Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 78: Gift You My Writings

It was impossible to say that Yao Yi has never felt strange in her heart. Now that she was in high school, it was fine, but Yao Yi had no friends from elementary school all the way up to middle school. She felt that many people were too naive, and many of her classmates regarded her as a monster.

“This is pretty good.” Yao Yi lowered her head and poked her own clothes, “I’ve met quite a few friends.”

Lin Zhuo smiled heartily: “That’s right, hahaha, our Yiyi already has a boy she likes too.”

Lin Xiuyu on the side thought of something, her eyes turned red, and Father Yao stood beside her to comfort her.

Although their scar was now uncovered, it was a sigh of relief after all. Especially all these years, when they looked at Yao Yi, they always wondered whether they had delayed her talent.


Yao Yi was absent-minded when she came to Beijing for the New Year. After the last time she went to the mathematics museum, she was still thinking about it and longed to go again. But she could never find the time to go again.

Yao Yi looked at the simple exercise books in her room and felt it was a little ‘tasteless’. She felt that no matter how much she did, it was basically one plus one equals two with what she was doing. There was no meaning, and so she simply laid down on the bed and let her thoughts wander off. 

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Fu Chuan knocked on the door, but the door opened slowly by itself, ands he saw Yao Yi lying on the bed at a glance.


“Yao Yao, I’m coming in?” Fu Chuan knocked on the open door again.

Lying on the bed, Yao Yi heard the voice, and slowly turned her head to look at the door.

“… Oh.” Yao Yi’s response was weak.

When Fu Chuan came in, Yao Yi was still lying straight on the bed, not moving.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Chuan sat on the edge of the bed, stretched out his hand to test the temperature of Yao Yi’s forehead, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Yao Yi blinked, held onto Fu Chuan’s hand which he had not yet taken away, and pulled herself up.

“He won’t open the door.” Yao Yi’s tone was full of grievances, “It was agreed that the door will be opened on Wednesday.”

As to what would make Yao Yi so sad, Fu Chuan immediately thought of the mathematics museum opened by Zhou Cheng.

“Why didn’t he open it?” Fu Chuan asked.

Yao Yi lowered her head and unconsciously played with Fu Chuan’s hand, pinching his fingers from time to time, feeling depressed: “Last time I called Teacher Zhou, and he said that it will open again in the next year.”

“Then let’s go next year.” Fu Chuan had heard of Zhou Cheng’s peculiar temper, and he was famously stubborn in the capital.

“I’m going back home by next year.” Yao Yi said reluctantly, frowning.


Fu Chuan stretched out his other hand to smooth out Yao Yi’s brow, with a smile: “Your forehead is almost wrinkled like a little old man, Yao Yao can come back after returning, or come to the capital to go to university later.”

“But it will take a long time.” Yao Yi felt uncomfortable just thinking about it.

Fu Chuan moved his hand away from Yao Yi’s eyebrows, but he didn’t move away. Instead, he slid down to caress her cheek, and lightly kissed Yao Yi’s lips with his head tilted down.

“You can wait another year, go to university, and get admitted to Zhou Cheng’s research institute.” Fu Chuan comforted softly, “You can go there then…”

“Am I going to be an administrator of the museum?” Yao Yi was suddenly excited, and she didn’t care about Fu Chuan touching her.

“…It should be possible.” Fu Chuan’s eyes froze, and finally decided to follow her wish.

Thinking of the scene of her being an administrator, Yao Yi’s listless state was immediately wiped away. She half-crouched on the bed, smiling happily: “Then I will study hard from now on, and I must enter the research institute.”

Just after she finished speaking, Yao Yi remembered that her mother said that her uncle had also worked in a research institute, so she wondered if she could attend one of them.

“Maybe I will go to my uncle’s former research institute.” Yao Yi became even more motivated.

“Uncle?” Fu Chuan obviously didn’t know about Lin Yuan’s existence either.

Originally, the Lin family and the Fu family were from different fields, and there was not much overlap.

“I have a very powerful uncle!” Yao Yi told Fu Chuan all about Lin Yuan’s past deeds.


Fu Chuan listened very seriously, and after Yao Yi finished speaking, he added later: “Our Yao Yao will also be very impressive in the future.”

Yao Yi stared at Fu Chuan in a daze, her face gradually blushing: “You, why did you say that?” It’s really embarrassing.

Fu Chuan didn’t seem to notice anything wrong with Yao Yi, and continued: “Yao Yao is the most powerful in my heart.”

Yao Yi suddenly felt a strange sense of satisfaction deep in her heart. After being repressed for so long, she felt as if she was almost going crazy. Now that the first place in the grade said that she was the most powerful in his heart, Yao Yi was actually a little moved.

“I also think I’m better than you.” Yao Yi directly understood what Fu Chuan said in her own way, and said it out loud.

Fu Chuan was taken aback for a moment, quickly cleaned up his expression, and looked at Yao Yi tenderly: “Mhm, you are much better than me.”

Her heart was beating a lot faster than normal, but Yao Yi was already able to face it normally. Anyway, now when she saw Fu Chuan, her heart would beat faster, and after a few quick beats there would be a skip.

Finally, Fu Chuan pulled Yao Yi off of the bed, and after she got dressed, the two went downstairs together.

The whole family was in the living room downstairs. When they heard the sound, they all raised their heads and looked towards the stairs on the second floor.

Lin Xiuyu still had a kind smile on her face, and Father Yao’s eyes had a constant sense of murder.

Lin Zhuo stroked his beard: “Xiao Fu, stay for a meal, and then take her out to play.”

When grandpa spoke, the whole family had to listen. Lin Xiuyu personally cooked, and Father Yao was called in to help.


After the meal, Fu Chuan didn’t have time to take Yao Yi out to have fun, because Lin Zhuo asked him to accompany him to practice calligraphy.

Father and Mother Yao said they were going out to go shopping, leaving Yao Yi sitting beside them, watching stupidly.

Lin Zhuo’s calligraphy was very famous in the world of calligraphy, and it was not an exaggeration to say that a single word was worth a fortune. Others have asked for a piece of authentic work, but not even money could buy it. But now Lin Zhuo easily filled a large paper with a brush.

“Xiao Fu, come and try?” Lin Zhuo seemed to have no intention of writing the last word.

“There are not many people practicing brush calligraphy now.” Yao Yi interjected, “Not even I can’t write properly.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fu Chuan looked over with warmth in his eyes.

He didn’t even do much yet, and she was already protecting him, Lin Zhuo exclaimed angrily: “Yiyi, you write even ordinary characters crookedly, of course you can’t write brush characters well.”

“Oh.” YaoYi  nodded, “Then Fu Chuan will definitely be able to write. His handwriting is beautiful.”

Lin Zhuo laughed from anger, took a few steps back, and signaled Fu Chuan to write.

People who practiced calligraphy could be discerned from the posture that they held their brush. Lin Zhuo couldn’t pick out any faults from the way Fu Chuan held the brush.

Sure enough, Lin Zhuo was quite satisfied after watching him write a sentence later. Although it is still immature, the handwriting was elegant and handsome. It was sharp when it should be, and it was smooth when it should be smooth. What was missing was only a little more life experience.

“Good writing.” Lin Zhuo nodded slightly, “How long have you practiced?”

“From the first day of school till now.” Fu Chuan put down his brush and answered.

Fu Chuan has been weak since he was a child. Before his health improved, he loved to practice calligraphy in the study room. He even occasionally practiced for a whole morning or afternoon.

Lin Zhuo originally wanted to subdue Fu Chuan’s vigor, but in the end he discovered Fu Chuan’s strengths. He himself was good at calligraphy, so he naturally liked young people with good handwriting.

“Grandpa, doesn’t his handwriting look good?” Yao felt complacent as if Fu Chuan’s handwriting being beautiful also meant that her handwriting was beautiful.

Lin Zhuo glanced at her granddaughter who was turning her elbow outward (TLN: A saying that means helping a person that isn’t her family), and snorted: “The heat is still a bit off.” (TLN: saying that means that it’s not quite enough)

“You’re right.” Fu Chuan agreed. He bent down and picked up the piece written by Lin Zhuo on the table, “Can you give me this handwriting, Grandpa? I have always wanted to collect your handwriting before, but unfortunately no one was willing to give it out.”

Lin Zhuo coughed: “Who are you calling grandpa?” Although his expression was stern, there was an imperceptible smile in his eyes.

Yao Yi didn’t know anything and asked, “Is Grandpa’s handwriting so valuable?”

She suddenly regretted that she used a paper with words written by her grandfather as scratch paper. If she sold it for money, she would be able to sell it for a lot of money.

Lin Zhuo patted his granddaughter on the head: “You only knew now? Calculate how much money you have wasted.”

There were many writings left by Lin Zhuo in the Yao house in Yan City. Every time he went to stay at the Yao house, Lin Zhuo would always practice calligraphy in the room. Yao Yi sometimes ran out of scratch paper, and when she saw the large characters her grandfather had finished writing, she would ask her grandfather if the back of the paper could be used for scratch work.

Lin Zhuo was stunned for the first time, but by the second and third time he was able to look at Yao Yi numbly, and kept moving the papers he finished writing on from the study to her own room as scratch papers.

Sometimes when Lin Zhuo visited Yan City, Yao Yi would stop buying scratch paper for a while, cut out the paper full of large characters, and then bound it to use as a scratch book.

“…Grandpa, please give me this piece.” Yao Yi thought in a wrong way, wanting to sell the handwriting on the table for money.

Originally, Lin Zhuo was not willing to give his writings to Fu Chuan, but when he saw his granddaughter being so vulgar, he went up to put the calligraphy away, rolled it up and handed it to Fu Chuan.

“Take it, I’ll give it to you.”

“Grandpa, won’t you give it to me?” Yao Yi looked at the scroll in Fu Chuan’s hand in shock.

Lin Zhuo glared at his granddaughter: “Xiao Fu is not someone you like? Are you unwilling to even give him a piece of paper?”

Lin Zhuo, who was originally still on Yao Yi’s side, changed his position instantly.

Of course Yao Yi liked Fu Chuan, otherwise her heartbeat would not have calmed down even until now.

“Then give it to him.” Yao Yi lowered her head and kicked the table, obviously feeling aggrieved.

“Yao Yao, if you want the calligraphy, I’ll give mine to you.” Fu Chuan didn’t seem to understand what Yao Yi meant before, so he gave her the calligraphy scroll he wrote.

Why would I want yours, I can’t use it to exchange money, Yao Yi thought angrily in her heart, but she forced a smile on her face: “Okay.”

Standing on the side, Lin Zhuo was very satisfied. Of course, everything had its vanquisher, he was very happy now that his granddaughter was being conquered.

Really, Yao Yi needed someone to support her, otherwise she would piss someone off.

Fireworks were banned in the capital, so there wasn’t a lively atmosphere during the Chinese New Year. On the night of New Year’s Eve, it was customary for Yao Yi to keep watch. Father Yao started to accompany her to watch the Spring Festival Gala downstairs, but she couldn’t keep going, so she had to go upstairs to sleep.

Fu Chuan didn’t need to watch the night at home. He went back to his room early, but he didn’t immediately rest like in previous years. Instead, he took out his phone and dialed Yao Yi’s video call.

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