Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 82: Source of illness

At that time, all words became pale and useless.

Gong Ding Chen leaned down to hug Yan Xi. He hugged her so tightly, as if he wouldn’t lose her only when he hugged her tight.

He kissed the top of Yan Xi’s head and her forehead. He held her hand, kissed the back of hand and the hideous scar on her wrist. Yan Xi was like a cat that liked a human’s touch, she whimpered as she burrowed into his embrace. Gong Ding Chen said repeatedly: “Sorry… Sorry…”

As for Yan Xi, she was like a child who had gone through many suffering but finally found her parents who loved her. She said while sobbing: “They all scolded me… wanting me to die… They even scolded my grandma, and even harassed her in the old folk’s home… I’m the one who did wrong! What faults did my grandma do! The one who should die is me… is me…”

“Yan Xi…” Her every word pierced his heart. Gong Ding Chen couldn’t listen to her anymore, he lowered his body and used his lips to kiss Yan Xi.


“Wu!” Yan Xi was dazed by this kiss that came all of a sudden. She opened her eyes widely as tears flashed in her eyes.

Gong Ding Chen pressed Yan Xi onto the bed and trapped her within his embrace. His kiss carried some gentleness amongst the ruthlessness. His passionate fervor was filled with desires. Their breathing mixed together and their lips and teeth were pressed together. Yan Xi was kissed by Gong Ding Chen till she couldn’t breathe. She struggled to escape but was tightly restrained by Gong Ding Chen in his arms. With greed, l*st and petty desires, he kissed her till they became inseparable.

He split her fingertips apart to intertwine his fingers with hers. In between the suffocating and hot kiss, Yan Xi suddenly felt a sudden pain from her wrist, and it was also this pain that made her eyes turn clear again. Her eyelashes fluttered and tears slid down from the corners of her eyes. Yan Xi finally saw the face of the person clearly, so she forcefully turned her head to one side and her tone also suddenly became cold: “Mr. Gong, please go out.”

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After a short silence, Gong Ding Chen got up to walk towards the kitchen: “I’ll heat up a cup of milk for you.”


He thought that after she drank a cup of hot milk, she would feel better.

When Gong Ding Chen walked to the door of the bedroom, Yan Xi asked him: “Why do you want to treat me well?”

She buried her face in the pillow, making Gong Ding Chen unable to see her expression clearly. Her voice also sounded muffled: “After so much difficulty, I finally forgot about you…”

Yan Xi was doing this on purpose. When she furthered her training on her acting, her teacher always taught her to read a person’s heart and to understand a person’s psychology for a better performance. Yan Xi learned very diligently, and now she used this performance technique on Gong Ding Chen.

This was the second time she said something like this to Gong Ding Chen. Gong Ding Chen stopped on his tracks, the side profile of his face that seemed to be carved meticulously looked extremely gentle under the dim yellow light. His voice was the same, he said: “I will always treat you well, until all the good that I did for you is enough to engulf the unpleasantness in your memory.”

Yan Xi smiled, she obviously did not believe Gong Ding Chen’s words. She asked the question that he must face: “Then how about Chen Man Xi? You were also very good towards her in the past. At that time, didn’t you also tell her that you will always treat her well?”

With a sigh, Yan Xi said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you lied to me like this in the past. Even if it’s just to coax me, I’ll still think that it’s true.”

“I’m not coaxing you.” Gong Ding Chen closed his eyes, but he wasn’t very eager to explain himself: “What Yun Ting can give you, I can give you even more. He’s pursuing you, I am also pursuing you.”

Yan Xi was a bit stunned. She was not completely sober yet, so she couldn’t see Gong Ding Chen’s face clearly. Additionally, with his sudden confession, Yan Xi faintly thought that she was dreaming.

She laughed lightly, she didn’t trust him and was also mocking herself.

He said it in a way like how he was strategizing in his business. He said it so firmly that she almost believed that it was real.

“Then Chen Man Xi?”


This was a topic that he couldn’t hide from. She was inquiring, and also demanding an answer.

Chen Man Xi was a thorn in her heart, she thought that she’d overcome it, but when she faced Gong Ding Chen, Yan Xi clearly knew that Chen Man Xi was always there. She couldn’t hide and also couldn’t forget it. She wasn’t just a ridge in her past, but also the source of her illness.

Even Yan Xi herself didn’t know that when she looked at Gong Ding Chen, her eyes were full of expectations again.

Finally, she heard him say: “Yan Xi, this is a feeling between the two of us, just me and you, no Chen Man Xi.”

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