Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 28-29: It is harder to not notice

Chapter 28: It is harder to not notice

The academy has a lot of facilities in it. A wide training court for training magic and some competitions, an annex for parties in the garden, and other facilities that benefit all people there.

In that wide site, near the pond, I sat there alone while thinking about Charlotte-sama.

Charlotte-sama probably liked His Highness Claude.

It did not take a long time for me to notice.


Or rather, it was harder to notice it as Charlotte-sama was very easy to understand.

When she was in front of His Highness Claude, her face would turn red. Everybody would notice when Charlotte-sama, who always was the example of a perfect aristocratic lady, became flustered.

I understood very well how Charlotte-sama felt.

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“Ah, what a coincidence. Good afternoon, Risha-sama. What are you doing alone in a place like this?”


Just when I was still lost in my thoughts, Charlotte-sama reached out for me and started a conversation.

She did say that it was a coincidence, but since the place was located away from the main street and the other streets that lead to the other facilities, I did not believe that her statement was true.

Just the fact that Charlotte-sama was making a conversation with me means that she had a business with me.

“Good afternoon, Charlotte-sama. I was thinking about something and lost in my thoughts.”

“Thinking about something? Is it about breaking the engagement between you and His Highness Claude? Since Risha-sama always said that you don’t yearn for His Highness Claude, it would be unavoidable to think about that.”

Chapter 29: Fall in love together

Ah, after looking at Charlotte-sama’s reaction, it seems right that my surroundings thought I was becoming His Highness’s fiance by force.

But, all of it was because of my own doings who was not able, to be honest with my feelings while I was always being pampered by the current situation where His Highness Claude always showed his affection towards me.

It was right not to ask for His Highness Claude’s help.

This scandal was the result of my own shameful behavior. I would not ever forgive myself if I bothered His Highness Claude with this.

“Charlotte-sama, that is not true.”

“Ara, how is it not true? Could you please give me an explanation so that I could understand?”

As the atmosphere was about to change from summer to winter, the chilly breeze was blowing and the blonde hair together with the burning red hair was fluttering.


However, in contrast, the emotions that we had right now were not to be compared with what we had felt as it was overwhelming.

From the perspective of the two whose families had never been in conflict before, as we did not know how to deal with their emotions, my body was hot as a burning magma.

“I do like His Highness Claude. He is the only one I love in this world. This feeling of mine will not be lost compared to the others and it is unreasonable to deny it.”
“Huh, is that so? You can say anything from your mouth. Yes, if it is true that you like His Highness Claude, will you enter this pond?”

“Ara, how can entering the pond prove my love to His Highness Claude? Please kindly give me the reason. If you have a clear reason, I, Risha, will gladly enter the pond for you.”

“Huh! Did I not say that you can say anything from your mouth? Then, I judge that Risha-sama indeed did not love His Highness Claude.”

The mouth was what made an aristocratic lady, but their quarrel was just like between two children who were commoners.

Then, with no one of them giving any hint of giving up, the more meaningless and unreasonable arguments were thrown towards each other.

And just like a quarrel between children, if an argument did not solve the problem, hands would follow suit. This would not be different in any period of time.

Both of them grabbed the other’s hair and started to pull it towards them before their body fell down, rolled on the ground, and together fell into the pond.

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