Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 65.2 A message from the royal family? (2)

Bai Rong’s little face was dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Chongyan’s tone carried amusement.

“It’s-It’s nothing..” Seeing his beautiful dream shatter, Bai Rong’s cowlick drooped down in gloom, “Why is your mech so tall?”

A wife’s mech being taller than his hubby’s by a lot isn’t reasonable at all!!

“Because war mechs are usually in between 7 meters to 11 meters tall…” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head, pushing down the cowlick even more, “Besides, your height is still too short, you can’t operate mechs that are too big.”


This 4.1 meter tall mech was the tallest and the most apt that Mengwen could build for the little sweet cake, moreover, Mengwen had even complained a lot since Mu Chongyan listed too many requirements for him.

Fortunately, Mengwen was still able to make this mech. As expected of the mech maker he had spent a lot of effort to dig out.

“Alright then…” Bai Rong nodded. He wasn’t an unreasonable person. Though the image of “having his wife nestled in his arms like a little bird” being shattered did indeed made him feel a little gloomy.

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“Mbld kq R taso vyzzla kd vbl qwvwal, nyd usw cwu y prlnkyzzu vyzzla xlnb? Mbl sdl vbyv’p vld xlvla vyzz!”

“Fwal.” Yw Ubsdtuyd ytalle, “Gp zsdt…yp usw nyd taso wr vs 1.5x yde ycshl, usw nyd eakhl vbkp jkde sq oya xlnb.”

Tsolhla, zkvvzl pvya rlvp wpwyzzu sdzu talo vs ycswv y xlvla vyzz yv xym. Tl oyp yqayke…vbyv alynbkdt 1.5x qsa bkx oswze cl kxrsppkczl.

“Xj!” Jyk Ssdt vwadle yaswde yde nsdvkdwle vs zssj yv vbl xlnb okvb vbl pyxl yxswdv sq lmnkvlxldv. Slnyzzkdt vbl hkavwyz xlnb bl bye kd vbl hkavwyz nkvu vbyv pllxle vs cl ycswv 8 xlvlap vyzz, kv eked’v pllx vs tkhl bkx y xktbvu qllzkdt zkjl vbkp xlnb tyhl bkx.

Mbkp xlnb oyp vawzu qklanl-zssjkdt yde vswtb!!!

Tl bye, bsolhla, nsxrzlvlzu ktdsale vbl qynv vbyv bl oyp 2 xlvlap vyzz kd vbl hkavwyz nkvu yde oyp dso…sdzu 30 nldvkxlvlap vyzz kd alyz zkql…

“Nlv’p rwv vbkp xlnb cynj.” Yw Ubsdtuyd zssjle yv vbl vkxl, “Rv’p vkxl vs byhl ekddla, yal usw bwdtau?”

“Od..y ckv.” Jyk Ssdt nypv y alzwnvydv zssj yv vbl xlnb clqsal zkqvkdt vbl pkzhla pryvkyz cwvvsd yde ralppkdt kv esod pvasdtzu.

Instantly, the mech in the living room disappeared.


Mu Chongyan took out the coffee table, dining table, chairs and other goods out of the spatial button, placing them back in their original places in the living room. Not too long later, the household robot carried a tray of piping hot dishes over.

Mu Chongyan placed Bai Rong on top of the dining table and took out a set of utensils, preparing his meal for him.

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong raised his head and saw Mu Chongyan’s smart and handsome profile. He suddenly recalled something as worry immediately surged in his eyes,”I remember that you seem to have registered for the mech competition. But if you do end up participating in it…wouldn’t you be in danger of being exposed?”

“You don’t need to worry about this.” Mu Chongyan placed the small bowl and plate on top of Bai Rong’s little round desk and said, “The mech and spell card competition this time have been completely reformed following virtual spell card competition. S Class and above mech warriors and spell card masters can directly advance into the semifinals.”

“Directly advance into the semifinals?” Surprise flitted across Bai Rong’s face but he soon recovered his worry, asking, “Then..what’s going to happen when the semifinals start?”

“By then, I’ll have a plan.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “Be god. Eat your meal first.”

Bai Rong shook his head, “If you don’t tell me now, I can’t continue eating…”

“…You sure have been spoiled.” Mu Chongyan helplessly looked at Bai Rong with indulgence in his eyes. He gently poked Bai Rong’s little face, saying, “Alright, I’ll tell you…”

Bai Rong immediately sat upright in his little chair.

“In the past two days, v67 has already found a trail that those forces have left behind. We’ve been following those trails, and we ended up finding valuable information. Even though we don’t have much info, in the next 2 weeks…just before the semifinals, we’ll be able to uncover everything.”

Then, Mu Chongyan added, “Even if we can’t find the root of that forces and nip off their achilles heel, it’s not as if we don’t have any other means.”

“What means?” Bai Rong knitted his brows, “Is it backing out from the competition? But wouldn’t those forces take the opportunity to stomp on you if you did that?”


“Not just simply backing out of the competition.” Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes, “I handed my graduation application to the academy a few days ago so I reckon it will take a week to be fully processed. Besides…I contacted the Elder Princess yesterday.”

“Graduation application…Elder Princess?!” Bai Rong was a bit stunned, “What happened?”

“I haven’t told you this before but I’ve already fulfilled all my credits, it’s just that my mother..” A sneer hung on the corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips, “Mother Mu has always barred me from graduating. Because I cared about our previous non-existent familial love, I thought that she was perhaps truly concerned for me as I will start doing missions and get caught in dangers upon entering the army after graduating, that was why I suppressed all thoughts of graduating early. However, now…there’s no need for that.”


Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan in distress and quickly jumped down his chair running forward. He placed his little hands on top of Mu Chongyan’s palm and softly comforted him, “Chongyan…Don’t be sad.”

Immediately, the warmth from Mu Chongyan’s palm travelled all the way to his heart. He closed his palm and gently held Bai Rong’s little hand, his voice carrying warmth, “Don’t worry. I’m not sad.”


Mu Chongyan immediately paused for 2 seconds before continuing, “Yesterday, I contacted Elder Princess Margot. Princess Margot has promised to allow me to join her troop once my graduation application has been processed.”

“Really, that’s great!” Bai Rong instantly understood Mu Chongyan’s plan and the boulder pressing down his heart immediately disappeared. A smile finally surfaced on his face,

“Princess Margot is such a good person!”

“En, she’s very kind..”

Now that all the worrisome matters have been resolved, Bai Rong sat back down in his seat with an eased heart and started having his dinner together with Mu Chongyan.


After the meal, Bai Rong returned to the crystal glass case with a content face.

Leisurely going to his bedroom, Bai Rong turned the optical computer and logged into the star network.

He then saw the pesky search terms vanish from the page and the IP of the navies were publicly disclosed in a long microblog post, so now the winds have turned back to Mu Chongyan’s favor. At this, Bai Rong smiled in delight.

As expected, his wife was reliable in everything that he said and did!

In the end, when he saw Mu Chongyan post the words “I already have someone I like, please stop spreading false rumors”, Bai Rong had simply turned giddy with joy.

He no longer concerned himself whether those netizens would make a ruckus about this matter and hummed a song as he closed the window.

Serves that Fenya right for speaking rubbish, this will probably act as a slap to her face…

She not only maliciously pinched him, she even wanted to steal his wife. Hmph! He wasn’t going to feel any pity for her!

After logging out of the star net, Bai Rong reckoned that the hacker hadn’t finished modifying his physical data so he didn’t log into the virtual city and instead opened his spell card data and started studying.

After studying for four hours, Bai Rong yawned and slowly jogged to the bathroom to wash up.

Once he had finished washing up, Bai Rong discovered that Kuku was still staying in the living room.

“Kuku, why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?” Bai Rong walked over and patted the somewhat listless Kuku, “What’s wrong? You looked fine this afternoon, why do you look so sad now?”


“Rong..I..” Kuku hemmed and hawed, lowering his head, looking at his feet. After a long time, he finally choked out a sentence, “…It’s nothing.”

“What do you mean it’s nothing? How does it look like it’s nothing?” Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head, “Is it something you can’t tell your brother?”

Kuku lowered his head once again, “It’s..It’s not that I can’t tell you…”

“Then what is it….?”

“It’s…” Kuku rubbed his eyes, his voice carrying a nasal sound, “….I seem to have fallen ill, my program might be…broken.”

“Your program might be broken?!” Bai Rong’s face instantly turned grim and he asked worriedly, “What happened? Where is it broken?!”

“I…I’m growing too quickly!” Tears suddenly leaked out of Kuku’s eyes as though he was a child who had just learnt he had a terminal illness. He sniffled, aggrieved and frightened before bursting into tears, “Waaaaa——if I continue to go on like this, I’ll definitely…I’ll definitely be scrapped…”

Bai Rong was stunned before he immediately stifled his laughter, “Uhh, Kuku….growing quickly doesn’t mean your program’s broken.”

“How could you say that it’s not…..” Kuku sobbed, “It is…”

Bai Rong stroked the head of the Kuku who was already half a head taller than him, “It’s really not that your program’s broken. Growing quickly is a good thing.”

“But…But I’ve only grown so quickly in the last three days.” Kuku pursed his mouth dejectedly, “I used to be as tall as Rong but in just three days, I grew so quickly….”

Kuku rubbed his eyes, looking especially pitiful and sad.

“Moreover, my program is faintly telling me that…my speed of growth isn’t normal.”

“Kuku. Listen to your brother. There is nothing wrong with you. Besides…even if it’s not normal, it doesn’t mean you’re broken, moreso that you’re gonna get scrapped.” Bai Rong put an arm around Kuku’s shoulder and patted him on the back in comfort, “You’re going to be fine, doesn’t Kuku believe in brother?”

Kuku’s situation seemed a bit similar to the fastest growing little star pet’s situation back in history, they had both grown quite quickly before suddenly shooting up in height. This was certainly an “abnormality” but it wasn’t a significant problem.

At the very least, he thought this kind of Kuku was good.

“I..I believe in brother.” Kuku blinked his watery eyes, looking like a child who was bullied by an uncle and pitifully said, “I believe everything Rong says…”

“That’s why, Kuku shouldn’t worry any longer, alright? There’s nothing wrong with Kuku at all!”

Bai Rong smiled and rubbed Kuku’s head, “Go back to sleep, be good…”

“Ok…” Kuku rubbed his eyes and walked up the stairs, turning his head back every time he took 3 steps.

Bai Rong turned around and finally burst into laughter.

Hahahahah. Even though it wasn’t nice to laugh, Kuku was so foolishly cute…

Afraid that his laughter would reach Kuku’s ears, Bai Rong quickly covered his mouth and ran back to his bedroom, getting inside his quilt before falling asleep.

On the other side, Mu Chongyan had just walked out of the bathroom with a towel draped around his waist. Just as he was about to go to sleep, he received a message from Du Han.

“Boss. I found a piece of news related to the royal family in the dark web, and it looks a bit strange…”

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