Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 79: There’s another person that wants to date Fu Chuan?!

On New Year’s Eve, the room was quiet, and the ringtone of the video call was unusually loud in the living room. Yao Yi turned her eyes away from the Spring Festival Gala program, and leaned over to get her phone.

When Fu Chuan called Yao Yi’s phone, he was already sitting in front of the table, his face looked very gentle under the warm light.

“Yao Yao.” Fu Chuan heard the festive noises from the video call, “Watching TV?”

“Mhm, don’t you watch the Spring Festival Gala? This is a tradition in our family.” Yao Yi sat cross-legged on the sofa, touched the coffee table with her hands, found something to set the phone up, and freed her hands.

Fu Chuan was quiet for several minutes, and for Yao Yi, the camera was shaking, which made her uncomfortable. Suddenly there was a burst of extremely joyous laughter from the opposite side.  At the same time, Yao Yi also heard laughter from her own TV.


Only then did Fu Chuan reappear in the camera, implying: “I will watch from now on.”

Of course, Yao Yi didn’t understand the implication of Fu Chuan’s words. She nodded, “This program is still good. It promotes positive energy, sets an example for us, and spreads positive culture.”

Fu Chuan looked at Yao Yi who was on the phone starting her lecture again. Without any impatience, his constant gaze towards Yao Yi was with a smile.

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Naturally, Yao Yi didn’t notice her language problems, and happily watched the show with Fu Chuan: “The skits are fun, watch them quickly!”


In the end, the two turned on the video and watched the Spring Festival Gala together, spending the last day of the last year until the first day of the new year.

New Year’s greetings were a part of an essential etiquette for every household. Even if you didn’t have any relatives, you had to walk around and greet your neighbors.

The Lin family did not have many relatives, so they basically finished all their visits two days ago. Everyone knew that Mr. Lin didn’t like crowded places. Except for a few people who were particularly close to him, the rest of them just called for their greetings, and did not make a special trip to the Lin house.

So on the fourth day of the lunar new year, Yao Yi was free. She harassed Zhou Cheng several times and finally got a result. Zhou Cheng said that he could give her the key to the gate of the museum on Friday, and also gave her a detailed address for her to get the key.

Yao Yi stared at the address for a long time, and found that it was very close to Fu Chuan’s home. After taking the key, she simply went to find Fu Chuan, intending to go to the Mathematics Museum together.

Yao Yi followed the route given by the map for a long time, and finally found the door of Zhou Cheng’s house, and got the key smoothly.

After coming out, Yao Yi was stunned. The surrounding buildings seemed to all be similar in appearance, and she didn’t know where she came from after she turned around. Fortunately, if you looked closely, you could see the house number on the doors.

Recalling the address of Fu Chuan’s house, Yao Yi ran around, and finally saw a villa with the house number that was Fu Chuan’s house.

Just as she was about to move forward, Yao Yi saw two people standing in an open space on the right. A man and a woman.

Yao Yi suddenly felt that this scene was a bit familiar, and even the back was familiar after a closer look.

It was always bad to eavesdrop, so she just sat on a decorative stone and waited for the two to finish talking.


Fu Chuan had his back to Yao Yi and did not see Yao Yi.

Bai Linlang didn’t notice Yao Yi at first, she was holding Fu Chuan’s sleeve tightly, and was saying something tearfully. Perhaps Yao Yi’s gaze was too ostentatious, she stared straight at the two of them with her chin resting on her hand, Bai Linlang saw her past Fu Chuan’s shoulder.

The person in front of her was still indifferent, even impatient. Bai Linlang had an idea, she put her arms around Fu Chuan’s neck, closed her eyes and put her lips up.

Although Yao Yi, who was in the distance, couldn’t see the faces of the two of them clearly, Bai Linlang’s movements could still be seen clearly. She widened her eyes and opened her mouth slightly, obviously very surprised.

But before she could open her mouth wide, Fu Chuan directly pushed her to the ground: “Are you sick?”

Frost was all over his handsome face, and the disgust in his eyes was overflowing. Fu Chuan tugged at his clothes and turned around immediately.

Yao Yi was really shocked this time, she had never seen Fu Chuan so angry, and she could tell how angry he was just from his actions.

Bai Linlang fell on the grass. Because it was winter and she was wearing a lot of clothes, she didn’t feel any pain from the fall. She just suffered a huge blow.

Although Fu Chuan treated people coldly, he always had basic etiquette, which was why Bai Linlang dared to hug him.

“Yao Yao?” Fu Chuan turned around and saw Yao Yi sitting on the stone. The frost on his face disappeared immediately, leaving only the surprise of meeting.

Fu Chuan strode forward, seeing Yao Yi still sitting on the stone pier, he couldn’t help pulling her up: “It’s cold on the stone.”

“I’m wearing four pairs of pants!” Yao Yi exclaimed triumphantly.


Southerners always had all kinds of pants to keep out the cold in winter, and Yao Yi brought many kinds from Yan City. Even though there was heating everywhere in the capital, whenever she went out, she would still put on one pair after another.

“It’s still cold.” Fu Chuan took Yao Yi’s hand and covered it for a while before asking, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to get the key.” Yao Yi pulled out one hand and took out the key from her pocket, shaking it in front of Fu Chuan’s eyes, “Look, the key to the museum, Mr. Zhou agreed to let me see it myself.”

“Today?” Fu Chuan caught the meaning of Yao Yi’s words.

“Yeah, let’s go together.” Yao Yi warmly invited him.

Of course Fu Chuan would not refuse: “Go to my house first, okay?” He wanted Yao Yi to come into the house to warm up. Who knows how long she ran around outside, her cheeks had turned red from the cold.

As the two were about to leave, Yao Yi caught a glimpse of Bai Linlang who had already stood up, and pointed out, “That girl is still standing there.”

Fu Chuan didn’t even bother to take a look, his eyes still stayed on Yao Yi: “She just jumped up suddenly, so I pushed her away with a bit of strength, I didn’t mean it.”

Of course it wasn’t because of guilt, he just didn’t want Yao Yi to misunderstand him.

“Last time you also stood together, this time…why did she attack you?” Yao Yi asked seriously.

“I don’t like her.” Fu Chuan immediately disregarded the relationship, and touched Yao Yi’s cheek affectionately, “I only like Yao Yao.”

Fu Chuan didn’t like that girl, but she kept pestering Fu Chuan, which showed that this girl liked Fu Chuan.


Yao Yi frowned: “She likes you?”

Fu Chuan didn’t want Yao Yi to be distracted by other people, so he led Yao Yi to his home.

Yao Yi looked back at Bai Linlang while being led away, feeling complicated.

Could this girl also want to date Fu Chuan to make his grades drop?

Thinking of this, Yao Yi followed Fu Chuan’s pace, raised her head and asked him, “Were you and the girl just now classmates?”

Fu Chuan didn’t want to mention Bai Linlang, but he had to answer Yao Yi’s question: “Yes.”

That’s it, Yao Yi nodded seriously in her heart. Fu Chuan’s grades must have been very good before, and the girl just now must have been too angry.

Showing a clear and understanding expression, Yao Yi was happy in her heart, and she didn’t hide her thoughts. Her emotions were all shown on her face.

“What are you thinking, so happy?” Fu Chuan lowered his head and pinched Yao Yi’s nose.

Yao Yi’s eyes sparkled: “Nothing!” She just thought that she had successfully dated Fu Chuan, and she was happy.

Bai Linlang lost her composure completely. Completely inconsistent with her previous image, she stumbled back home, and locked herself in the room for a few days. In the end, she tidied herself up and regained the appearance of a lady like before, however she no longer associated herself with Fu Chuan. She no longer wanted to have any contact with him.

Before the Lantern Festival, Yao Yi and Fu Chuan went back to Yan City together.

The two signed in together, went to and from school together, just like a standard couple. Father Yao and Mother Yao seemed to acquiesce to the relationship between the two.

At this time, a rumor began to spread quietly in No. 1 High School.

“I heard that Yao Yi, the god of learning, and Fu Chuan, the school grass (TLN: title given to the most handsome guy), are dating!”

“Really? Are they not competitors?”

“Stop talking, bro, you’re being fooled by appearance. Do you think they’re on the same level?”

In this world, there were study slackers, scholar-lords, and gods of learning. Yao Yi belonged to the god of learning category in No. 1 High School, the kind of legendary figure. Although Fu Chuan ranked ahead of Yao Yi every time, in fact, the students in No. 1 High School privately thought that Yao Yi was better, she was just hindered by the essay composition.

Fu Chuan was the scholar-lord type character. However, of course he was more powerful than the average scholar-lord, and no one could compare to his looks.

“Don’t tell me, I suddenly remembered that I often saw the two of them going in and out together last semester. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but now that I think about it, wasn’t it  standard dating behavior?”

Conversations like this were going on in every corner of the school, even the students in Class Zero who only read their sage books and didn’t listen to the outside world had heard it.

In the past few days, Fu Chuan clearly felt that the classmates in the class looked at him in a different way. Yao Yi, who had a big heart and only studied once she got to the classroom, didn’t notice other people’s gazes at all.

Fu Chuan never cared about others, so naturally he wouldn’t say it out loud. The two continued to go in and out together as if nothing happened.

Of course, Han Jiaojiao and Zhao Qian heard the rumors immediately, after all, Li Ge was there to provide the gossip.

One afternoon they got together in surprise and tried to talk about it.

“Why did you come here?” Li Ge glanced at his desk mate with disgust, “Aren’t you going to prepare for the competition? You have to win glory for our country.”

Qin Li naturally poked his head over and squeezed into the middle of the three of them: “Come and relax.”

After a year of getting to know each other, Han Jiaojiao and Zhao Qian actually regarded Qin Li as part of their own people. They didn’t know why Li Ge always disliked his deskmate.

“Okay, sit down quickly, we have to discuss what the hell is going on with Yiyi and Fu Chuan.” Finally, Li Ge let Qin Li sit down quickly, and the four of them formed a circle, ready to start the meeting.

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