Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 65.1 A message from the royal family? (1)

“A surprise?” Seeing that Mu Chongyan no longer wanted to discuss the matter of the star net any longer, Bai Rong didn’t bring it up as well. Instead, he went along with Mu Chongyan’s topic and put on a pleasantly surprised expression even if he didn’t feel very happy on the inside.

“Yeah. Take a guess on what it is.” Seeing that the joy in the little star pet’s eyes wasn’t dense yet he was still able to make an extremely interested expression, Mu Chongyan secretly heaved a sigh, feeling helpless but also gratified.

The little star pet was so sensible, it actually made him feel a little sour.

Bai Rong shook his head but had a card up his sleeve.

“Is it clothes or something good to eat?”



“Is it Spell Card Materials or Spell Card Data?”


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“Fvkzz kdnsaalnv.”

“Mbld obyv kp kv….Rp kv y qkdkpble prlzz nyae?”

“Fvkzz kdnsaalnv.”

Fllkdt Jyk Ssdt pvyav vs aynj bkp caykd, Yw Ubsdtuyd’p lmralppksd psqvldle yde y vaynl sq yxwplxldv yrrlyale kd bkp lulp, “Ps usw oydv vs vyjl ydsvbla twlpp?”

“Rv’p ps byae…Uyd’v usw tkhl xl y zkvvzl vkr?” Jyk Ssdt aykple bkp qynl, czkdjkdt bkp ckt czynj lulp, bkp bydep rzynle kd qasdv sq bkp nblpv. Tl zssjle yv Yw Ubsdtuyd rkswpzu okvbswv xshkdt yd kdnb, bkp nzlya lulp alhlyzkdt y tzkvvlau zktbv.

Rv nswze cl pyke vs cl y hlau nwddkdt jkde sq nwvldl-…nswtb, vswtbdlpp!

Yw Ubsdtuyd’p blyav iwkhlale qasx vbl yesayczl zssj cwv bl iwknjzu altykdle bkp pldplp yde pbssj bkp blye, “R nyd’v. Myjl y twlpp uswaplzq.”

“….” Bai Rong pursed his lips, “Oh…”


Even this tactic didn’t succeed…?

“It’s not largely related to spell cards.” Mu Chongyan smiled as he walked to the sofa and sat down. He gently shifted the little star pet elsewhere, placing him on the arm as his left hand covered Bai Rong’s back.

Bai Rong subconsciously shifted his butt, sitting firmly atop of Mu Chongyan’s arm as his little face confronted Mu Chongyan’s muscles.

He didn’t even notice how carefully he was being moved.

“I can’t figure it out…” Bai Rong raised his face and tugged at Mu Chongyan’s clothes, “It’s too hard, the scope is too wide!”

“It’s not. It’s something related to me.”

“Eh?!” The look in Bai Rong’s eyes changed and his little face immediately brightened up. With an expression of disbelief, he couldn’t help but cry out in surprise, “It wouldn’t…It wouldn’t be a mecha right?!!!”

“My little sweet cake is so smart, you figured it out with just a hint.”Mu Chongyan smiled, rubbing Bai Rong’s little head.

“Is it really a mech?!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes were really wide at this point. He felt so pleasantly surprised he was about to faint, “Oh my god. It can’t be. Chongyan, you’re not lying to me are you?”

“If I did, I would be an animal.” Mu Chongyan smiled and reached out, grabbing something mid-air, when he spread his hands open, there laid a silver spatial button in his hands quietly.

“!!!” Bai Rong’s little face instantly turned red and his breathing almost stopped. Mu Chongyan’s confident actions as well as the silver spatial button in his hand, formed the perfect view in his eyes, the picture surrounded with glitters.

“Do you want to take a look at it”?” Mu Chongyan smiled warmly.


“…Ah…Yeah…” For some reason, Bai Rong was suddenly tongue-tied for words. He felt his whole body turn hot and light and Mu Chongyan’s charming smiling face magnified in his eyes. Then, his head emitted a poof sound as if his brain had exploded, splendid fireworks bursting forth towards the sky before falling down slowly. A beautiful soft spark lit in his heart, feeling numb and warm…and not the least bit hot nor painful at all…

Bai Rong subconsciously clenched the hem of his clothes, his fair face turning crimson…

“….What’s wrong?” Seeing Bai Rong look foolishly at him, his big bright eyes looking watery and his little face extremely red, Mu Chongyan’s heart couldn’t help but quiver…

However, he soon quickly reacted, gently kneading Bai Rong’s little hand and warmly smiling, “Why are you holding your clothes so tightly for…did it provoke you again?”

“…N-No…” Bai Rong blinked foolishly. After taking a deep breath a few seconds later, he snapped out of his dazed and strange state and whispered, “…I, I just never expected…this surprise..”

“Do you like it?”

“I do..” Bai Rong rubbed his face and raised his head, his right cheek revealing a sweet and soft dimple.

“If you like it, that’s good.” Mu Chongyan’s heart was also enveloped by a sweet feeling of joy and he couldn’t help but peck Bai Rong’s head.

“..” Bai Rong’s face turned into a deeper shade of delicious tomato. He blinked his eyes before throwing himself in front, his little face rubbing against Mu Chongyan’s muscles.

“I like it very much. Thank you Chongyan…But, I still like you the most!”


Mu Chongyan’s heart once again trembled as a numb and soft feeling arose from the bottom of his heart. It crept up slowly before quickly spreading throughout the whole body and his figure stiffened in awkwardness…However, soon, as though the engine of his body was being worked to the extreme, he slowly started heating up, from his heart reaching his cheeks…


His heart thumped against his chest, the sound transmitting directly into his ears crisply and clearly. Mu Chongyan remained still for half a minute before recovering his senses. With red ears, he lowered his head and with a hand covering the little star pet’s back, he responded.

“En…I also like you the most…”

Bai Rong curved his eyes in delight and rubbed his face in content, “En!”

He knew that his Mu Chongyan liked him the most already!

A soft and numbing feeling transmitted across his muscles shooting straight into his chest without obstructions, causing Mu Chongyan to once again stiffen…

An indescribable feeling burned at the pit of his heart, feeling scorching hot yet it slowly expanded, carrying the dense sweetness of syrup…

Mu Chongyan sucked in a breath of air, his face visibly turning flushed for the first time.

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong poked Mu Chongyan’s muscle, “I want to see the mech.”

“…Ok…S-Sure.” This time, it was Mu Chongyan’s turn to stutter. He carefully shifted his arm, making it hard for Bai Rong to pounce onto him.

Mu Chongyan imperceptibly exhaled, the heat of his body slowly fading away. He placed the spatial button that was half a size smaller than the usual in front of Bai Rong, “This spatial button is smaller than the ordinary ones, you should be able to carry it.”

“En.” Bai Rong reached out both arms and carried the silver spatial button.

“Huff…it’s ok. It-It’s not too heavy.”


“Good.” Mu Chongyan watched Bai Rong carry the 10cmx5cm spatial button with effort and the corner of his lips showed mirth. After having completely calmed down, he carried both the person and the spatial button towards the corner of the living room and gently placed them on the ground.

“Do you want to take a look at the mech?”

“I do!” Bai Rong hurriedly nodded, his eyes glittering in excitement.

“Alright. Stand a little closer.” Mu Chogyan moved Bai Rong behind him before moving all the things in the living room into a spatial button. He then gently pressed on the silver spatial button containing the mech.

Instantly, a four meter tall white mech appearing in the center of the living room!

“!!!” Bai Rong stared at the tall mech in front of him, his eyes growing wide and his mouth noiselessly agape.

This mech looks so imposing and so powerful!

It was simply…such a perfect fit for him!!!

“I wanted to buy you a kid’s mech before but after thinking about it, I thought it would be better to buy a mech that shares the same functions as a normal one..” Mu Chongyan looked at the stunned Bai Rong and picked him up in his arms with a smile, “A kid’s mech can only do simple operations and no attacks. They also only stand at a height of 2 or 3 meters tall. On the other hand, you can insert offense spell cards in here and the highest level of spell cards it can take is S level.”

“What an amazing mech! Thank you, Chongyan!” Bai Rong turned around and gave Mu Chongyan’s muscles a kiss. He then asked excitedly, “How tall is this figure?”

“This one’s…” Mu Chongyan’s face reddened again for a moment before slowly saying, “..Cough, 4.1 meters tall…” Nearly feeling like the ceiling was about to collapse, Mu Chongyan silently called it a close call before continuing, “However, this mecha needs you to be at least 68 centimeters tall before you can operate it.”

In reality, a child mech would also require a minimum height of 1.2 meters whereas this kind of mech where you can insert spell cards needed at least a minimum of 1.5 meters. However, this mecha was something Mu Chongyan had ordered the best S-Class Mech Maker Meng Wente of v67 to make especially for Bai Rong. The interior of the mech was modified extremely cautiously and was designed to fit the figure of a person with a height between 68 centimeters and 98 centimeters.

“68 centimeters!” Bai Rong clenched his fist and put on an eager expression, “I’ll almost be able to use it in 20 days then!”

“That’s right.” Mu Chongyan warmly looked at Bai Rong, “By then, I’ll take you to the AS Mech Alliance to train.”

“Great!” Bai Rong raised his head and looked at Mu Chongyan with a smile on his face, “Chongyan, you’re the best!”

“Good boy…you have such a sweet mouth.”

“Then…how tall is Chongyan’s mecha?” Bai Rong visualized the visage of him operating the mech on the inside, revealing a strong and wide chest as he gently takes his wife’s mech in his arms. At this, he couldn’t help but feel secretly delighted…

“About 9 meters tall.”

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