Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 80: Fight

“I’m very sleepy…” After Yan Xi mumbled a few words, she did not respond to Gong Ding Chen anymore. No matter how many times Gong Ding Chen called her, there was no sound from the other side of the phone.

“Yan Xi! Yan Xi!” Gong Ding Chen was extremely anxious, he stepped on the accelerator to rush towards Yan Xi’s house. Many bad thoughts arose in his mind, frightening himself, and he was scared that he might not make it. Because of that, he panicked and almost got into an accident.

Gong Ding Chen broke into the door of Yan Xi’s house together with the security guard and the butler. The passcode of the door was her birthday. Until now, Gong Ding Chen only realized that although he said that he wanted to start over with Yan Xi, he still didn’t remember her birthday. It was only when the security guard began to break the lock that he knew, after he called Xiao Qi.

Luckily Yan Xi was fine, she only got drunk and slept in the bathtub. It was just a scare, but if Gong Ding Chen didn’t come here in time and she accidentally sank into the water, a tragedy would very possibly happen.

Gong Ding Chen was still uneasy. After he gave the security guard a hush money, he asked his own private doctor to see her. After he confirmed that Yan Xi was drunk, only did he feel at ease.


To be honest, Yan Xi and Chen Man Xi’s facial features were at least fifty percent similar, moreover when she debuted, she used the title “Little Chen Man Xi”, her makeup and style also imitated Chen Man Xi, so others would see them to be seventy to eighty percent similar, like sisters.

Today, this was Doctor Chen’s first time seeing Yan Xi outside the screen. He wasn’t a gossiper, he only occasionally watched dramas in his free time, and he didn’t follow the entertainment circle or any celebrity. But when he saw her, he thought that this “Little Chen Man Xi” was not similar to Chen Man Xi. He wasn’t a busybody, but after comparing both their bare faces, Yan Xi showcased a frail beauty.

It wasn’t a feeling of weakness that came from sickness, but an aura that would make someone feel sympathy, beautiful yet fragile.

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“……” Gong Yun Ting was choked up for a while, he didn’t think that Gong Yun Ting would answer him this way, he only answered him back after being stunned for a while: “Yan Xi is my girlfriend!”


In Gong Ding Chen’s eyes, Gong Yun Ting was even more childish right now.

“You are just pursuing her.” He reminded him casually: “Yan Xi hadn’t agreed.”

Gong Yun Ting raised his head: “She’d tactfully agreed, it’s just not publicized at the moment.”

Gong Ding Chen lifted his eyebrow. He was not facing the light so his expression was unclear. He obviously didn’t approve of Gong Yun Ting’s statement of deceiving himself and others.

To make their dating news known to the public would definitely make some of her fans unfollow her, but Yan Xi was not going down the path of becoming an idol right now. Although her job for the next two years was more towards ancient dramas, no matter if it was Yan Xi’s own intention or a plan designated for her by Chun Jie, she was trying to transition. The suspense film on the Republic of China that he gave her was also helping her in transitioning. Since she was fated to shift into the identity of an actress, only with popular works that she didn’t need to be afraid of her fanbase dropping or becoming single. Besides, from the look of the statistics, most of Yan Xi’s active fans were all young females.

Considering this, Gong Ding Chen also thought that he was eligible.

He was also deceiving himself and others.

He thought that Yan Xi didn’t publicize her relationship with Gong Yun Ting because Yan Xi didn’t love him. He even felt glad that Yan Xi still loved him, or else she wouldn’t call him after she became so drunk. Besides, at that time, she was the one who said she loved him with all her heart, so how was she able to forget this kind of love just like that? To just let it go when she wanted to?

“She called me.” Gong Ding Chen intentionally said words that would make him misunderstand easily: “Tonight I’ll accompany her.”

“F*ck you! Get your a*s out now!” Gong Yun Ting was so mad that he wanted to strip off the turf underneath his feet together with his shoes: “I’ll call the police!”

“What good does she get if the police come?” Gong Ding Chen understood Gong Yun Ting very well. Since he said that he loved Yan Xi, then Yan Xi was now his weak spot. Turning around to leave, before he hung up, Gong Ding Chen still comforted his nephew: “I won’t touch her.”

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