Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 30 – What If Someone Bullies Me?

Not long after, they reached home. Mo Li Xin was the first to speak. Since Doctor Zhang told them not to worry about it, then she should not think too much. Overly fretting would only create unnecessary headache for oneself. 

“Why are you so quiet?” she asked. It was understandable why she was silent, but why did he also not make a sound? 

Ji Nan Feng returned to his senses and gazed at her steadily; his look was sharp but it held unspoken tenderness, “if you suddenly remember anything, you have to tell me. Don’t keep it buried in your heart.”

Since she had yet to find out, then he chose to remain mum. He did not explain… or should he say, he had not repented and asked for forgiveness yet. The latter was more appropriate. There was no proper explanation as to why she ended up that way in their previous lives. Furthermore, there was no need to explain, the only reason was that back then, he was blind. 

Mo Li Xin did not comprehend why he said such a thing, but she innocently smiled at Ji Nan Feng and obediently nodded her head in a cute and silly fashion, removing the gloom from around him.


“Why are you so cute? Shouldn’t you ask why I said that? But of course, even if you asked, I might not answer,” he teased.

“Because I don’t think you’ll harm me… So there’s no need to ask,” Mo Li Xin replied candidly.

Ji Nan Feng was taken aback. That’s right, his Xin’er has always been like this. Although there were many differences between the way she acted in both lives, her kindness and unconditional trust in him had always remained the same. He really did not know what lucky star he was born under to be given another chance despite making such a big mistake back then. Blessed to be with her again. 

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Bai Sha Exhibition was held annually near Country A. It created a huge wave affecting the fashion, entertainment, and business industries. Many would swamp over to participate in this grand event. In preparation, Mo Li Xin and her group decided to leave a few days in advance to travel to France. To be more specific, it would be a business trip.


Ji Nan Feng also knew about this, so he started helping her pack early. For Mo Li Xin, his meticulous care and pampering slowly became a habit. But every time, her heart would still turn to mush. Sometimes, she still wondered if she was dreaming, but after pinching herself countless times, she also slowly started to accept it. 

Another thing worth rejoicing was that after the car accident, she never saw Duan An Ran again. Mo Li Xin felt inexplicably happy… erm… wicked thoughts… 

“When you travel this time, remember to take care of yourself,” Ji Nan Feng suddenly instructed as he packed her travel necessities.

“Okay…” She did not put too much thought into his words. She just assumed that he was telling her to take precautions as she would be on foreign land and would be unfamiliar with the place. 

But she heard his follow-up sentence, “Duan An Ran fled to France.” 

His tone was flat. Other than worrying about her wellbeing, there was no other meaning behind his words. 

“Oh… Okay, I understand,” lounging on the sofa, she watched him pack as she took a big bite into an apple.

In all honesty, there were many times she had wanted to ask him, why did his attitude change so drastically. Previously he claimed that he suffered from amnesia, but afterwards he confessed that there was no such thing. She did not believe that Ji Nan Feng was a fickle man. But his attitude towards her was really loving, and he looked like he truly hated Duan An Ran. 

But… why?… 

Bite by bite, the apple was polished off. Lost in her thoughts, she did not realise that the apple was finished until the pain of biting into her finger drew her back from her thoughts. 

“What are you thinking about again? Did your brain go into shock? How did you even bite yourself?” As soon as the man looked up from his task, he was greeted with the sight of her enthusiastically biting into herself. The scene was funny but maddening at the same time. 

“I want to eat the Sichuan boiled sliced pork you made,” Mo Li Xin said as she watched him search for band-aids. When he was not looking, she stuck out her tongue playfully.


After Ji Nan Feng woke up from his coma, almost every meal was prepared by him. Mo Li Xin mocked herself, what was she to do? Her taste buds have been trained to be picky by his cooking. On this trip abroad, she just knew she would not be able to acclimatize.

“Give me a moment. After I pack everything, I’ll start cooking,” Ji Nan Feng tore open the band-aid and plastered her thumb.

Mo Li Xin had completely fallen. How could this handsome and considerate man belong to her? If nothing else, his superb culinary skill alone was already amazing.

Therefore, completely captivated by the beauty before her, she could not resist but bowed her head and kissed him. It was but a fleeting touch, “good performance, reward for you.” 

Although Mo Li Xin said it magnanimously, her face bloomed red.

“This reward is rather stingy,” the person voiced his dissatisfaction.

“I have to get up early for tomorrow’s flight,” Mo Li Xin hastily blurted out as she suddenly understood the meaning behind his unspoken words. He already made the first half of his sentence so clearly, even without him vocalising the other words, was it not obvious enough?

Who would’ve known, Ji Nan Feng laughed. With a look that was asking for a beating, he teased, “Xin’er, why are you blushing so furiously? What’s going through that brain of yours again? I just wanted you to bring back a gift for me. That’s all… En?…” 

He emphasized on ‘en’ as he dragged the word out.

Mo Li Xin, “…”  Ah… damn… she could never outtalk him, she lost every time! 

Looking at her face that could not get any redder, Ji Nan Feng chuckled, “It wouldn’t be convenient for you to carry so many things. If you lack anything else, just purchase it over there.”

“I’m going for work, not vacationing. I’ve to make money, not spend it,” Mo Li Xin pouted.


“You can still earn your money and spend mine.” 

Mo Li Xin, “…”  What else could she say?…  

Her luggage had been meticulously packed by the man. Afterwards, he went straight to the kitchen. He looked busy, but it was without any unwillingness. Mo Li Xin’s eyes redden. A few months prior, it would have never crossed her mind that he could be so perfect. Those were things that she should have done herself, from packing her own luggage to cooking in the kitchen, and even the house chores. Yet, it was all completed by him. 

In front of his students, he was an awe-inspiring teacher. In front of Mother Wei, he was a son she was proud of. In front of strangers, he looked like a pampered rich man’s son. Yet, in front of her, he was considerate, he was omnipotent, he was perfect. He made sure that she did not have to worry about anything. Regardless of the magnitude of the matter, he would always stand from her perspective and help her set it accordingly. Perfectly accomplished, even better than if she were to do it herself.

“Nan Feng… I suddenly feel reluctant to leave. What if I can’t get used to the food there? What happens if the weather becomes colder and I forget to bring my coat out? What if someone bullies me?” Unconsciously, Mo Li Xin entered the kitchen and hugged his waist from behind. Her tone was exactly like a bullied daughter-in-law.

The sudden warm sensation around his waist caused the man focusing on his dish to stiffen. Although he could not see the little woman behind him, his heart melted as he perceived her aggrieved tone. 

“Be obedient, I’ll be there over the weekend.” 

As it was not confirmed, he decided to omit that he might be heading to her the day after she flies. He did not want to disappoint her by giving her hope. As of now, he could only guarantee that he would be there over the weekend. He knew that she would disapprove of him taking leave just to accompany her, so he needed to come up with a valid reason.

“Really? You’ll come and see me?” Mo Li Xin probed. This trip would last for at least half a month. Although Bai Sha Exhibition would only last a week, there would be other exhibitions being held after that. Hence, the trip spanned a duration of about fifteen days.

“It’s a lie,” he turned and tugged at her nose.

Mo Li Xin knew that this scoundrel was mocking her. So she stuck her tongue out behind his back. Yet, her mood drastically improved after hearing those words.  

“When did you learn how to cook? How come I never knew that you could cook so well before?” She followed behind him and the smell of 


Sichuan boiled sliced pork permeated from the pot. Mo Li Xin felt that his culinary skill was exceptional. It was almost on par with a head chef. She always had to take a second and third bite every time she ate what he made. Thankfully, she had high metabolism, if not, with the way she was eating now, she was bound to suffer. 

Ji Nan Feng’s eyes dimmed momentarily before he gave her a faint smile, “I learnt when I was studying abroad. I was bored then, so I decided to pick up a new skill.” That was what he told her, but only he knew the real reason. In their previous lives, after her death, he came across her diary. Inside, learnt that one of her wishes was to be able to one day eat the food he cooked.

Mo Li Xin’s wish was so pure… Her love was so innocent… 

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