Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 4: Extinguish your own fire, Mr. Gong (Slight H)

“I only want to live.” Yan Xi tried hard to make her voice sound calmer. She said: “Mr. Gong, I need money. I need money to live. But if you abandon me, whether it was keeping me hidden or killing my career, or letting me survive on my own in this murky swamp, no matter which conclusion it was, you are only cutting off my income.”

Yan Xi made it very clear: “And if you cut off my income, it means you want my life. I only beg you to let me live.”

Gong Ding Chen only looked at her. He said nothing, so the people that he called in also didn’t dare to do anything. But at this time, the effects of the drug began to work. Yan Xi’s face grew red, she knew that she couldn’t control it, she couldn’t hold it in for too long.

There was only one way to resolve her predicament right now.

If she could grab the opportunity, then maybe she would have the hope to survive, to let her rebirth in this grave situation.


Gong Ding Chen looked at Yan Xi with a complicated expression. He probably never thought that she was the same girl who cried in front of him a few days ago until her makeup was ruined. She knelt down on the floor, hugging his leg, begging him to let her off the hook, saying that she didn’t dare to ask for more anymore. She didn’t want to be famous and wouldn’t act up again. She only pleaded with Gong Ding Chen to not throw her away like a thrash.

At that time, Yan Xi cried till her face was covered in trails of tears, but he wasn’t heartbroken at all. He only listened to Yan Xi bawl and reflect, saying that she wouldn’t be greedy anymore, she wouldn’t ask Gong Ding Chen to love her, and only hoped that she could stay beside him like how she always used to.

And that woman wasn’t like the woman in front of him anymore.

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“Yan Xi, you are really a bitch. Even at this time, you’re still thinking to let me f*ck you?” Gong Ding Chen’s body pressed down on her. Yan Xi’s chest went up and down as she looked at him. Gong Ding Chen said: “Why? Did I never satisfy you in the past? Or… does your sm*tty hole still can’t forget my me*t pole?”


Yan Xi knew that he was humiliating her, but what other choice did she have? She couldn’t just take a cab and go to the emergency department in the hospital?

Come to think of it, although Yan Xi didn’t have a part of her memory anymore, when she saw Gong Ding Chen, she had a vague feeling.

She believed that she must have liked him a lot in the past.

Yan Xi adhered herself against Gong Ding Chen’s body. At this time, she finally unleashed her natural acting skills: “Mr. Gong, don’t be so heartless. You are the one who started this fire, moreover you’ve nurtured me for such a long time, isn’t it because you like my body?”

“Hmph, as you wish!” Gong Ding Chen held Yan Xi’s waist at once and hugged her up, throwing her onto the bed.

“Ah…” Gong Ding Chen wasn’t gentle with his movement at all. Yan Xi fell onto the bed, hitting her back so it was a little painful. Yan Xi couldn’t get to shout in pain yet when Gong Ding Chen pressed down on her, burying his head by her neck to bite it, his big palms also covered her meat to massage them forcefully.

“En.. En.. Ah.. Ah..” It was a little itchy. Yan Xi hugged him and twisted her body. By instinct, both of Yan Xi’s legs naturally wrapped around Gong Ding Chen’s waist.

“Bitch!” Gong Ding Chen chided her in a low voice.

She had to admit, men who were good-looking with a pleasant voice truly had an advantage. Even when he was scolding others, he still sounded sexy.

For a moment there, Yan Xi really thought that she was a sl*t like what Gong Ding Chen had said. She didn’t have the memory anymore. In her current memory, she didn’t even have a boyfriend, and being drugged was just a circumstance, yet when she saw Gong Ding Chen for the first time, her natural body response was that the pit of her legs began growing hot and started leaking water.

This meant that her body instinctively wanted to have s*x with Gong Ding Chen.

To have s*x until she was at the verge of death, and vice versa.


Yan Xi was telling Gong Ding Chen the truth. If she wanted to live, she needed money, and if she needed money, shooting films was the fastest way considering her current career. If she had something to shoot, then she would have money to continue living. And according to what Ah Zhu Jie had said, Yan Xi was nurtured by Gong Ding Chen, so she must have slept with him many times before. Everyone was an adult, and she wasn’t a v*rgin anymore, so why should she keep her body pure for anyone’s sake?

Perhaps in her attempt to comfort herself, Yan Xi thought that it wouldn’t matter to sleep with him one more time?

Besides, considering Gong Ding Chen’s body, looks and family background, she won’t lose much if she sleeps with him. Besides, Yan Xi had another purpose behind sleeping with Gong Ding Chen.

“Ah… pain… en, Mr. Gong, be gentle… Ah…” Gong Ding Chen was like a hungry wolf that kept biting Yan Xi’s neck, making her groan again and again. Gong Ding Chen had always looked cold and handsome, it would be more accurate to describe him like a vampire. If Yan Xi still retained her memory, she should know that Gong Ding Chen would never kiss her lips.

Although she’d already prepared herself mentally, when Gong Ding Chen’s hand slipped inside Yan Xi’s short skirt to rip her pantyhose apart, he didn’t even take her underwear off. He only pulled the blockage between her legs to one side and stretched his fingers into Yan Xi’s small hole that turned slightly moist due to the drug’s effects.

“Wu…” The intrusion of the foreign object made Yan Xi’s brows wrinkle. Subconsciously, she squeezed both her legs together tightly.

Perhaps it was also because she’d lost her memory. When they were doing this, Yan Xi still felt embarrassed and instinctively stretched out her hand to grab Gong Ding Chen’s hand that was moving all over her body. Her wrist was pinned down by Gong Ding Chen as both her hands were tightly pressed down over her head, one on top of another.

“Pain…!” Yan Xi frowned as she shouted weakly, but she didn’t earn Gong Ding Chen’s sympathy.

“For what are you pretending? This isn’t your first…” Gong Ding Chen humiliated her with sarcasm, he thought that she was just shouting pain to please him in the bed. His fingers still thrust in and out of Yan Xi’s small hole.

Yan Xi wasn’t wrong, Gong Ding Chen was addicted to her body, especially her small hole. He’d f*cked her all these years and it still felt so tight.

Yan Xi was shouting pain because she really did feel pain. But not because of Gong Ding Chen’s fingers that were rampaging under her body, it was because of her wrist that was pressed down by Gong Ding Chen that still had the wound, bandaged with gauze.

Yan Xi was so in pain that her brows tightened together. Gong Ding Chen saw it, but probably because he wanted to avenge her, he wanted her to feel pain and to watch her being in pain. His hand started becoming forceful and faster as it began to thrust in the middle of her s*x. He even added another finger, pushing the fingers apart, creating a V shape that thrust and dug inside Yan Xi’s soft and tender small hole.


“En… En… Ah… Ah… En… Ah…” Because of the effects of the drug, Yan Xi was very ar**sed right now. The shame of suddenly making love with a stranger was also being buried. She was controlled by l*st, calling out incessant moans under Gong Ding Chen’s body.

In the bed, the two bodies entangled together. As for Yan Xi’s phone that was taken away by Gong Ding Chen, it had been thrown into the fish tank that he used to raise his arowana.

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