Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 77: Mother Yao’s Memories

Lin Yuan has been conspicuous since he was a child, not because of his family background or appearance, but because of his intelligence.

Lin Zhuo is a man of culture, and he only taught Lin Yuan before the age of seven. Later, Lin Yuan has formed his own character and has his own goals.

Lin Yuan is quick at learning everything, but the thing he is most good at and most interested in is mathematics.

Lin Zhuo happened to hear from a friend that CUHK(TLN: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, one of the top Universities in Hong Kong) had established a youth class, which was full of talents recruited from all over the country. Just the qualifications of all the teachers could scare people to death.

Lin Yuan, who was only ten years old, successfully entered the junior class, where he studied for four years in college, about mathematics. In the end, he went all the way to a Ph. D., when he was only eighteen years old.


Yao Yi was very similar to Lin Yuan. They worked as hard as they could when it came to mathematics and could forget everything around them. But Lin Yuan was even more proud, perhaps because he stayed with a group of geniuses since childhood and even crushed their abilities.

No one in the Lin family dared to interfere with his study of mathematics. At most, Lin Zhuo would go to the study and knock on the door or push the door open to deliver some food.

Whether it be at eighteen or nine years old, he had no normal friends. All he had were only countless mathematical formulas, principles, and proofs. Lin Yuan had the unique temperament of a mathematician, thin and energetic. He would hardly take the initiative to talk nonsense to outsiders, he would only talk to the group of people in his research institute.

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Until now, Yao Yi was already in high school, and the plane still has never appeared again.


The year Lin Yuan disappeared, the Lin family almost broke apart just like this. Lin Zhuo was lying in the hospital, and Lin Xiuyu developed  mental problems and was on the verge of collapse several times.

In the end, Father Yao suspended both himself and Lin Xiuyu from school, and did two things at once. After taking care of Lin Zhuo, he turned to taking care of Lin Xiuyu.

After Lin Zhuo was discharged from the hospital, he tried his best to recover for Lin Xiuyu, but the scar was still there.

Lin Zhuo was ten years older than his peers, and Lin Xiuyu moved to Yan City. Father Yao decided to start a business in Yan City for his lover. He opened a restaurant, and finally managed to expand it and opened chain stores across the country.

“Uncle…the plane crashed?” Yao Yi asked sadly, while clasping her hands tightly.

“It’s just missing.” Lin Xiuyu corrected Yao Yi’s words, “So far, no plane wreckage has been found.”

Lin Xiuyu only talked about Lin Yuan, but didn’t say how much his disappearance had affected her.

Lin Xiuyu blamed herself for booking that ticket. Later, while thinking of the reason why she bought the ticket, she began to blame mathematics. If it wasn’t for mathematics that fascinated Lin Yuan so much, nothing would have happened.

Later, Yao Yi was born, and she learned to crawl, stand, and babble. When she was in kindergarten, the same situation started to happen to her.

Precocious intelligence, yes, only defined by intelligence. Like her uncle, Yao Yi was far ahead of her peers in terms of studying, but she was dull in life.

Similarly, Yao was more obsessed with mathematics than Lin Yuan.

It was specifically during one night when Lin Xiuyu realized something was wrong.


Yao Yi was in elementary school at that time, and Lin Xiuyu was used to telling her bedtime stories. Usually after a story was told, Yao Yi would close her eyes and fall asleep. Lin Xiuyu covered her with a quilt, turned off the lights and walked out carefully.

As a result, it was stormy outside that night, the wind was too strong, and a tree in the community was blown down. Lin Xiuyu was woken up, she got up from the bed, and wanted to go to Yao Yi’s room to see if she had kicked off her quilt.

The quilt was not kicked off, but it was neatly folded. The person on the bed was gone.

Lin Xiuyu panicked and almost cried out. At this moment, Yao Yi bit her own small flashlight and poked her head out from the other side of the bed.

Staying up late at night, doing math problems borrowed from the city library, Yao Yi’s affairs were exposed just like this.

Lin Xiuyu still hadn’t figured out how Yao Yi escaped from the sight of her parents and teachers when she was still so young, found the city library, and borrowed books back in a decent manner.

“Is the far right on the second floor uncle’s room?” Yao Yi suddenly asked.

Yao Yi was very familiar with her grandfather’s house, but the room on the far right on the second floor was locked. Yao Yi was not curious about this matter, so she hasn’t asked her grandfather even up until now.

“Yeah.” Lin Xiuyu was able to put these matters down a bit, and talked about these things normally, “Xiao Yuan’s room is over there.”

The room Lin Yuan chose was not big, and the lighting wasn’t very good, except for one thing: it was quiet.

It was the quietest corner of the whole villa.

The two came out of the room, and when they went downstairs, Lin Zhuo was already sitting on the sofa, talking with Father Yao.


“Xiao Yu?” Lin Zhuo looked at his daughter’s red eyes, and a familiar expression that he knew appeared on her face.

“I just talked about the future with Yiyi, and I was a little sentimental.” Lin Xiuyu quickly explained.

You think I really can’t see it? “Lin Zhuo sighed, “Over the years, and Yiyi has someone she likes, you should let it go. “

“Father?” Lin Xiuyu called out.

“Yiyi, just now your mother told you about uncle?” Lin Zhuo picked up the teacup and took a breath. If you observed carefully, you would find that his hands were shaking.

“…Mhm.” Yao Yi didn’t dare to lie to her grandfather.

“Yiyi, come here.” Lin Zhuo patted the seat next to him, “There are some things that should be opened up and said, and then…put down.”

Yao Yi glanced at her mother, then sat down.

“Your mother has been guilty for most of her life, blaming this and that, and finally decided to let you go to school like ordinary people. Do you blame her?” Lin Zhuo asked kindly.

The author has something to say: According to my original outline, the uncle is dead. (╯︵╰,)

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