Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 76.2 Who are you calling third brother?! (2)

Upon returning to the crystal case, Bai Rong promptly rushed into the bathroom, soaking in a bath together with his fragrant little cubs. However, due to the worries in his heart, before even half an hour had passed, he had already finished his soak.

He dried his hair with a small towel, and changed into a dress with a large pocket in the front, putting two spatial buttons inside.

At present, he had grown taller and his clothes had also proportionally become bigger, so the space in his pocket to fit spatial buttons had also grown.

Reckoning it still hasn’t reached five o’clock yet, Bai Rong walked to the bedroom door before making a u-turn, taking out the purple spatial button, and bringing out the whole set of card making equipment as well as a box of spell card materials.

Then, he took out a set of energy card materials and a set of air bullet card materials from the material box. Bai Rong’s narrowed as he grew serious, processing the materials in an orderly manner.


Fifty minutes later, Bai Rong had successfully produced an SS-level energy card and an SS-level air bullet card, and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was not the least bit tired at all. If time permitted, he could make at least six or seven more spell cards.

Knowing that he had not only adapted to the intensity of mental strength output required by this kind of card making, but had also improved his mental strength, Bai Rong squinted his eyes in happiness, his right cheek revealing a sweet and soft dimple, and he immediately took out another set of energy spell card materials to be processed.

After another half an hour had passed, after Bai Rong had made the third energy card and put all the card-making equipment and spell card materials into the spatial button, he happily ran out of the bedroom holding three spell cards.

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“Jwv R yzalyeu byhl yd FF-zlhlz yka cwzzlv nyae.”

“But you still don’t have an energy card yet, don’t you?” Mu Chongyan stuffed the energy card back into Bai Rong’s pocket, saying. “You can keep these two energy cards. I still have an SS-level energy card as I’m not lacking much for the time being.”



“Be good, I’ll take this air bullet card. Next time, if you make any defensive cards or other attack type spell cards. I will ask for them.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong nodded, “Then I will make defensive cards and air net cards next time!”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan kissed Bai Rong’s little hand and said, “Good, have you finished packing?”

“I did.” Bai Rong put the two energy cards back into the purple spatial button, and then patted the small pocket holding the two spatial buttons.

“Alright, then get ready to set off.”

Mu Chongyan drove the aircraft, bringing Bai Rong to the government building in the central city and before leaving the aircraft, he asked Bai Rong to take his crystal case out to store it into his own spatial button.

“You should stay in the crystal case for a while, and I will take you in, okay?”

“…Ok.” Bai Rong pondered it for two seconds before nodding in agreement.

“Apologies for making it hard.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair apologetically, “I will bring you out as soon as possible.”

“It’s alright.” Bai Rong shook his head and flashed Mu Chongyan a soothing smile.

After Mu Chongyan took the crystal case Bai Rong had handed over, he promptly got off the aircraft and went to the agreed place that Dross had set.


“You’re here.” Dross had been waiting at the exit of a certain corridor of the hall, and Mu Chongyan quickly hurried over to him, “The meeting will begin in seven minutes. You sure are courageous.”

“Have the people arrived?”

“No, only me, my father and a couple of servants are present in the conference room. It  will take about two or three more minutes for them to come, but you can’t be compared with those people, we can afford to wait for them, but they can’t do the same for us.”

“I know.” Mu Chongyan nodded, “Then let’s go.”

“En. When the time arrives, you just need to be cautious when you speak, but I believe you don’t need me to tell you that. Let’s go.”

The two of them walked out of the corridor and were about to take the lift up, but before the lift doors opened, a loud laughter suddenly resounded from the entrance of the hall. Mu Chongyan turned his head and swept a look, realizing that the people who had arrived were coincidentally the emperor and 30 other members of the evaluation committee. And the person who was walking next to the emperor, was Chairman Sa Lai’er.

“Father.” Delos quickly greeted him and greeted the other core members of the committee.

Sa Lai’er was gray-haired and looked over one hundred and fifty years old. He responded with a smile and didn’t put on any airs. He then turned to smile at Mu Chongyan, “This young man must be Mu Chongyan.”

“Yes, I didn’t expect Chairman Sa Lai’er to have heard me. I’m really flattered.” Mu Chongyan quickly replied respectfully.

“Hahaha, this young man is too modest. Those who have been promoted to being an SS-class mech warrior before reaching the age of 21 are also considered as rare geniuses in ninth-level star regions. You don’t need to feel flattered.”

“Thank you for your appreciation.” Mu Chongyan raised his head, his expression neither ecstatic nor arrogant, but serious, “I will continue to train hard and strive to become a better mech war god and protect the people of the star region.”

“Good!” Sa Lai’er laughed boisterously, stroking his beard. It seems as though he didn’t misjudge this young man. He really didn’t grow the slightest bit arrogant due to his innate talent and didn’t insist on putting up a facade of being humble.


“What a remarkable young man. I really hope to have the opportunity to see you in an exhibition round or fight!”

Before Mu Chongyan could even speak, a flattering voice sounded from behind, “Chairman, you can ask Mu Chongyan to do a little demonstration for you now. A match will only take no more than an hour at most and the number of SS-class mech warriors in our evaluation committee isn’t inferior as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to swap pointers while also indirectly showing you Sheng Ya Star Region’s Mech Fighting abilities?”

“Hahaha, that’s not a bad idea. What do you think, Mu Chongyan?” Sa Lai’er nodded with a smile, but didn’t approve of it directly, asking for Mu Chongyan’s opinion instead.

Mu Chongyan was surprised by Chairman Sa Lai’er’s response and respectfully replied, “It would be an honor for me to be able to learn from SS-class mech warriors, but I am afraid that it will be too late…”

“It will be too late??”

“Yes, I would need to apologize to you.” Emperor Luo Ersi interjected and turned to apologize to Chairman Sa Lai’er, “Recently, the borders of the Sheng Ya Star Region have been frequently encroached on. Mu Chongyan has drawn up a lot of excellent defense and combat plans to tackle this ordeal. After the meeting, Dross will take him to the military department to make arrangements and implement the suggested tactics so… I’m afraid there wouldn’t be any time for him to give a demonstration.”

Dross cast a glance at his calm-looking father, feeling secretly relieved. He nearly thought that his father was going to default on his agreement…

“That’s too bad…… ” Sa Lai’er sighed, before adding, “However, since it is a matter that concerns the safety of Sheng Ya, it’d be best for you to return as soon as the meeting has concluded.”

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