Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 16 – Catching Drug Dealers, Scared Stiff

One morning, Mo Li Xin sat peacefully at her designated seat, sketching and drafting her wedding dress designs. As noon came, everyone slowly trickled out of the office. Ji Nan Feng called her and that was when she realized that it was time for lunch.

“You don’t have to come over. I’ll just grab a quick bite nearby before I go back to work.”

It will take approximately twenty minutes to travel from the university to Jiu Zi. A round trip would take forty minutes, which was a waste of time.

“Alright, then I’ll pick you up tonight,” Ji Nan Feng informed her.

“En, okay,” After she hung up the call and packed her stuff, she headed downstairs for lunch.


After a few minutes of walking, she suddenly heard the sound of the cars crashing. Instinctively, she turned and saw the chaos. On one side, were the policemen, and the other was a group wearing face masks and caps. From the looks of it, they should be criminals. Mo Li Xin reacted swiftly. She found a quiet and indiscernible place to hide. She knew the situation was definitely not safe at the moment.

Both parties were equally matched in numbers, about ten people per side. Everyone held a gun, and from their verbal exchanges, she concluded that the group of criminals were drug traffickers.

Just when the two sides were at an impasse, an off-road vehicle suddenly drove over and broke the deadlock. The surrounding formation set up by the police was broken, the car belonged to the group of lawbreakers.

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At that moment, Mo Li Xin did not know where she got her courage from. She stood up and shouted, “Lu Xing Yan! Eldest Brother! Be careful! Behind you!”


In order to capture his attention, she deliberately called his name first. After all, everyone would be more susceptive to their own names.

Sure enough, when Lu Xing Yan heard the shouts, he instinctively turned his head. In the nick of time, he managed to fire a shot in the direction of the shooter’s arm. The criminal was subdued. Lu Xing Yan followed the voice and spotted Mo Li Xin.

“Squat down, don’t get up!” Lu Xing Yan hollered. At that crucial moment, being safe was most important.

Mo Li Xin obediently did as told. After a while, when it became quiet, Mo Li Xin relaxed and stepped out of her hiding spot. After such a fierce gun battle, there were many injured, so the area was cordoned off by yellow police tapes. Originally, Mo Li Xin was observing from behind the tape, but Lu Xing Yan beckoned for her to enter.

“Are those people okay?” Mo Li Xin pointed to the officers and soldiers seated on the ground. She could see that they were wounded. There was blood everywhere, be it on their arms, abdomens, or legs. It took Mo Li Xin momentarily to adapt to such a sight. Fortunately, the ordinary citizens were well protected and none got hurt during the crossfire.

“They’re fine, it’s all surface wounds. But why are you here? Just now, why did you expose yourself? Did you not realize how dangerous it was?” Lu Xing Yan reproached like a worried older brother would his younger sister.

“But… if I don’t yell, then you…”

“Let us worry about that. Don’t do such dangerous things in the future. This is part of our job, it should not compromise your safety in our stead,” Lu Xing Yan was still upset.

“All lives are equal. It may be your job, but it does not make your life less important than others. Even if I’m a citizen that you’re required to protect. What’s more, you’re Nan Feng’s brother. Hence, that makes you my eldest brother too. So no matter which aspect you look from, I can’t possibly just stand there and watch you get shot.” Mo Li Xin rebutted, her expression full of righteousness.

“Alright. Nevertheless, I owe you my thanks for helping me out regardless of your own safety. It is okay to do good deeds, but you must always think of the consequences. If you were to meet with an accident, and it was because of me. How will I ever be able to face Third Brother afterwards? Even if you wish to save someone else, you have to remember that if you were to get hurt, Third Brother would be distressed.” Lu Xing Yan finally said helplessly.

“I understand,” she knew that Lu Xing Yan cared about her so she did not argue further. It was not that she did not care about her life. Just that sometimes her body moved before her brain could process the situation properly.

“During this period, it’s best to refrain from moving about alone.” That district was debauched and corrupted. Even with many people commuting about. But it might be because of its prosperous and bustling outlook that made the place more chaotic.


“Oh, I understand. But… Brother Lu, were those people drug dealers?” She knew that this might be confidential information, but recalling the man with the scar below his ear, she unconsciously blurted the question.

Lu Xing Yan had nothing to hide, “they are but that’s just a portion of them. If only we managed to capture their higher ups, we might have been able to find out their hideout whereabouts. But in the end, they managed to escape.”

“I see. About that… Brother Lu, there’s something that I’m unsure if it’s useful to you.”

Lu Xing Yan was curious, “What is it?”

“I recognized one of the men that was within the getaway vehicle.”

Lu Xing Yan suddenly became spirited and a little excited. He grabbed Mo Li Xin’s shoulder, “you know the person? When did you see him? Where?”

In fact, one could not blame him for his excitement. This syndicate had been at large for the past few years. Their operations had never led to a successful arrest of the higher ups. Hence, the information they got of the gang had been minimal.

Today was considered to be more successful as compared to the past as a large number of drugs were intercepted, including a small amount of weaponry. Amongst those who managed to escape, they should be of certain position within the gang to be entitled to escape before the rest.

So when Mo Li Xin said that she recognized one of the ones that escaped, it was impossible for him to remain calm. These people never showed their faces during their dealings. Hence, the law enforcers had no leads and did not know how to go about starting their investigating.

“The first time I saw him was a year back. It was the day after my parents and Nan Feng’s father met with an accident. The second time was recently when the hotel caught fire.” Mo Li Xin recollected.

“Then did you see his face?” Lu Xing Yan remembered that his third brother had requested him to investigate the cause of the fire that day. He even said that it might be related to the syndicate group he was after. At that point in time, he had doubts. Yet, now it seemed like there really was a connection.

“I have seen it. If you want, I can sketch it out. But shouldn’t there be CCTVs monitoring the place? Why not go through the footage?”


“We could, but we might not be able to find anything from it. There’s a chance that the tape has been edited. Hence we will not know what he looks like. You learned arts before, so please help us and draw his portrait out. After you’re done, we can take a look and see if he matches with anything from our database. It would make searching for him easier.”

“Oh yes, the man had a small purplish scar slightly below his ear. By watching the CCTV footage, you might not be able to spot it. I’ll draw his features out for you. If you find anyone suspicious, you can contact me. I believe that I can identify him.” Mo Li Xin offered. Luckily, she was  proficient in sketching. Based on her memory, she would still be able to draw the person out. 

“That’s splendid. When will you be able to complete the portrait?” Lu Xing Yan asked. He was not rushing her. As long as there were leads, everything else could be easily handled.

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“Alright, let’s do so first. Do you still have to go back to work? You can go ahead first, I’ve to clean up on my end.”

“Okay, goodbye Brother Lu. I’ll pass the sketch to you tomorrow once I’m done.” She left after bidding goodbye. After witnessing the clash just now, she lost her appetite, but she desperately needed to use the bathroom. Fortunately, her nerves had strengthened and she became more courageous recently. Otherwise, the ending would have been too humiliating.

Lu Xing Yan watched as Mo Li Xin left. He liked this girl very much. But of course, his good feelings towards her were that of an older brother towards his younger sister. He rarely encountered people like her. When everything was fine, she looked demure and somewhat silly. But when a situation arose, she became quick-witted. It might be because of this that he felt that she was very real and likable. Those that interacted with her would be able to feel her sincerity.

He used to wonder what kind of woman his third brother would marry. He thought that the woman would either be a virtuous lady of a wealthy family, or just a pretty girl from humble backgrounds. He did not expect his third brother to have found a lady who had the bearings of a wealthy man’s daughter and the innocence of a lady from a humble family.

“Leader, is this person… reliable?” A young soldier who had been standing silently behind Lu Xing Yan asked.

Lu Xing Yan smiled, “What do you think? Make your own judgement.”

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