Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 17 – I’m Married

The young soldier scratched his head in embarrassment, “that lady is so pretty and her voice was also soothing. She doesn’t look like a person that would spout nonsense.”

“That’s my third brother’s wife,” Lu Xing Yan added on.

“Third Master? Third Master Ji? No wonder… Only a lady of such calibre would be able to stand beside Third Master Ji,” the young soldier agreed sincerely.

By the time Mo Li Xin had her lunch and made her way back, Lu Xing Yan and his group had already left the scene. The frigid wind blew and there were not many pedestrians milling about. The few that were passing by, were all discussing the incident that occurred just now.

As it was cold, Mo Li Xin did not pay much attention to those discussions. She continued on her journey back to the office. Unsurprisingly, people inside were also talking about this matter.


“Xiao Mo, nothing happened to you when you stepped out just now right?” A woman asked worriedly. Mo Li Xin was with the company for half a month already. She knew this lady was Dai Meng, and Mo Li Xin was assigned to her group to participate in the upcoming competition. Dai Meng joined the company a year prior. She was known to be a warm-hearted girl, and was one or two years older than Mo Li Xin.

“I’m fine. Luckily I managed to hide myself when it happened. What about you all? I didn’t see any of you just now.” She remembered that when she looked at the group of citizens being protected, none of them were her coworkers.

“We managed to avoid being at the spot as we left the office early,” Dai Meng said.

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“Xb! Fllxp zkjl usw esd’v byhl y nbydnl vbld. Tso wdqsavwdyvl, pwnb y pwrlac prlnkxld,” Fkpvla Ylk pbssj bla blye altalvqwzzu.

“Fkpvla Ylk, pvsr xlppkdt okvb Dkys Ys. Xwa Dkys Ys kp yzalyeu y xyaakle osxyd,” Ubldt Fk Tys yrrasynble. Mbkp oyp ds plnalv yp kv oyp oakvvld sd bla osaj alpwxl.

“Ebyv? Yyaakle? Dkys Ys, R alxlxcla usw olal sdzu voldvu-vball!” Fkpvla Ylk lmnzykxle kd ekpclzklq.

“Indeed, how are you already married? You’re so young. You didn’t even get to enjoy singlehood before marrying.” A female colleague standing beside Mo Li Xin lamented.


“The legal age for marriage is twenty, I’m already three years older. How is that still considered young?” Mo Li Xin pouted.

Sister Mei and the group of surrounding coworkers were speechless. Technically Mo Li Xin was not wrong; the law stipulated as such, but few got married so early nowadays. Most people only started considering marriage around twenty-five or six. Hence, in their eyes, Mo Li Xin got married too early.

“Xiao Mo, you’re always one step ahead of people. You graduated earlier than many others, found a job earlier than most. Now, you’ve even gotten married a step before us!” Dai Meng stated passionately.

“Hey, Xiao Mo, you’re so outstanding. Your husband is also equally brilliant right? When he’s free, you should bring your husband over for us to have a look,” Sister Mei said while wiggling her eyebrows.

“Yes yes,” Dai Meng nodded.

Mo Li Xin did not know how to reject them, “Okay… When there’s a chance, I will.”

She might have said so, but on the inside, she was thinking, ‘I hope that chance never comes.’

Her phone suddenly rang, ‘I have a little donkey…’

Feeling the sudden vibration from the palm of her hand. For the first time in her life, Mo Li Xin felt that the phone ringing was godsent. It helped her escape from her colleague’s interrogation.

“Please excuse me while I answer this call.” She stepped away under the meaningful glances of her colleagues.

The layout of the office was divided into two parts; the larger section was the work area, and the smaller part was the relaxation corner. Employees could have a simple cup of coffee or play a quick round of table tennis there. This was part of the company’s benefits and it was a place for them to draw inspiration at.

Although most had a lot of time on hand in between projects, they were not allowed to leave the company during working hours. Hence, many utilized this relaxation corner to workout, find inspiration, or even hang out with friends after their work was completed.


It was most likely because of this practice that the relationships between colleagues were relatively good and company politics did not exist. Everyone was warm and affable. And when the work environment was good, work efficiency would naturally be higher.

The two spaces were connected by a suspended bridge. Both areas were encased by glass partitions. Mo Li Xin was standing on the bridge when she picked up the call. Although there were many people walking by, no one would pay her much notice.

The caller was Ji Nan Feng. She did not know why he would call her at this time. Originally she guessed that he called to inform her that he had something to do this evening and could not fetch her later. Unexpectedly, when the call connected, she was bombarded by a wave of frustration from the other end.

“Mo Li Xin, are you tired of living? Why are you always disregarding your life time and time again?  Do you not take into account the possible consequences? What kind of person do you think Eldest Brother is? Will he need you to save him? Do you think that under a rain of bullets, you would be able to save him? Do you really think that you’ve lived for too goddamn long? So what if you have a high degree of education? Why does it feel like your brain is stuffed with paste?

“Those people are fugitives! You might have escaped today, but who knows? That shout of yours might have caught one of their attention! What if the person remembers and wants to seek revenge? Are you planning to hide at home for the rest of your life?”

Ji Nan Feng was so infuriated that his sides ached. He really could not figure out why she always placed others before herself. He did not need her to be kind. Regardless of what she was like, he would never leave her. How he hoped that she was a selfish person; one that lived for herself.

It was like when she truly loved someone, there was no distance that she would not go for the person. Just like in their previous life, she would give her all without qualms.

The sudden reproach stunned Mo Li Xin. She had never heard Ji Nan Feng like this before. He sounded so worried about her safety that he flew into rage and cussed. At this moment, Mo Li Xin felt warm all over.

Listening to his scolding, she felt that her actions previously really lacked consideration. If something had happened to her, just her brother and grandfather alone, would not be able to stand it. In actuality, her actions were not wrong. But she could afford to put more thought into planning her actions before carrying them out.

For example, before she stepped into their sight, it would have been safer if she had covered her head with her hoodie.

The more Mo Li Xin pondered, the more she felt that what she did was somewhat wrong. Hence, facing Ji Nan Feng’s fury, she feebly apologised, “I’m sorry, in the future, I’ll think before I act.”

On the other end, hearing Mo Li Xin’s tone signifying that she knew her wrongs. Even when Ji Nan Feng was angry and helpless, upon hearing such a cute apology, the tone he used to answer significantly softened. He solemnly educated, “Wisdom lies in when one knows the extent of their own abilities. There is nothing better than when one admits and changes after making a mistake.”


Mo Li Xin felt that there was something wrong with his sentence but did not put much thought into it.

“Yes, I understand.” She meekly replied. Like a child who had done something wrong and was seeking forgiveness from her parents.

After hanging up the phone, Mo Li Xin went back to work. Ji Nan Feng removed the smile from his lips before re-entering the classroom wearing a solemn expression. It was as if the person whose expression changed multiple times just now was not him.

The students were going crazy on the inside. Oh my god, was that their teacher? How strange.

The lesson barely started when Ji Nan Feng received Lu Xing Yan’s call. Lu Xing Yan only managed to briefly describe what had occurred before hanging up.

Ignoring the fact that he was supposed to start his lecture, Ji Nan Feng left the room and gave Mo Li Xin a call. As he could not control his emotions, his volume was relatively loud. Hence, the students within the classroom were able to hear each and every word clearly.

Ji Nan Feng was usually collected and serious in front of his students. They never had the opportunity to see him panic and furious before.

When he stepped into the classroom again, he was unperturbed by the curious stares of the students and he calmly proceeded with his lesson.

There were two girls seated in the middle of the room whispering to each other.

“Yan Ran, what do you think happened just now? Teacher was so flustered. Could the person on the other line be his girlfriend? Or…” As Guo Yi Yi watched the expression on Yan Ran’s face turn darker and darker, she dare not continue the last half of her sentence.

Everyone in class knew that Zhao Yan Ran likes Ji Nan Feng to the point of being possessed. Regarding everything related to Doctoral Advisor Ji, she would think too deeply and worry too much.

“That’s impossible. Although Advisor is extremely talented, he is not much older than us. Whenever we spot him, he is always alone. That’s definitely his sister or friend,” Zhao Yan Ran denied fervently.


Guo Yi Yi sighed helplessly at her friend. Regardless of whether Advisor had a girlfriend or wife, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Zhao Yan Ran was not his ideal type. She did not stand a chance.

As class resumed, Ji Nan Feng remained nonchalant under the scrutiny of the students. In university, one needs to practice self-restraint and self-discipline. Hence if the students cannot manage themselves, it was out of his hands, and neither does he want to be bothered by it.


Work went smoothly for Mo Li Xin. On the other hand, her bosom friend, Xu Qing Man, was not as lucky.

Within a luxurious private room of Ju Tian Bar, there were twenty men and women. More than ten were girls, hoping to get an opportunity for an audition. Some were singing, others were dancing, and there were even some that removed their clothes.

Xu Qing Man was most disgusted by this field’s unspoken rules. She was too late in leaving by the time she realized the situation when she pushed open the doors and saw such a scene.

“Yo! Here comes another one. I like the looks of this one. Come, come, if you finish this bottle of wine. Who knows? I might just give the role to you,” a stout man with bad intentions leered at Xu Qing Man.

Xu Qing Man almost vomited. The man was obesed; he even looked funny on top of his repulsiveness.

“Forget it, just looking at your glorious face, I wouldn’t be able to stomach the drink.” After speaking, she attempted to run out of the room before they could react. But then… Just as she turned to make a dash, she sprained her ankle. Even so, she tried to limp and hobble quickly out of the room.

She secretly scolded herself, ‘why can’t I restrain myself from vomiting those words?’

How would that fat man be willing to let her off? He stood and gave chase. One should not judge another by their size. Although he was pudgy, he was still a vigorous pudgy man. It looked like he would reach her in a few more steps. And although he was running, he could still swear incessantly.

Ji Nan Feng, why you have so many bees and butterflies hovering around you!? (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

Duan An Ran… Zhao Yan Ran.. are they somehow related? Or is Author-sama against people whose name ends with ‘Ran’ haha (∩⌣̀_⌣́)

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