, looked at the person still sitting, and couldn’t help but pat the nearby bed, “Why are you still sitting? Come in and sleep.”

Tomorrow morning, he still had to brew medicine and couldn’t oversleep.

Xue Danrong, looking at the youth who had crawled into the blanket, lowered his eyes, grabbed a corner of the blanket, and also lay down.

Fang Chaozhou, seeing that the person had also lain down in the blanket, turned sideways, facing the wall, and closed his eyes. He wasn’t used to sleeping face to face with someone. However, shortly after closing his eyes, he felt a hand on his waist.

That hand slowly tightened, and then a body pressed against his back.

The autumn night was chilly, and Fang Chaozhou tended to have cold hands and feet in the autumn and winter seasons. However, the person behind him was different. The colder the weather, the hotter his body became, not at all like a water-rooted cultivator but more like a fire-rooted one.

At first, Fang Chaozhou kept his eyes closed, but as he was hugged tighter, he couldn’t help it. He half-opened his eyes, “Are we sleeping or not if you hug so tightly?”

He felt that the other person was completely pressed against him, to the point that he was almost enveloped.

“Senior Brother smells so good.” Suddenly, the person behind him made a soft sound in his throat.

Fang Chaozhou initially thought he had misheard. When Xue Danrong repeated it, even kissing his neck, he realized he hadn’t misheard.


This guy was really turning the tables! Perhaps, smelling the fragrance on the blanket, he claimed it was coming from Fang Chaozhou.

“Nonsense, there’s no fragrance on me. Sleep, sleep!” Fang Chaozhou said with a headache, turning around to push Xue Danrong away a bit. Just now, he was still pitiful and blushing, but now he seemed like a different person.

In the end, Fang Chaozhou was cornered step by step and ended up huddling in the corner, desperately holding onto his belt to prevent it from being pulled away.

“Don’t mess around, let’s sleep.” Fang Chaozhou said with a headache.

Xue Danrong saw Fang Chaozhou struggling with his belt, but he didn’t force him. Unable to take off his clothes, Fang Chaozhou just separated the fabric.

This surprised Fang Chaozhou. In his memory, Xue Danrong had never done such a bold thing. Fang Chaozhou took a deep breath, involuntarily bowed his body, and then shook his hand to press on Xue Danrong’s shoulder, intending to push him away. However, he suddenly felt something strange.

Vaguely, he saw dark mist floating in the air, seemingly emanating from Xue Danrong.

Fang Chaozhou frowned, then grabbed Xue Danrong’s hand. Using his spiritual power, he entered Xue Danrong’s body. Like Xue Danrong’s storage ring, Xue Danrong’s spiritual sea was defenseless.

As the spiritual power entered the spiritual sea, it was filled with dense black fog. It seemed even thicker than when Fang Chaozhou had checked Xue Danrong’s spiritual sea after he recovered his memory.

Fang Chaozhou looked at the black fog and tried to push Xue Danrong away. Every push increased the black fog, and when he let go, the fog slowly dissipated.

Fang Chaozhou: “…”

His clothes were already wet, not just wet but also revealing what was underneath. Fang Chaozhou stiffened and didn’t move. After a while, he sighed lightly, as if giving up. Lowering his head slightly, he looked at the stubborn person and said with embarrassment, “I… should change.”


Saying that, he moved his body slightly and changed to a more accessible position for the other person to handle.

That night did not involve dual cultivation, but it wasn’t any better than dual cultivation. When it was almost dawn, Fang Chaozhou only closed his eyes for a moment. He thought Xue Danrong didn’t sleep well with the medicine and woke up not long after.

Groggily getting up to brew medicine, the person who had been restless all night slept soundly.

Fang Chaozhou, as he got out of bed and reached to rub his chest, couldn’t help but inhale sharply.

It hurt badly.

He couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the still-sleeping person. Venting his frustration, he ruthlessly rubbed the other’s face a few times. Xue Danrong was awakened, his long lashes lifted, and his misty eyes noticed the hand on his face. Without saying a word, he reached out, holding Fang Chaozhou’s hand and gently rubbing his cheek against it, like a small animal.

This action made Fang Chaozhou feel the heat in his palm. He quickly withdrew his hand, leaving a sentence, “It’s early, sleep a little longer,” and hurriedly went to the outer room.

Fang Chaozhou’s clothes were outside. As he walked to the outer room, he saw two birds on the bed snuggled together. More accurately, he saw the Brown chicken burying its head in the fluffy chest feathers of the golden-winged bird. After burying for a while, the Brown chicken raised its head and chirped, “Like this?”

The golden-winged bird nodded.

The Brown chicken buried itself again, “What can you do by burying in the chest? And burying until late at night? What else did they do?”

The golden-winged bird fell silent for a moment, then tilted its body and used its intact wing to pat the Brown chicken’s head.

Fang Chaozhou: “…”


He quickly stepped forward, picked up his clothes next to the bed, and put them on. Without holding back any noise, the Brown chicken heard the sound and turned around. Seeing it was Fang Chaozhou, it immediately hid behind the golden-winged bird. However, it peeked out its head.

“Dumb bird says you didn’t sleep with Xue Danrong yesterday.”

Fang Chaozhou’s movements in putting on his clothes paused. He looked at the Brown chicken, “The golden-winged bird can talk?”

“It can convey messages to me,” said the Brown chicken.

Upon hearing this, Fang Chaozhou couldn’t help but consider the possibility of letting these two birds sleep in the adjacent room.

And this idea became firm for Fang Chaozhou throughout the day because all day today, he saw the Brown chicken buried in the golden-winged bird’s chest six times, and the golden-winged bird used its wing to pat the Brown chicken’s butt three times. Of course, every time the golden-winged bird patted, it was kicked by the Brown chicken.

By the time it was bedtime, he decisively grabbed one bird in each hand and resolutely pushed them into the adjacent room. The Brown chicken, not willing to sleep alone with the golden-winged bird, cried and shouted dramatically, “I won’t sleep with the dumb bird. If this gets out, will I still be a chicken?”

Fang Chaozhou looked down at the Brown chicken, and before he could speak, he heard footsteps behind him. Turning his head, he found that the person approaching was Xue Danrong.

Xue Danrong’s spirit seemed to be better than yesterday. He wore a black cloak and walked to Fang Chaozhou. First, he glanced at the two birds in the room before asking, “Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just wanted them to sleep separately today, but Da Hei refused.” Fang Chaozhou looked at the Brown chicken and couldn’t bear it. When he thought of just sleeping in one room, Xue Danrong suddenly spoke.

“Senior Brother, when I took the medicine just now, I accidentally spilled some on the bed, and the medicine bowl broke.”

Fang Chaozhou heard this, “I’ll go clean up.”

He turned and left in haste, and Xue Danrong, who was left behind, watched as Fang Chaozhou entered the main house next to them before turning his head to look at the room.

As Fang Chaozhou finished cleaning up the fragments of the medicine bowl, Xue Danrong returned. Watching Fang Chaozhou take the pieces outside and then bend down to inspect the floor upon entering, as if searching for something, Xue Danrong couldn’t help but ask, “Senior brother, what are you looking at?”

“I’m checking for any remaining fragments. It seems like we’ve swept everything, but I’m afraid there might be some overlooked pieces. You’re not allowed to walk barefoot on the bed like you did yesterday,” Fang Chaozhou said, still focusing on the floor, even checking under the bed.

Upon hearing this, Xue Danrong slowly lowered his gaze, with long and thick lashes concealing his emotions. When Fang Chaozhou stood up straight, he unexpectedly uttered a sentence, “Senior brother, go check the next room.”

When the Brown chicken was rescued, it loudly exclaimed, vehemently accusing Xue Danrong of being insane. It was bound together with the golden-winged bird using immortal ropes and was even subjected to a silence spell.

“Xue Danrong is truly heartless. If it weren’t for me, could he be with you? Instead of appreciating my kindness, he bound me together with the foolish bird.”

After finishing its tirade, it extended its foot to kick the golden-winged bird. “Speak up, what does it mean when a chicken cries? It makes me look like I’m petty.”

The golden-winged bird, despite being kicked, maintained an innocent expression.

Seeing this, the Brown chicken became even angrier and kicked the golden-winged bird again. “You shameless bird, don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. You’re happy that we were bound together just now, so when Xue Danrong bound us, you didn’t resist at all!”

Fang Chaozhou, witnessing the Brown chicken’s intention to kick again, quickly grabbed its claw. “Enough, enough. Don’t be angry. I’ll handle this matter. I will seriously criticize Xue Danrong, ensuring that he won’t repeat this next time.”

The Brown chicken lifted its head, staring at Fang Chaozhou suspiciously. “Are you sure? After meeting Xue Danrong, won’t you forget everything?”

“How is that possible?” Fang Chaozhou replied firmly. “This time, he actually took action to bind you all. I will definitely criticize him.”

Now that Xue Danrong had fallen into demonic influence, his mentality was affected. Based on the original work, when he fell into darkness, he became displeased with everyone, especially those close to him.

In the original work, he didn’t want Xue Danrong to be with anyone or even look at others. Therefore, whenever possible, he would bind those people and find an opportunity to kill them.

Only through killing could those people stop bothering Xue Danrong.

Because he killed too many, the truth was exposed quickly. Due to the actions of the original owner, Cheng Hongyi couldn’t cover for him, leading to a righteous extermination, extinguishing his cultivation, and expulsion from the sect, forbidding him from ascending to Heaven Water Sect again.

Xue Danrong was likely influenced by demonic energy now, explaining his actions of binding the Brown chicken and the golden-winged bird.

Wait a moment.

Fang Chaozhou suddenly thought of the missing Xiang Yuan.

Xiang Yuan was the supervisor of the outer disciples, and he remembered that the outer disciples mentioned Xiang Yuan had been missing for quite some time.

Thinking of a dreadful possibility, Fang Chaozhou immediately released the Brown chicken and went to the inner room. Xue Danrong hadn’t slept yet and was sitting on the bedside, but his hair was already scattered. The face beneath the raven-like long hair was as pale as jade, and he called out “Senior brother” to Fang Chaozhou.

Fang Chaozhou walked to the bedside, glanced at Xue Danrong, and then sat down on the bed. “Junior brother, I have something to ask you. Tell me the truth, okay?”

Xue Danrong looked at him with a sidelong glance, almost without hesitation. “Okay.”

“Is Supervisor Xiang Yuan with you?” Fang Chaozhou thought for a moment and phrased it differently, “Do you know where he is?”

In that instant, Xue Danrong’s expression changed abruptly, like a deep well, making it difficult to fathom what he was thinking. Seeing Xue Danrong’s expression, Fang Chaozhou estimated that he had guessed correctly.

“Is he still alive?” Fang Chaozhou asked again.

After a moment of silence, Xue Danrong slowly nodded.

Fang Chaozhou breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness he’s still alive. With this, there’s still a chance for redemption.

Fang Chaozhou hurriedly asked, “So where is he now?”

Xue Danrong’s expression turned much colder, seemingly reverting to the cold, icy demeanor of his junior brother on Yizhifeng. “Senior brother, why do you keep asking about him? Could it be that senior brother likes him?” As he spoke, a hint of killing intent flashed in his eyes.

The murderous intent quickly disappeared, and Xue Danrong looked at Fang Chaozhou, who had suddenly approached and then left. He blinked gently and then his ears turned red.

After finishing his intimate encounter, Fang Chaozhou continued speaking, “I don’t like him, but Xiang Yuan is a disciple of Tianshui Sect. If you keep him locked up, others will find out someday. Listen to me, tell me, where have you locked Xiang Yuan?”

Xue Danrong looked at Fang Chaozhou with a pair of eyes but remained silent.

After a pause, Fang Chaozhou raised his hand to cup Xue Danrong’s face and kissed him again. He initially intended to kiss him a few times casually, but the person he kissed had a different idea. Without letting go, Xue Danrong took control.

Like a serpent, his tongue explored and conquered.

Fortunately, in the end, he managed to extract information about Xiang Yuan’s whereabouts.

Xue Danrong had kept him imprisoned on a desolate mountain about two hundred miles from Tianshui Sect, and it had been some time since he was confined.

That night, Fang Chaozhou sacrificed his hand to convince Xue Danrong to let him release Xiang Yuan. However, Xue Danrong insisted on accompanying him. After Xue Danrong had taken the medicine at noon, they set off together towards the desolate mountain.

Brown Chicken and Golden Winged Bird were left behind to guard the place.

With Xue Danrong’s guidance, Fang Chaozhou quickly found the desolate mountain and the cave where Xiangyuan was held. To his surprise, not only Xiang Yuan but also Yao Yucheng and Xiao Que were inside.

All three looked miserable, especially Xiao Que, who had the lowest cultivation among them. He hadn’t practiced fasting cultivation, but due to the circumstances, he was forced to, as eating would lead to expelling impurities. Trapped in the cave, he felt it would be better to die than to be seen expelling impurities by strangers.

Upon hearing movement outside, Xiao Que was initially startled, then immediately hid in a corner. When he saw Xue Danrong entering, his body couldn’t help trembling lightly. He already knew what kind of heart was hidden beneath that beautiful appearance, even more captivating than a painted demon.

But then he suddenly saw the person standing next to Xue Danrong.

The young man was dressed in a green silk robe, with a clean and handsome appearance.

Xiao Que stared at the man, and his heart gradually accelerated. He seemed to have seen this person somewhere before. Where exactly?

He kept staring at the young man for a while, suddenly feeling a gaze piercing towards him. Fearful, he lowered his head and curled up into a ball, but he couldn’t stop thinking.

He was certain he had seen this person somewhere before. Where could it be?

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