Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 76.1 Who are you calling third brother?! (1)

“What’s happened?!” The bread in Bai Rong’s hand was unknowingly squeezed into a flat cake, and his voice also abruptly raised higher.

“It’s not much. The chairman of the Star Region Alliance’s evaluation committee, Sa Lai’er, wants to meet me.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the top of Bai Rong’s hair soothingly, saying, “He admires me and has praised me to be the best mech warrior so he had expressed his wishes to see me. It’s as simple as that. I don’t think he’ll be making things hard for me, don’t worry.”

“He praised you as the best mech warrior?” Contrary to expectations, Bai Rong didn’t appear to be joyous after hearing this. Instead, his brows wrinkled tighter, and the look in his eyes changed slightly, “Wouldn’t that…wouldn’t that mean that you would have to show off your mech operating or mech fighting skills?!!”

“No.” Mu Chongyan squeezed Bai Rong’s little hand, “Second brother has already come up with a plan on my behalf where I don’t need to pilot a mecha.”

“What plan?!”


Mu Chongyan pointed to Bai Rong’s bread and corn and minced pork porridge, “Quickly eat your meal. Once you do, I’ll tell you.”

Bai Rong grew anxious after hearing the news but thinking that there wouldn’t be of any use if he were to panic with Mu Chongyan, he took a big bite of the bread that had already turned flat under his hold, and chewed on it hastily, “I…I’m eating, so tell me quick!!”

“Drink some soup and don’t choke on your food…I’ll tell you.” Seeing the little star pet’s eyes grow wide as if he was really going to get angry, Mu Chongyan quickly said, “Even though I am going to meet the chairman tonight, I actually won’t be participating in any exhibition matches. Second brother said that in the evening…” Mu Chongyan paused, still unable to say the word ‘father’ out so he said, “…In the evening, His Majesty will hold a meeting with the evaluation committee, and second brother had persuaded His Majesty to call on me by then.”

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“Jwv…” Jyk Ssdt’p pnawdnble casop pvkzz alxykdle vktbv, bkp osaakle tygl qkmle sd Yw Ubsdtuyd, “Ebyv kq vbl nbykaxyd ypjp usw vs pvyu yqvla vbl xllvkdt?!”

“Rq vbyv byrrldp, plnsde casvbla okzz vau vs tlv xl swv sq kv.” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p ryzx zktbvzu nshlale Jyk Ssdt’p blye, “Jl tsse yde esd’v osaau.”

“Rd ydu nypl, R nyd’v blzr cwv osaau!” Jyk Ssdt tzydnle zlqv yde aktbv ydmkswpzu clqsal rwpbkdt Yw Ubsdtuyd’p byde sqq bkp blye yde bszekdt sdvs kv vktbvzu, “Nlv’p ts vstlvbla! Ebyvlhla byrrldp kd vbl qwvwal, zlv’p yzoyup cl vstlvbla!”

“Gzaktbv, ol’zz ts vstlvbla.” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p nsxrzlmksd talo psqvla yp bl pyke, “Jynj vbld, R ypjle oblvbla usw oydvle vs ts okvb xl, eke usw yzalyeu qsatlv?”

“…R-, kd ydu nypl, lhld kq R qsatlv sa dsv, vbl alpwzv kp pvkzz vbl pyxl!” Jyk Ssdt ryvvle Yw Ubsdtuyd’p ckt byde okvb bkp pxyzz bydep. “Ohld kq R qsatsv, R sdzu qsatsv vblx swv sq ydmkswpdlpp!”

“Gzaktbv…” Yw Ubsdtuyd pktble sd vbl kdpkel, qllzkdt y zkvvzl pswa kd bkp blyav.

“Quickly eat your meal, I’ll take you to the AS Mech Union after.”


“Are we still going? Chongyan, don’t you need to arrange something?!” Bai Rong frowned in worry, a little disapproving of Mu Chongyan’s decision.

“It’s alright. You can train in the training room for a while and it still wouldn’t delay my arrangements.” Mu Chongyan picked up a piece of food and placed it in Bai Rong’s small bowl, saying, “Be good and don’t worry about it, eat up quickly.”

After the two of them finished eating, they left home and rushed to the AS Mech Union. Before leaving, Bai Rong deliberately moved the crystal case and the card making equipment into the spatial button.

Having learned from his previous experience, he would now feel anxious if he didn’t take these items with him.

Upon arriving at the AS Mech Union, Mu Chongyan quickly opened a special training room for Bai Rong, and turned on the optical computer, paying attention to Bai Rong while also arranging tasks for the members of the v67 team.


While Mu Chongyan was deploying missions in haste, a villa on the outskirts of the central city was pervaded with an atmosphere of extreme tension and dense excitement.

“Wright, have you finished preparations?”

“I have.” Wright exposed an elegant and gentle smile, his tone soft and languid, “Lei Ya, do you still not trust me?”

“In terms of ability, I naturally have trust in you.” Lei Ya stood in the middle of the hall, her right hand tightly holding onto a bright red whip and the smile on her face looked slightly distorted due to excitement, “This time, there aren’t any loopholes in the arrangement. We can finally take a ruthless bite out of this royal family meat and that Mu Chongyan….hahaha, can put his dreams of living peacefully to an end!!!”

Wright took out a pot of wine from his spatial button and poured the contents into a fine white jade glass. After serving a glass, he picked up the wine glass with his right hand and gently rolled it around twice, smiling gracefully, “That’s natural. This time, even if he doesn’t die, it’s still impossible for him to come out unscathed.”

“He naturally wouldn’t come out of it unscathed. Even if his luck is so great, he will only suffer!” Lei Ya sat down opposite Wright and flicked the whip on the table, producing a loud “pa” sound while twirling her golden enchanting locks with her finger.


“Give me a glass too. You are such a dull and tasteless person but the wines in your collection are quite fragrant.”

The corner of Wright’s lips hooked up slightly, an inexplicable smile flashed past the depths of his eyes. He took out a wine glass and handed it to Lei Ya before pouring her some, chuckling, “Lei Ya, you won’t understand this, but in fact, my wine…is actually the same as my character…”

After saying this, before Lei Ya could even react, Wright reached out his wine glass and smiled, “By the way…this time, Eagle has put in a lot of effort. When we return, we should properly reward him for a good job.”

“Eagle, that old fellow, really did do a considerably good job. However, to let him talk to Chairman Sa Lai’er about this matter, aren’t you afraid that he might let something slip?”

“No, Eagle isn’t stupid. He wouldn’t bring it up directly with Chairman Sa Lai’er. Those words are more likely to have come from other people’s mouths.” Wright took a sip from his white jade wine glass and smirked, a dark light flashing quickly past the depths of his narrow eyes.

Lei Ya gulped down the contents of the transparent wine glass all at once and let Wright pour her another glass, sneering, “That fellow, Eagle, is really somewhat like his name. As opposed to you, Wright, your code name shouldn’t even be called Black Fox.”

“Oh?” Wright lifted his lids slightly, and smiled, “And why is that?”

“A person like you…” Lei Ya raised her glass and drank again, her cheeks glowing red, but her eyes were still strangely clear. “A person like you… is more suited for the title ‘venomous snake’.”

The look in Wright’s eyes changed slightly, but the smile on his face only grew more elegant and gentlemanly. He got up and took away the wine glass in Lei Ya’s hand, “Lei Ya, it’s only been two cups, and you’ve already gotten drunk…”

“Drunk?” Lei Ya’s red lips hooked up slightly, and she got up and took the whip, waving it around. “I might be happy, but I can’t get drunk. Alright, I won’t bother you any longer, I’m going to oversee the deployment…”

Wright stood in place, smiling like he always did while watching Lei Ya’s figure, however…his smile seemed to be mixed with an indistinguishable feeling……



After accompanying Bai Rong in his training for 6 hours, Mu Chongyan then brought him back home.

“It’s only 4:10 right now. You should go back and take a quick rest. We’ll be leaving at six o’clock.” Mu Chongyan looked down at Bai Rong sweaty hair, and added another sentence in distress, “Go and take a hot bath, you’ll feel a bit better.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong hugged Mu Chongyan’s hand and kissed it, telling him obediently, “Then…I’m going back.”

“Go.” Mu Chongyan gently pinched Bai Rong’s small face, “I’ll wait for you in the living room. Once you’ve finished preparing, you can simply come out”


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