Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 26-27: Stupid Couple

But, although Zeff-kun had already signed the document, he would not be given the Knight rank immediately, so he needed to be patient.

Next, I would hand the document to His Majesty Lord del at once, and after I got the sign from His Majesty Lord del, in the ceremony centered on the announcement of the new aristocrats that would be held six months from now, Zeff-kun would become an aristocrat for the first time.

Of course, since the rank was a Knight, it would end in only one generation, but it doesn’t really matter.

Well, I had done all the things that I could do, but besides Zeff-kun, Nina still could not keep up with the conversation. I could see a lot of question marks above her head, which was very unusual for Nina.

I thought Nina would notice it soon, but in this short amount of time, a lot of thighs happened and her head might not be able to process them all at once.

“Come back, Nina.”

“Wha-?! …Uh, I am sorry, Your Highness.”

Because of that, I called Nina’s name whose head was still full with question marks to pull her back from her thoughts. After I checked that she was back to her consciousness, I decided to start explaining the situation.

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“R zkjl Ykpby yp olzz. R zshl bla.”



And on that day, a pair of stupid couple was born. (T/N: Bakapuru バカップル means stupid couple, if you translate it directly)

*Ch 27: Chapter 27: After you turned 20, you are just a person

It is a shame that my daughter Misha could not become His Highness Claude’s mistress, but if His Highness Claude approved it, it would be the best.

Honestly, besides His Highness Claude’s ingenuity, the amount of time he did all of this reminded me what fear is.

I am sure the facts that it was what His Highness Claude acknowledged would bear the fruits in the future and it would be worth it the more involved His Highness Claude would be in politics.

If one asks whether I have any problem with it, I was worried that the two of them would be crushed by the heavy responsibility. That was the biggest problem I was worried about, but His Highness Claude was only listing Risha as his fiance for the time being.

The wise His Highness Claude must know that as a future king, he must make a successor as one of the obligations of a king.

Prodigy at 10, clever man at 15, but ones are just a person when they reach 20. I thought His Highness Claude was the same when I saw his prodigy-like manner since he was a child, but even up until now, he was still as clever.

The same His Highness Claude decided to not have a second wife nor any mistress, and there must be a reason behind it that could not be understood by a normal person.

However, no matter how hard I thought about the reason behind it, as I was just a normal person, I could not understand the meaning behind his decision, and it made me itchy.

If I could not understand his thoughts, I would not be able to make an excuse to promote a second wife or a mistress.

Particularly, not only a successor, I strongly hoped that more people would inherit that excellent blood for the sake of this country.

Perhaps, His Highness Clade was madly in love with Risha-sama? As I thought so, I smiled bitterly and denied the idea as it was impossible.

However, there was one thing that I noticed.

Apparently, I deeply gave my loyalty to His Highness Claude from the bottom of my heart.

I could bravely say that I would never betray him no matter how much money or any favorable condition was given to me.

If the old me saw me now, she would definitely mockingly laugh at me.

Can loyalty fill one’s stomach?

However, now I could deny it with all of my heart.

My stomach would not be filled but my heart was saved. I believed that if my heart was not satisfied, I would suffer more than being hungry every day.

And I thought.

If His Highness Claude could become happy, he may not need a second wife nor any mistress.

And in order to grant it, Risha-sama needed to do her best, and for that future, I started to make a move myself.


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