Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 5: Counterattack. Threat.

Her manager Ah Zhu Jie answered Yan Xi’s phone call, “Ah Zhu Jie, where is your house?”

“You even forgot about this?” Ah Zhu Jie didn’t know what Yan Xi wanted to do, but it was the right thing not to come back since the reporters were still blocking the entrance and not budging yet.

Ah Zhu Jie sent Yan Xi her address, then put on Yan Xi clothes. This time, she didn’t wear sunglasses and walked out openly. She told the entertainment reporters that were firing her bullets of questions: “Just leave, Yan Xi is not here, she’s already gone.”

After she ditched the reporters, Ah Zhu Jie went back to her own apartment. Yan Xi was also there, and it looked like she’d been waiting for her for quite some time.

Ah Zhu Jie quickly opened the door and let Yan Xi in. She closed the door while asking her: “You did it?”


People who understood could naturally fathom this thing. That scent and feeling were hard to describe using words. Besides, ever since Yan Xi debuted, Ah Zhu Jie had been managing her.

Yan Xi nodded.

It was within her expectations, so Ah Zhu Jie was happy. She asked Yan Xi: “You’ve conceded?”

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To think of it, Gong Ding Chen was cold towards everyone, but Yan Xi had seen his gentle side before. However, his gentleness seemed to be exclusive to Chen Man Xi only.


“Mr. Gong.” Yan Xi opened her mouth, and went straight to the point: “I have something to discuss with you.”

Gong Ding Chen didn’t say anything and waited for Yan Xi to continue speaking. He didn’t know why, but when he saw Yan Xi again in Ru Meng Ling today, he had a faint, strange feeling. He couldn’t describe it, but if he had to exaggerate, Gong Ding Chen felt like that person was Yan Xi, but she didn’t seem like her.

To be more accurate, that person had a face just like Yan Xi and the same body shape, but she gave him an extremely unfamiliar feeling.

Yan Xi didn’t explain too much as well. She took out her own phone and pressed the play button.

It was a recording. The content of the recording was the phone call that Yan Xi made to her own uncle. It was clearly heard in the recording that Gong Ding Chen said the female lead in the video was Chen Man Xi. He was the one who paid money to Yan Xi for her to shoulder Chen Man Xi’s wrongdoing. He admitted that the main lead in the video was actually Chen Man Xi herself and not Yan Xi who used “Little Chen Man Xi” to debut and gain popularity.

Soon after that, Yan Xi pulled the timeline forward and played the second recording.

The second recording was basically the noises of their love-making.

Yan Xi said: “Mr. Gong, you have a lot of resources in your hand, so you’re not afraid of any threat, but what about your small babe Chen Man Xi? If the first recording was released, she would certainly be affected, there would naturally be people who would dig deep into it. Even if you had the money and power to shut the media up, you couldn’t shut up the mouths of millions of internet users.”

Yan Xi sucked in a deep breath, then continued: “As for the second recording, I’ve seen the news, you seem to be dating Chen Man Xi. I don’t know if she knows about our relationship, even if she does, I believe you must have told her that we have broken up, right? But by doing this, does this mean that we’re not breaking up definitely? If Chen Man Xi heard this recording, won’t you be scared that she will be heartbroken?”

“Yan Xi.” Gong Ding Chen swayed the wine in his hand without any expression on his face: “I’ve underestimated you in the past.”

“Mr. Gong, in your eyes, what kind of person I am in the past? A stupid woman who had no brains and only loved money?” Yan Xi mocked herself.

On the other side of the phone, Gong Ding Chen didn’t answer. He only asked her directly: ”Your condition.”


“Mr. Gong, you have a lot of resources in your hand. Aren’t you producing a big palace production about the Qing palace?” Yan Xi said: “The drama <Qing Shi Ming Yue>, I want to act in it.”

Yan Xi told Gong Ding Chen: “This is my condition. You cast me in it, then I won’t speak another word on what happened today anymore.”

For the drama <Qing Shi Ming Yue>, Yan Xi had seen its script previously. At that time, she hadn’t fought with Gong Ding Chen yet, the character given to her was approximately the sixth or seventh female lead in the drama, not the main lead. She wasn’t even part of the main supporting cast. Without many acting scenes, the character wasn’t considered special but at least she appeared in the entire drama, and only died when it was about to end.

Why give her such a role at that time? Didn’t Gong Ding Chen always put her as the second or third female lead when he invested in it?

Because Gong Ding Chen wanted to make Chen Man Xi popular. The second and third female leads were all trending celebrities.

Yes, this drama was originally specially made by Gong Ding Chen for Chen Man Xi. He invested handsomely in it, putting famous producers behind the scenes. All to make Chen Man Xi popular.

Although Yan Xi lost her memory, during the past two days, she coincidentally saw this script when she was rummaging around her house in search of her lost memory. According to her manager Ah Zhu Jie, Yan Xi found out that when she fought with Gong Ding Chen, the internet users exposed that she deliberately tried to ruin Chen Man Xi’s image, so she even lost this supporting character’s supporting character’s role.

If Yan Xi only wanted this supporting role, Gong Ding Chen naturally didn’t mind. He only said one word: “Sure.”

He didn’t care.

Yan Xi thought that Gong Ding Chen must have misunderstood. She said: “Mr. Gong, for this drama, I want to act as the female lead, the first female lead, Shen Shu Yin.”

“Not Shen Shu Yin.” This character was specially made by Gong Ding Chin to make Chen Man Xi popular. When he heard what Yan Xi said, she was obviously asking for more than she should, so Gong Ding Chen’s voice immediately grew cold as ice. Even at the other side of the phone, Yan Xi could feel his absolutely cold eyes: “Yan Xi, don’t ask for more than you can bite!”

The meaning behind it was that it’s already good enough that he’s giving her a drama to shoot.


Gong Ding Chen said: “What kind of person do you think I am to be threatened by you?”

Obviously Gong Ding Chen wouldn’t be threatened by anybody, but Yan Xi ended up conceding at this time, she said: “Mr. Gong, I understand very clearly what kind of person you are. I’m not threatening you, just think of it as pitying me. You have a lot of resources in your hand and this is something you don’t care about. It’s the same for Chen Man Xi, if you give me the female lead role of this drama, there are still many female leads waiting for Chen Man Xi to pick and choose.”

“I only want one thing. I want this drama’s female lead, only this time.” Yan Xi even said: “Or else I’ll have to sell my body. Mr. Gong, I’ve started following you since before I graduated from university. You couldn’t bring yourself to see your woman lay on top of other people and be ridden by thousands of others, right?”

There was a very long silence from the other side of the phone. It was so silent that Yan Xi thought that Gong Ding Chen had left, unwilling to accept the condition that she’d proposed. However, just as Yan Xi thought that her plan had failed, she heard Gong Ding Chen’s cold sneer, he said: “Okay, even if I give you the female lead, no matter how strong the behind the scenes production is, it’s up to your own skills to see if you are able to start over.”

Gong Ding Chen agreed. To be honest, Yan Xi also never expected that he actually agreed just like that.

Maybe she was just trying her luck to fight the hard battle, so Yan Xi really felt like she was dreaming when Gong Ding Chen agreed to it so soon. Yan Xi’s voice slightly trembled as she said to Gong Ding Chen: “Everything is up to fate, Mr. Gong. Since you gave me this role, I won’t let you down.”

“Huh.” Gong Ding Chen sneered coldly, thinking how she could talk so gloriously while snatching a role.

“Oh, and also.” Yan Xi said: “You pay back what you owe, Mr. Gong, remember to reimburse me for a new phone.”

Gong Ding Chen: “……”

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