Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 24-25: Mother’s strength

Nina and I were heading to a different reception room four hours after observing the hell-like live drama where my father, His Majesty Lord del, made his judgment.

Entering the room, as I did not need to order her to do so, Nina prepared a cup of coffee, and at the same time, I saw her fingers unusually quivering.

“Thank you for the hard work.”

After I said so, I put the cup on my lips and sipped the coffee before putting it back on the table.


“No, this is also one of my obligations. But, today might be the last day I can be Your Highness Claude’s attendant.”

After she said so, Nina, who usually did not show her feelings through expression, rarely made a sad face as her lips were trembling.

Yes, it seems that Nina had found her resolution.

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“Zlp, vbyv kp vawl.”

“R pll. Fbl oyp yv vbl ytl oblal pbl oswze cl nbspld yp y qkydnl sa yp y nsdnwckdl. Lso, R okzz qwzqkzz vbl nsdvaynv yde olznsxl Ykpby yp y nsdnwckdl. Gde R oydv Lkdy vs pktd vbkp esnwxldv.”

And then, I gave Nina the paper and pen to fulfill the previous contract related to the concubine. Without any doubt, Nina wrote a sign on the paper and gave it to me.


After I checked it, there was no sign of forging on Nina’s sign.

I sipped the coffee after receiving the contract paper from Nina and then opened my mouth.

“Nina. In a certain country, there was a saying, ‘If you want to deceive your enemy, start with your allies’.”

“D-don’t tell me?! Your Highness Claude!!!”

“Well, calm down, Nina. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, gratitude for gratitude. Of course, a betrayal that you had done will not be forgiven, but your dedication and the way you eliminate the enemy had contributed a lot and it had been taken into consideration of the cancellation of the punishment for your sins. Come in.”

Just after I ordered them so, Misha and an imperial guard entered the reception room together.

*Ch 25: Knight

“I am Misha von Language. I am honored to be called by Your Highness Claude despite my low rank as a daughter of the Baron Family.”

As Misha introduced herself, she put her hand on the chest, kneeled, and hung her head towards me.

“Glory and prosperity to Gradeas Kingdom and His Highness Claude.”

Just from that line, I could see that there was no useless movement made, even at her fingertips. As expected from Nina’s daughter.

“M-my name is Zeff! I have no rank! Thank you for calling me despite m-me being a commoner! Glory and prosperity to Gradeas Kingdom and His Highness Claude!”


Compared to her, the imperial knight who introduced himself as Zeff was very nervous and his whole body was stiff as a brick, but he managed to introduce himself and bowed his head to me with quite a strong momentum.

“That would be enough. Both of you, raise your head. Now, you said that your name is Zeff, correct?”

“Y-Yes! My name is Zeff! Your Highness Claude!”

“I-I see. You can speak a little bit more casually, you know.”

“Understood! Thank you very much! I will accept Your Highness’ feelings!”

Since he kept speaking loudly, is it selfish of me to ask him to lower his voice?

But, thanks to that, I could tell how honest and serious this young man was.

“So, I want Zeff-kun to write down his name on this paper. By the way, this document contains a very grateful content for you—–”


“———Ah, so you have already written it. Next time, you have to read all the contents of the documents before signing it okay, Zeff-kun. Now, I will briefly explain the content of the document.”

“Yes, please!”

“Congratulations, Zeff-kun. You are granted the honorary title of knighthood. Welcome to the aristocratic rank.”


“Thank you very much! ……….Eh? A knight? Me?” (T/N: the ‘knight’ here refers to the rank)

It seems that was the real Zeff.

Looking at him, he was really in panic. It seems that the surprise was a success.

“Why are you so surprised? A group of people is justified as sinners for planning treason, and the one who caught the head was you, am I right? As a reward, the title Knight was given to you. Congratulations.”


In order to put Zeff on the Knight rank, I put Zeff in that best place. 

I hoped he could just accept his reward as gratitude for my hardship.

T/N: Uhh you may be confuse with the word knight here. Zeff’s profession is imperial knight, but he got no ranks since he is a commoner. And here, Claude gave Zeff the Knight rank, which is tone of the rank in aristocracy. I am sorry if I am wrong or confuse you *dogeza*

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