Transmigrated into a Heartthrob Novel and Went OOC


Chapter 118

Having been detained for so long, the arrival of someone made all three of them somewhat nervous. Xiang Yuan was the calmest among them, and he was also the only one among the three who had seen Fang Chaozhou in person. Over the years, although he had been dealing with trivial matters of the outer disciples, acting as a small supervisor, he still recognized the inner disciples with status and face, even if they didn’t know him.

Seeing Fang Chaozhou, who had died and come back to life, together with Xue Danrong, was not only surprising but also somewhat alarming to Xiang Yuan.

Xiang Yuan felt it was quite strange to be detained. He had little contact with Xue Danrong before this year. It was only this year that Xue Danrong asked him to distribute some pills and dried fruits.

He still remembered when he was tied up, Xue Danrong at that time, whether in expression or behavior, looked very strange, as if possessed by something malevolent. He even saw a hint of killing intent in the other’s eyes.


Seeing Xue Danrong appear with Fang Chaozhou, Xiang Yuan felt that something was amiss. That’s why he didn’t speak, leaving Yao Yucheng to be the first to speak.

Yao Yucheng was actually quite happy when he was first tied up because he thought Xue Danrong couldn’t bear his indecision, so he tied him up and kept him in a good place to do some things that couldn’t be discussed with others.

But he didn’t expect the place where he was held to be a shabby cave, and he wasn’t the only one detained there.

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The more he cried, the sadder he became, shouting “Brother Fang” in a confused manner, while his “Brother Fang” looked embarrassed and cautiously glanced at the black-clothed youth beside him.


Indeed, a chilly breeze seeped out.

Fang Chaozhou didn’t hesitate. He grabbed Xue Danrong’s wrist and pulled him out of the cave.

Outside the cave, Xue Danrong’s expression hadn’t improved. His eyes even narrowed, glancing sideways at Fang Chaozhou, his phoenix-like eyes icy cold.

Seeing this, Fang Chaozhou could only force a smile. “I’m not familiar with him. When I disguised myself and joined Tian Shui Sect, he happened to be ahead of me in line.”

But no matter how he explained, Xue Danrong remained cold. Fang Chaozhou had no choice but to resort to his last move. He looked around, saw no one, then took the initiative to pull Xue Danrong and gave him a kiss.

This kiss landed on the corner of his lips.

Xue Danrong, who was kissed, seemed stunned for a moment. He glanced at Fang Chaozhou, then suddenly turned his face away. But soon, he turned back, saying, “Three people.”

His words were abrupt, but Fang Chaozhou immediately understood.

Fang Chaozhou felt speechless and somewhat amused. Xue Danrong seemed like a child asking him for candy.

The next two kisses—one landed on the other corner of his lips, and the last one landed squarely on his lips.

After the kisses, the hostility emanating from Xue Danrong dissipated instantly. But just when Fang Chaozhou thought he had pacified him enough and was about to return to the cave, Xue Danrong pulled him back. “Senior Brother gave me gifts, so I should give Senior Brother gifts too.”



Fang Chaozhou, who prided himself on thick skin, now realized that Xue Danrong’s skin might be thicker than his own. The three kisses he gave out were returned, but these returned kisses were not just a casual peck. They were overwhelming, almost suffocating.

What a candy-demanding child. Clearly, he was a big bad wolf.

“That’s enough, that’s enough.” Fang Chaozhou forcibly pushed the clinging figure away from him. Xue Danrong was still unwilling, his brows furrowed lightly, his eyes still fixed on Fang Chaozhou’s lips.

Seemingly much redder than before, as if kissing felt even better now.

He stared at him unabashedly, making Fang Chaozhou’s face blush. He hurriedly took out a handkerchief, wiped off the suspicious marks on Xue Danrong’s lips first, then casually wiped his own.

“We can’t waste too much time here. We need to go back and brew medicine. Wait for me outside, I’ll release the prisoners.” Fang Chaozhou noticed Xue Danrong’s furrowed brows tightening even more and quickly added, “I’ll be back very soon. Count to one hundred. By the time you finish, I’ll definitely be back.”

Ever since falling into madness, Xue Danrong refused to wear his original snowy robes. When Fang Chaozhou offered him the snowy robe, he didn’t even glance at it, only choosing to wear black. He was naturally fair-skinned, and black made him look even paler, akin to a snow leopard.

“What if I count to one hundred and Senior Brother hasn’t returned yet?” he asked.

Fang Chaozhou felt it would only take a short time to release the prisoners. “It’s impossible. I’ll definitely be back by then. You can start counting now.”

With that said, he turned and headed towards the cave, but with just a flash, he had already arrived at the entrance.

Entering again, Yao Yucheng cried even louder. He thought Fang Chaozhou had come to kill him.

Fang Chaozhou glanced at him and decided to speak to Xiang Yuan, who seemed the calmest. “I’ll undo the spells on you now. You’ll be able to leave later. Tian Shui Sect isn’t far from here. Do you have your storage ring on? Do you have a flying sword?”


Xiang Yuan looked surprised and suspicious. “Senior Brother Fang, is that you?”

Fang Chaozhou didn’t answer the question, only undid the spells on the three of them and said, “You should return to Tian Shui Sect first. Wait a while longer, and Xue Danrong will come back to accept his punishment.”

He had considered erasing the memories of these three about this period of time, but after some thought, he decided against it. This was ultimately Xue Danrong’s fault. Xue Danrong was now under demonic influence, so he couldn’t control himself.

With Xue Danrong’s original temperament, he would rather accept punishment than do something as unethical as erasing others’ memories. When you make a mistake, you should make amends and accept punishment.

After dispelling the spells and removing the cave’s barrier, Fang Chaozhou hastily left the cave and went to where Xue Danrong was. But as soon as he arrived, he heard the youth say, “Senior Brother, you’re late. I’ve counted more than a hundred.”

“Impossible. I only said a few words, and I said them as quickly as possible.” Fang Chaozhou felt sure he hadn’t exceeded a hundred.

Xue Danrong’s face immediately darkened. “Did Senior Brother talk to them?”

Fang Chaozhou: “…”

Was the original Xue Danrong delaying having a romantic partner to conceal the truth of his jealousy?

“Without saying much, just a few words,” Fang Chaozhou changed the topic. “Alright, we should head back now, can’t delay the afternoon medication.”

He reached out his hand to Xue Danrong.

Xue Danrong looked at the hand reaching out to him, his long lashes drooping slightly. Slowly, he extended his own hand and tightly grasped the offered hand.


After finishing the afternoon medication, Fang Chaozhou, taking advantage of the remaining daylight, prepared to go to the medical hall to get the medicinal herbs for the next few days. Xue Danrong had gone out earlier in the day and returned feeling unwell. He fell asleep not long after drinking the medicine. This was why Fang Chaozhou was able to go out alone.

When he went out, it started to rain lightly. Fang Chaozhou didn’t want his clothes to get wet, so he took out the celadon umbrella from his storage ring. This umbrella had fallen into the underground demon realm with him. It pattered on its surface like rain on lotus leaves. But because it was late autumn, the rain seemed somewhat bleak. 

Fang Chaozhou headed towards the medical hall, the rain gradually intensifying. By the time he emerged from the medical hall with the medicine pouch, the rain had turned into strings of beads, soaking the hem of his clothes.

Just as Fang Chaozhou was considering whether to use magic to quickly return, he saw someone not far away from under the umbrella.

That person was staring at him, emotions in his cat-like eyes shifting from disbelief to joy.

Before Fang Chaozhou could react, he heard a deafening shout—

“Stepmother, I finally see you!”

At that moment, the doctor from the medical hall happened to come out. He noticed Fang Chaozhou had dropped a package of medicine and, seeing someone still there, hurried over with the medicine. Unexpectedly, just as he reached the doorway, he heard such words.

The doctor stood frozen in place, his gaze involuntarily shifting to Fang Chaozhou’s belly.

Fang Chaozhou keenly noticed the gaze beside him. His expression stiffened, but instead of covering his belly, he placed his hand behind him, allowing the other party to see more clearly. “Doctor, this person is foolish; you don’t need to pay him any mind. How could a man possibly be pregnant?”

“Not exactly. There are cases of men carrying and birthing children in this world. My master once treated such a case, even twins. Unfortunately, I haven’t encountered one myself yet.” The doctor’s slightly excited gaze focused again on Fang Chaozhou’s belly, as if trying to see through the skin to discern if there was a child inside.

Fang Chaozhou: “…”

Before he could speak, Li Zhu was already standing in front of him.

Li Zhu looked at Fang Chaozhou, then at his belly. At this moment, he felt a mixture of anger, heartache, and joy. Angry that Fang Chaozhou was pregnant again, and not with his child; heartbroken that Fang Chaozhou was pregnant yet again, and he had to come get the medicine himself; and happy that he could see Fang Chaozhou again.

He remembered the vow he made five years ago. He had sworn countless times that if he could see Fang Chaozhou again, he would treat him well, better than himself. He wouldn’t even call Fang Chaozhou by his name directly but would affectionately call him—

“Mother, I miss you so much.”

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