Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 19 – The Other Woman In The Car

All five individuals had very different drafts. In all fairness, Mo Li Xin felt that although the way they all went about designing it were different, the design outcomes were relatively similar. Only that their proposals could have been thought more comprehensively.

“Everyone’s proposals are good. But if I were to be a bride, I would definitely choose the two designed by you!” Dai Meng continued.

Mo Li Xin smiled and chose not to comment further. To be honest, when others praised her so straightforwardly, she could not help but to feel embarrassed. There was a fine line between being too humble that it sounded fake and then being too arrogant that people find you hateful. It was especially difficult for Mo Li Xin considering that she had low EQ. 

“Ah! Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Mo Li Xin was chatting with Dai Meng when the folders that she was holding suddenly got knocked out of her arms. The female voice that sounded out an apology belonged to none other than Li Na.

“You did it on purpose! Li Na, the path is so wide but you still managed to bump right into us,” Dai Meng was a frank person, so she blurted out without regard for the consequences.


Mo Li Xin was speechless. Why did each one of them all say the same thing? Previously, when she went to Jiang Bei University to sit in on Nan Feng’s lecture, she was bumped into by a woman in a tight skirt. That lady uttered a similar sentence.

“By the way, Mo Li Xin is that right? Seems like I’ve underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to be so capable. I thought…” Li Na scanned Mo Li Xin from head to toe before leaving with a smirk on her face.

Mo Lixin felt that that came out from nowhere, but Dai Meng quickly resolved her confusion, “Sigh, don’t take her words to heart. She thinks that you’re beautiful, so the only way you could’ve entered the company was through some backdoor connections. 

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“Ebyv kp kv?”

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Mo Li Xin was startled that she qualified for such a position, “Why was I chosen?”


“It’s because of your series of twelve Celestial Stars wedding dresses. Each and every one had garnered such sensation. Of course they will consider you eligible! There will be a total of twenty judges. Excluding yourself, all of them are predecessors that have been long standing in this circle, yet few have designed as many spectacular wedding dresses as you did! 

“Take Robert for instance. He’s a renowned figure in the wedding dress fashion industry, but all of his wedding dresses were designed one at a time. His more outstanding designs only totaled to sixteen pieces. However, you’re different. You’ve created so many in one go and all of them were a hit. 

“From your point of view, you might still be a newcomer. But based on all your designs, you’re already considered a senior. Hence, it’s not surprising that you got invited to be one of the judges,” Allen explained.

‘Is that how it works?’ Mo Li Xin was dazed. But to be a judge, she was automatically disqualified from participating in the competition. She hesitated for a while before replying, “I’ll be attending the Bai Sha Exhibition, but not as a judge.”

“You’re planning to be an audience?” Allen asked in puzzlement.

“Did you forget? There’s a position as a contestant,” Mo Li Xin half smiled. It was rare that Allen was muddled. 

“What? As a contestant? Why?” Allen was even more bewildered. There was someone that would rather be a contender than a judge?

Mo Li Xin took a while to reply, so both ends suddenly fell silent. 

Mo Li Xin was also asking herself, ‘why?’

After receiving no replies from the other line, Allen thought that she had already hung up the phone. It was then, Mo Li Xin said with a small smile, “I’m taking this opportunity to bid my past good bye.”

Allen pondered the meaning of Mo Li Xin’s sentence. But was unable to figure out what she meant.

“Alright, the final decision lies in your hands. Remember to find me when you come to Paris,” Allen said. Although they had collaborated for so long, they practically know nothing about each other. Except for…


“Okay,” Mo Li Xin was also curious about this partner of hers. Back then, she was unexpectedly approached by Allen with the collaboration proposal. Previously, she was also dumbfounded.

In the past half a month, Mo Li Xin discovered that Ji Nan Feng had really changed. He was very meticulous and tender in his treatment towards her. But she always felt that it was somewhat weird. It felt that when he looked at her, he was seeing someone else though her. Or, he was seeing a ‘her’ that she never knew of. Even so, she was still happy about it.

As long as he had no prior engagements, Ji Nan Feng would come and pick her up from work. Today was no different, but she managed to leave work earlier. She packed her things in advance and headed downstairs to wait for him. She unexpectedly spotted Ji Nan Feng’s car already waiting. However, that was not the main point. The main thing was that her recently designated seat in the car was currently occupied by someone else. And that person was none other than Duan An Ran.

She did not know what was happening within the car. Just based on her angle, their behavior looked very ambiguous. She tried to comfort herself by saying that it might just be a matter of perspective. He did say before that he had forgotten everything and did not have a trace of emotion towards Duan An Ran. He even promised to investigate what actually happened for those incidents. 

But faced with such a scene, Mo Li Xin still found it difficult to bear.

Regardless of whether Ji Nan Feng lost his memory or not, the fact that Duan An Ran existed would not change. The memories they shared would remain. It was only a matter of time before he regained his memories; like a ticking grenade, unsure when it might explode. This tormented Mo Li Xin for the longest time. Unsure when she would once again be plunged into the endless abyss that she came out from.

Back in those bleak days, she had questioned herself; to abandon everything, to give up on her dreams, to throw away her self-esteem, to let go of her freedom. Has it been worthwhile? Just for him to glance in her direction another time. Steadfastly, the answer had been yes, it was worth it. She knew her love was humble. But a life without him was like being in hell, greyer than an endless abyss. He simply needed to ask her about her day and she would be in total bliss. She did not know why she had such a deep obsession with him. It was to the extent that there was even once, she dreamt of their past lives.

It was as if they had known each other for a long, long time. So long, that it was lengthier than a lifetime. But when she woke up, she could not remember anything. The only remnants of that dream was the tears that clung to the corners of her eyes.

Mo Li Xin wanted to pretend that she saw nothing and put a smile on her face as she walked towards them. Yet, as cars drove by, she felt an overwhelming sense of exhaustion she never felt before. The chilly wind blew on relentlessly. Mo Li Xin wrapped her coat tighter around her body as she turned and left, in another direction. 

Little did she know, the joy she experienced from work, to the despair of seeing Ji Nan Feng, and finally her desolated expression as she treaded away; all fell into the eyes of another person.

She walked aimlessly and came to AK club without knowing. She stared dazedly at the entrance as she unconsciously recalled the day that Ji Nan Feng brought her here. How happy she was that day. He blew his top over her safety, introduced his friends to her, and joked with her. Scene after scene kept flashing through her head as if it was yesterday. She even thought that it might be a dream, a dream that she has yet to awaken from, until now.

It was a dream that she dare not dream of. And if it truly was a dream, she hoped to never wake up from it. Tears clouded her eyes, and everything blurred; this dream was so beautiful but surreal.


She was not sure what to do, so she disorientedly stepped into the club. At the front desk, she bought an access card and followed the attendant in. When she arrived at her destination, she realized that she was at a shooting range.

She helplessly laughed, but her laughter contained no happiness. She randomly picked up a gun and aimed at the bullseye. But it seemed that everything was going against her today as she was so off that she did not know where her bullet went. Mo Li Xin sniggered at herself, “It turns out that you really can’t do anything right. You’re really pathetic.”

“No one is perfect, and it’s impossible to please everyone in everything you do. Just do what makes you happy.”

Just when Mo Li Xin was drowning in her own despair and could not extricate herself, a familiar voice suddenly appeared in the booth.

“What brings you here?” Mo Li Xin looked up and saw Gong Ze Yun.

“I was in the booth next to you. Seeing that you’re alone, I decided to come over,” Gong Ze Yun explained. When in actuality, he had been following behind her from the office. However, there was no suitable opportunity to approach her.

A row of shooting booths, separated by semi-transparent bulletproof glass. One could see what was going on in the booth beside.

Mo Li Xin understood clearly, “You’re… alone?”

“En, I’m currently in a bad mood. Do you want to keep me company?” Gong Ze Yun grinned. With such a handsome face, his smile was as bright as the full moon. It easily hooked those that were looking at him, Mo Li Xin was also nearly hooked by his smile. Thankfully, her mental strength and control was strong, so she quickly regained her bearings.

When he phrased it in this way; where he was asking her to keep him company, and not him keeping her company instead. No one could refuse him.

“Sure,” Mo Li Xin agreed.

“Why don’t I teach you how to use the gun?” Gong Ze Yun suggested.


Mo Li Xin originally wanted to refuse, but after further thought, she decided to go with the flow. After all, she had nothing to do and no place to go. It was better to stay here and learn shooting. If she remembered correctly… that person enjoys shooting too. Maybe after she learnt, they would have more things in common?

“Okay,” Mo Li Xin passed him the gun.

Gong Ze Yun took the gun and explained slowly as he demonstrated the steps, “All the guns in this firing range are similar. You only need to remember the hand responsible for pulling the trigger needs to exert more pressure. Your elbows should be slightly angled down. Posture is also very important for a more accurate shot. To remain stable, your legs need to be shoulder wide, the body parallel to the target. The muzzle in line with the striker’s arm at the middle of your body. Arms to maintain ninety degrees from the body to avoid impact recoil.”

Just as he finished his instructions, he pressed the trigger. With a bang, the bullet shot out and hit bullseye. 

“And that’s how you do it, give it a try,” Gong Ze Yun remained straight-faced despite hitting bullseye as he handed the gun back to Mo Li Xin. 

Mo Li Xin took the gun in a daze. She glanced at the target, then at Gong Ze Yun. She hesitated as she tried to follow step by step as per his demonstration earlier. Yet, when she fired the bullet, she still missed.

“It’s okay, take it slowly. Concentrate, use your heart to analyze, and your brain to process. Sometimes, what your eyes see may not necessarily be true. Try to use your heart to see the situation and then use your brain to think it through. And sometimes if you follow your heart unconditionally, it might lead you in the wrong direction.”

Ji Nan Feng! Explain yourself! (♯▼皿▼)

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