Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 76.3 Who are you calling third brother?! (3)

“Thank you.” Mu Chongyan bowed his head slightly and said respectfully.

“There’s no need to give your thanks. Haha, I may be an old man but I’m not an unreasonable person.” Sa Lai’er turned to Emperor Luo Ersi and said, “Where is this conference room?”

“On the 30th floor, please follow me. “

Dross looked at the person who had brought up the matter, and recognized him as someone from Mo Si Star Region. Even though Mo Si Star Region was also a seventh-level high grade star region like them, they had always licked the heels of those who came from eighth-level and ninth-level star regions whereas they acted provocative and bossy to those who were below the seventh level.

Ha, how amazing.


Dozens of people entered the lift and didn’t realize that everything just now had been recorded.

“Wright, Mu Chongyan sure has a lot of reasons. I didn’t expect that the defense strategic plan they were talking about was actually true.” Lei Ya sat on an exquisite sofa. Even though their strategy had just failed, no trace of anger could be found on their face.

“It truly looks like something’s happened to his constitution. Isn’t this better? Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to use our deployment.” Wright said with a chuckle.

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Paspp, obs oyp clpkel bkx, ryvvle Yw Ubsdtuyd’p nzsvblp, “Zsw oswzed’v byrrld vs byhl ydu kdplnvp qzukdt kdvs uswa nzsvblp, oswze usw? Mbkp kdpvawxldv kp vbl zyvlpv kdprlnvksd kdpvawxldv wrtayele fwpv y qlo eyup yts. Rv nyd lhld elvlnv zkhkdt vbkdtp zkjl kdplnvp.”

“Rdplnvp?” Yw Ubsdtuyd pweeldzu alnyzzle vbl naupvyz tzypp nypl yde bye y alyzkgyvksd, bkp casop qwaasokdt lhld xsal, “R byhl y naupvyz nypl kd xu pryvkyz cwvvsd. Vlabyrp kv’p clnywpl sq vbl cwtp yde qkpblp pokxxkdt kd vbl pxyzz tyaeld sq vbl naupvyz nypl?”

Dross replied, “That’s probably it. Why not store the crystal glass case in the opposite room first?”


Mu Chongyan frowned and said nothing. If they were going to ask him to put little sweet cake in the opposite room, it would’ve been better not to bring him over in the first place.

“Hahahahaha, this young man is really getting more and more interesting. He actually dotes on his little star pet so much, reluctant to even separate with it.” Chairman Sa Lai’er laughed out loud, sitting in the first seat of the conference room, stroking his beard, “Since it’s a crystal glass case, there’s no harm in bringing it in or is it possible for people to be hidden inside the spatial button?”

The staff silently glanced at the instrument data and found that the living creature index was slightly higher than that of flying insects and fish, but also lower than that of humans by more than a half, appearing a little strange, but since the chairman of the Star Alliance has already said his piece, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to talk too much since the chances of it being human were way too low.

“Thank you.” Mu Chongyan bowed towards Sa Lai’er, thanking him sincerely.

“There’s no need to,. It’s impossible to hide people in a spatial button and even kittens and pups can’t be stored inside for an hour, even an old man like me knows this is common sense.”

Emperor Luo Ersi also nodded towards Mu Chongyan, his expression majestic but not. indifferent, saying, “Sit down, the meeting will now begin.”

Sa Lai’er’s words were indeed correct. Even though there was air inside the spatial button, it was actually extremely thin. The reason why Bai Rong was able to stay in there for two hours and still jump around back then was purely because he was only about ten centimeters at that time and he needed very little oxygen. Now that he was seven times taller, before even half an hour had passed, he started feeling a little dizzy and a little short of breath.

Bai Rong realized that he might be suffering from hypoxia, and felt a little panicked in his heart. He quickly slowed down his breathing and laid down beside the door of the crystal glass case, closing his eyes and striving to slow down the various functions of his body in an attempt to save as much thin oxygen as he can.

Not knowing whether it was alright to send a message to Mu Chongyan asking him to let him out, Bai Rong frowned in embarrassment, shutting his eyes tightly, fearing that he would suffocate and die but also fearing that he would only bring Mu Chongyan trouble.

However, he did not have to suffer for long as before ten minutes had passed, a terrifying boom suddenly rang from the outside. Then he found that the sky had suddenly turned bright, but before he could open his eyes, he was violently thrown out of the crystal case, rolling on the ground for several meters before another loud explosion rang in his ears again!

The floor underneath shook violently, and the terrible explosions, screams, crying, and the sound of various objects shattering pierced the ears, and struck the bottom of the heart, detonating again. Intense panic instantly surged from the bottom of his heart, sweeping over every cell in his body. Bai Rong gritted his teeth and got up from the ground, hurriedly looking for Mu Chongyan, but before he could even take a step, he was immediately viciously flung again.


Behind him was a wall that had been completely blown away by the explosion. Bai Rong thought he would definitely be thrown out of the building this time and crashed against a wall of flesh, but before another wave of panic and fear overwhelmed him, a warm arm suddenly wrapped around him and pulled him back.

“Chongyan?!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes widened in surprise.

Mu Chongyan’s eyes were red, and he took Bai Rong back into his arms, turning around without saying a word, and jumping back into the mecha. The panicked and surprised Rong hurriedly tugged Mu Chongyan’s sleeve, “Chongyan, my crystal glass case!”

Mu Chongyan paused, and with a cold face, he took back the crystal glass case that was almost turned into powder by a new round of explosions, and then leaped back into the cockpit of the mecha with Bai Rong.

“Chongyan…wh-, what’s going on outside?!” Bai Rong sat on the nutrient compartment beside Mu Chongyan, still in a state of panic.

“We’ve suddenly been involved in a terrorist attack.” Mu Chongyan’s cold and stern eyes were filled with anger as he counterattacked the several incoming mechs and SSS level light bombs shot towards him, making them detonate in the sky!

“A terrorist attack?!” Bai Rong said with a quivering voice, listening to the terrifying sounds of explosions outside, “Then, how many people have died?!”

“Several.” A black and bottomless whirlpool swirled in the depths of Mu Chongyan’s eyes, mixed with a hint of red, rage rushing into the brain in an instant. He fired hundreds of air bombs, and once again blew back the enemy mechs and light bombs rushing towards his direction!

These people actually dared to sneak an attack on him and steal his spatial button just as he was taking second brother and the others to a safe place, nearly causing his star pet to become completely scrapped. Unforgivable!!!

The rumbling sounds of explosions kept drumming in his ears. Bai Rong watched the  originally prosperous central city slowly become enshrouded in a horrifying mushroom cloud. The government building had already been completely swallowed by the explosion, turning into a crumbling and dilapidated sight of burnt black powder, making him unable to hold himself back from trembling.

Suddenly, a message was sent to Mu Chongyan’s computer. Once Mu Chongyan had turned and sent a kick to a mech, he then swept a glance at it.

“Third brother, my father is fine for the time being, but I am a little skeptical that my father has contracted that virus you mentioned before. How do I use the vod drug on him?!!!”


“Third brother?!” The Emperor whose body was smeared with black and red blood, but remained majestic, raised an eyelid at the computer and the look in his eyes completely changed, his voice promptly turned deep as he boomed, “Dross, why did you address Mu Chongyan as third brother?!!”

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