Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 81: Old wound

“Of course you cannot touch her.” Gong Yun Ting literally said these words while gritting his teeth. At this time, he couldn’t do anything to Gong Ding Chen, but at least Gong Ding Chen would honor his words. If he said that he wouldn’t touch Yan Xi, then he wouldn’t. Regarding this, Gong Yun Ting believed his conduct.

After some ruckus, Gong Yun Ting still left angrily in the end. Before he got into the car, he called his special aide, asking him to come take care of the situation here. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know what those people would write in the news again tomorrow.

However, at Gong Ding Chen’s side, the window was opened to let the wind in. The white curtains blocked the night sky as it flew upwards due to the wind.

In the room, a dim and yellow light beside the bed was switched on. Yan Xi was lying sideways, she just turned and exposed her arm outside. Her seaweed-like long hair was spread out gently on the silky bed, and her sleeping face looked serene.

Gong Ding Chen sat at the head of the bed, watching her in a trance.


In the past when they were in that kind of relationship, he rarely stayed overnight at her place. After they finished their business, he would gargle and clean himself up before driving off. Besides their physical interaction, he didn’t want to have any other relations with her, especially not letting the media shoot both of them together.

He remembered that time when Yan Xi threw a tantrum in front of him, she flipped over a few items on the tea table, and cried till her makeup became ruined. She questioned him: “Gong Ding Chen, in your eyes, I am really just an item? Asking me to come and go whenever you wish!”

At that time, he was feeling gloomy, he didn’t understand how she had the right to behave like this in front of him. He only sneered at her who was wailing like a clown, then said coldly: “Or else?”

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But now was not the time to talk about this.


Gong Ding Chen switched the phone to flight mode, then threw it aside.

When he looked toward Yan Xi, he met her pair of good-looking eyes.

He didn’t know whether she was awake or not, and also didn’t know if she would chase him away. He looked into her eyes and silently waited for her to speak. But Yan Xi’s beautiful brows knitted, with a “wuu” sound, she told him like a small girl who was asking to be doted on: “Wuwu… so painful…”

She drank a lot of alcohol, Gong Ding Chen thought that she was feeling unwell somewhere, either a headache or stomach ache. Luckily the doctor had brought some commonly used medicines according to his description. Gong Ding Chen bent down in front of the bed and asked Yan Xi with concern: “Which place is painful?”

Yan Xi must still be drunk, or else she wouldn’t have pulled Gong Ding Chen’s hand to put it on her hole entrance. She even said in a whimper that she couldn’t hold back: “It’s painful here…”

“How is it painful?” Gong Ding Chen couldn’t react at that point, he thought that she drank too much alcohol so her heart felt unwell. He got so anxious that he grabbed his phone to call Doctor Chen’s phone number, but because he forgot that it was in flight mode, it couldn’t go through.

Yan Xi didn’t answer, she “wuwu” a few times, then held her own left hand and sobbed: ”It’s painful here too…”

“Let me see.”

Gong Ding Chen grabbed Yan Xi’s hand and finally understood what Yan Xi was saying.

Just now, he subconsciously thought that she hurt her wrist because Yan Xi was drunk, until he saw Yan Xi’s wrist that hadn’t been covered thoroughly by thick foundation, exposing a scar that looked like a centipede. Only then he remembered she’d slit her wrist before.

She slit her wrist because of him, her heart was also in pain because of him.

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