Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 31 – Bossing The Boss

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Currently, he was extremely grateful that he still had this opportunity. When there is still time to change their fate. He had many things he needed to do; such as pampering her, taking care of her mental state and heart, and monitoring the condition of his liver. She had coronary heart disease and he had lung cancer, but those were issues of the future. 

After both of them have been admitted into the hospital; the time he woke up from a coma and the time after her car accident, he got the doctor to secretly do a thorough body checkup for the both of them. Fortunately, it was still early and everything was remediable. As long as they pay attention to their diets and lifestyle, everything will be fine.

Early next morning, they headed for the airport. Amongst the crowd, a tall and handsome man carried an off-white suitcase in one hand and held the hand of a lovely and beautiful lady in another. The natural conversation flowing between the attractive couple looked like amorous flirting in the eyes of outsiders.


In the bustling airport, passengers were rushing about. Some were leaving here with great anticipation, some were dragging their tired bodies back. Some in happiness, some in sadness. Yet when their gaze rested on the man lightly kissing the woman’s forehead, they couldn’t help but to pause for a short while. People are always attracted to beautiful things, like how a woman sees a beautiful dress on display, or when a man sees a pretty woman. Regardless of their moods at that point in time, seeing beautiful things would distract them. 

“When you’re over there, don’t go out alone. If you must go out, have someone accompany you. Remember to call me when you landed. In addition, give me a video call every night, don’t worry about the time difference,” Ji Nan Feng issued his final orders. Although Mo Li Xin had heard it countless times, she could never tire of it.

“En, try to pay more attention to Fei Fei’s side. It seems like Granny Fei’s condition is getting worse,” Mo Li Xin suddenly remembered.

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“Why can’t I be here?” Gong Ze Yun chuckled.


“Even if this is first class, this is still a public place,” he joked.

“Li Xin, you know this handsome man?” seated across the aisle, Dai Meng asked.

Mo Li Xin’s mind spun a few rounds. Technically speaking, Gong Ze Yun was their big boss. As an employee, Dai Meng should not have phrased her question so informally. But it was to be expected. After all, this big boss had always been anonymous and mysterious. It was unsurprising that his employees did not know who he was. 

“En, a friend,” Mo Li Xin replied. Since he chose to conceal his identity, she shall not expose him.

“Oh, I say Li Xin, why are there only handsome men and beautiful women in your circle of friends? As one of your friends, it seems like I’m pulling down the overall standard of beauty of the group. Sigh…” Dai Meng exhaled mournfully. 

Including this man, she would have met five people from Mo Li Xin’s circle. The first was the general nearby their company, next was Xu Qing Man. Thirdly, it was Mo Li Xin’s husband whom she met after the dinner that day. Followed by Gan Yun Ting who picked up Xu Qing Man afterwards. All of them were outstanding and attractive beyond comparison.

After Mo Li Xin fastened her seat belt, she mused helplessly upon hearing Dai Meng’s words, “Indeed, you dragged the standards down. So, we should end our friendship.” 

“No no no, I’m just joking! There’s a saying that flowers need to be accompanied by green leaves. So from now on, I’ll be the green leaf that surrounds the flowers. I don’t mind,” Dai Meng shook her head vigorously and quipped. How could she possibly want to break their friendship? If nothing else, just looking at Mo Li Xin’s face every day at work would allow her to take two more bites of her meal!

Mo Li Xin was at a loss for words, “…” 

She actually wanted to say that Dai Meng was also very beautiful. But after much consideration, she decided against it. Dai Meng was the kind that would implode if someone praised her. So Mo Li Xin felt that she should be stingy with her compliments!

Listening to the bantering between the two, Gong Ze Yun’s mouth twitched, “How’s your leg injury?”

As the question came out of nowhere, it took Mo Li Xin a while to react, “Oh… erm, I’ve recovered.” 


“Are you going to attend Bai Sha Exhibition too?” Considering that Gong Ze Yun was a big celebrity in this field, it would not be surprising if he attended. 


With that, the conversation ended. Mo Li Xin did not know why, but when she was with him, she always felt comfortable. It felt very casual and natural. Even if they did not speak, there was no awkwardness, it was as if they had been friends for the longest time.

Soon, they disembarked from the plane. ‘Coincidentally’, they were both staying at the same hotel. Or, better known as, when the higher-ups did the booking, the rooms were booked together. However, someone wanted to be discreet and keep a low profile. Hence, everything seemed like it was by chance. 

“Ah! Handsome, you’re staying at this hotel too? What a coincidence! Which floor is your room on? Do you mind helping me lug this up?” Dai Meng sprang out from behind Mo Li Xin and pleaded. She was carrying multiple luggage of different sizes, and they looked very heavy. 

Even Mo Li Xin was holding a lot of baggage. Although she brought little items, her companions had a lot. So out of consideration, she helped them. 

“Pass it to me. Li Xin, hand yours to me too,” Before Mo Li Xin could say anything, Gong Ze Yun took her suitcase away after he took Dai Meng’s.

She did not refuse his offer as it was a bit heavy. This hotel was unique. An exotic four story building with winding corridors and no elevators. Who would have imagined that people would come here to stay for a business trip instead of a vacation? In addition, they would stay for such a long duration too.

When Dai Meng saw that the heaviest luggage was taken away, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief. The brawn of their group was on a later flight due to family issues. Hence they had to carry everything themselves. Seeing that the load was lightened, she was ecstatic. However, sometime in the future, when she knew that the handsome man she bossed around was her biggest boss, she would vomit a mouthful of blood and wish for death.

Mo Li Xin and party stayed on the third floor, whereas Gong Ze Yun was on the fourth floor. After placing their suitcases on the ground, he continued his way up.

After settling down in the room, the first thing Mo Li Xin did was pick up her phone to report that she had arrived safely. Then, she got down to packing her stuff. 

Although there was nothing much to keep as she only had a luggage worth of items.


Their room was a large suite. In addition to a living room, there were four bedrooms. One was occupied by Mo Li Xin, one was shared by Dai Meng and another female teammate. Being the only male on the team, Li Feng was given his own bedroom too. Lastly, they had another group mate and due to her peculiar temperament, she was also assigned her own room. 

It was not that this group member had a bad temper, she just did not like to speak. She preferred being alone, but she was not introverted. Those that worked with her before would describe her as lofty and indifferent. Rarely spoke, but when she did, every word held weight.

“Team leader, that’s all you brought for this trip? We’re going to be here for half a month. The weather here is erratic but you only brought these clothes? Also also, you didn’t bring cosmetics?” Dai Meng came over. She even created a nickname for Mo Li Xin.

“It’s quite little. But aren’t we going out tonight? I can buy some later,” Mo Li Xin scratched her head, feeling a little helpless. She did not know the weather condition here, so she thought she would just bring a few interchangeable attires. Furthermore, Ji Nan Feng did the majority of the packing for her. And since she trusts him, she never checked the items he prepared. But now opening her suitcase, she realised that she brought lesser than everyone else. As for cosmetics, she rarely used those.

“What about makeup? Did you lose yours?” Dai Meng asked.

“I usually don’t use cosmetics, just lipsticks…” Mo Li Xin replied honestly.

Dai Meng, “…”  f*ck… 

“Team leader, are you serious? Let me touch your face,” before Mo Li Xin gave her consent, Dai Meng already touched her face.

“Damn. I used to think that you only had on light makeup. I didn’t expect it to be el natural. And your skin condition is so good… I say, team leader, you’re being too hateful,” Dai Meng complained.

Qing Huan, the other group member who was also packing her things, giggled, “how can we mortals compare to a celestial being like team leader? Not that I want to say anything about you. But if you eat less junk food during work, your face might still be salvageable. Alas, you still need to get rid of those pimples before anything else.”

“Qing Huan, I wouldn’t assume that you’re dumb even if you don’t say anything,” Dai Meng shot back as she sulked.

“Huh? What’s this?” Qing Huan picked up a small note from the ground.


Dai Meng’s attention was also successfully diverted.

“I didn’t pack much. A set of warmer clothes and another for colder weather. Buy whatever else that’s missing. My credit card is in the storage compartment of the suitcase.” Dai Meng snatched the note and read it out loud.

It took Dai Meng a while to realise that the note on the ground belonged to Mo Li Xin.  “Like I said, how can you bring so little stuff? A good relationship is when the hubby personally packs for his wifey. And also hands over his card for Team Leader to buy what she needs. Tsk tsk, I was caught off guard by this mouthful of dog food1‘Feeding dog food’ is a Chinese slang whereby singles witness (are fed) PDA of attached people.!”

It was evident that Dai Meng was teasing her.

Mo Li Xin was embarrassed, but in her heart, she was overjoyed. She did not shy away from Dai Meng’s ribbing, instead, she shot back, “then you should find one for yourself!”

The author has something to say…  

Dai Meng, “Strongly requesting to buy a wholesale boyfriend!”

Mo Yue, “Strongly requesting for one to keep in my collection!”

I know the first paragraph is a little confusing… But yes, Author-sama decided that MLX and JNF suffered from heart disease and lung cancer in their previous life…

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