Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 64.2 Take a guess on what it is! (2)

“Wow, is Princess Fenya making their relationship public?!!!”

“Not only does Princess Fenya have a noble identity, her spell card making talent is also high. Now that such a good person has finally found her soulmate, I feel so distressed ahhh!!!”

“That’s right. If it were some other person making their relationship public, I wouldn’t have even given a damn but this is Princess Fenya. One of the most respected figures in the entire Shengya and she’s really beautiful too.. Ahhhh, my rival in love is too formidable, I can’t even muster the energy to be jealous wuuu…”

“That’s not right. Princess Fenya only mentioned that she wanted to partner up with Male God Mu. Stop overthinking it.”

“Even though I don’t want to admit it, the intimacy and ambiguity in Princess Fenya’s words doesn’t indicate that she just wants to become simple partners ok!”


“Yeah. This is Princess Fenya we’re talking about. One of Shengya’s most respected figures. And she’s really pretty and gentle too. How could you say there’s nothing going on between them, they’re obviously hiding a relationship…”


“Then..let me say something. Even though I doubt that Male God Mu and Princess Fenya share a relationship, don’t you think you’re exaggerating when you praise Princess Fenya? Sure, she looks good, but saying “really pretty” is like pushing it. Besides, Princess Fenya’s talent isn’t that high. Didn’t she only turn into a B-Level Spell Card Master at the start of the year? With an SS-Level Spell Card Master like Grand Master Hall as her tutor but only having achieved B-Level, this isn’t a bad achievement…but would you really call that great?”

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“Tyby ulyb. Ukvkgldp sq vbl twvvla okzz dlhla wdelapvyde vbl kxrsavydnl sq psnkyz nzypp yde czssezkdlp.”

“Tsk tsk. Even though I’m only part of the popcorn squad and I’m not anyone’s side, but since someone brought out the topic of social class and bloodlines, wahaha, some people must have licked arses so much that shit has entered their brains. Hello? Wake up, it’s the year 3333 of the interstellar era not the medieval times..”



Bai Rong looked at the crowd of people arguing in the forums and flushed with anger. His little fingers were clenched tightly. Mu Chongyan clearly didn’t have the slightest relationship to Fenya so on what basis did Fenya’s words imply to them that they had a definite relationship?!!

Also what rubbish about how Princess Fenya was noble and gentle were they talking about…that person’s character wasn’t the slightest bit kind at all. Even if she had a respected rank. What was the difference with her and the forum topics like “This person is so handsome, he can’t have possibly raped people” or “This person is usually so gentle, he can’t have possibly abused children”?

Besides…this was the interstellar era. Why were there such unkind people who pretended to be all high and mighty, bringing up social classes and noble bloodlines and such?

Bai Rong glared angrily at the screen, the rims of his eyes turning a little red. He couldn’t understand why such an insignificant matter had suddenly blown up..

The star network had turned into a ball of chaos. Seeing that the arguments in the forum would never cease, Bai Rong rubbed his eyes and shut his optical computer down.

He didn’t want to see it anymore. He didn’t want to feel sad because of other people’s rudeness or maliciousness!


Bai Rong threw himself inside the blanket, his little nose turning sour as he couldn’t help but feel sad on Mu Chongyan’s behalf.

Yet he couldn’t win against those people in an argument…

Bai Rong buried his face in his blanket for a while and mulled over it but still couldn’t understand. On what grounds did those people have to mock Mu Chongyan. Mu Chongyan was clearly the most excellent and the most perfect person in the entire Shengya but they speak of him like dirt…

A thump rang out before the sounds of familiar steps reverberated. Bai Rong’s little ears twitched and he quickly raised his head.


Did Mu Chongyan come back?

Bai Rong immediately cut his train of thought short and jumped off the bed, running outside.

“Chongyan..” Upon leaving the villa and spotting Mu Chongyan entering the door, Bai Rong’s eyes immediately turned red. He quickly reached out a hand to rub them before taking a breath and continuing to run out.

He was a tough man, he couldn’t let his wife see his sad expression.

However, Mu Chongyan realized something was amiss with his little star pet when he entered. He walked towards the crystal glass case and picked him up. With furrowed brows and a worried tone, he asked, “…..What’s wrong?”

Bai Rong sat on Mu Chongyan’s palm and raised his face to look at Mu Chongyan before lowering his head again, his hands clenching the hem of his clothes tightly.

He hadn’t thought of whether to say it or not and he also didn’t know how to bring it up…

“……What’s going on?” Seeing the little star pet obviously bothered by something but remaining silent, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but worry, his voice growing more anxious.

“It’s…It’s nothing much.” Bai Rong rubbed his little hands and took a deep breath before raising his head and hesitantly saying, “but…in the star net..”

“You mean the things Fenya said on the star net?” Mu Chongyan intercepted.


Bai Rong was quickly stunned and his eyes immediately grew wide, “Chongyan, how did you know?”


“I’ve already investigated this matter, you don’t need to worry.” Not expecting that the little star pet would feel sad for his sake, Mu Chongyan’s heart softened and he felt aggrieved and distressed.

“You’ve investigated it?!” Bai Rong sniffled and immediately fluttered his legs, standing straight on Mu Chongyan’s palm. He raised his head and asked in eager curiosity, “Is there something going on behind the scenes?”

“Yes,” Seeing the little star pet gain a bit of liveliness, Mu Chongyan felt relieved. He gently pecked Bai Rong’s head, “I’ll slowly tell you, don’t you worry. I’ve already started arranging it 10 minutes ago so this matter will be completely dealt with in half an hour.”

“Ok.” Bai Rong nodded. Hearing Mu Chongyan say this eased his worries but not his curiosity.

“What’s going on, Chongyan, quickly tell me.”

“This matter, is related to the hidden force.”

“Huh?!” Bai Rong looked shocked, “The force that harmed you? How did you find out?”

“Do you still remember the last time your net name was exposed and you were insulted by a group of navies 1 Navies or also known as water army transliterated refer to people who were paid on the internet/social media to carry out a certain purpose usually to boost likes or defame people. ?”

“Yeah.” Bai Rong nodded, “I do. Those navies started insulting me, then they started to shift the wave to smearing your name, wanting to harm you.”

“Yeah. This is related to them. The reason why there’s a wave of insults and disparages going around the net targeting me is because the navies are trying to control the platform. They’re the same group of people from the previous incident and even though their IPs are different, they were still….” Mu Chongyan paused, swallowing the two words “Du Han” back down.

“They were still found by the v67 hacker.”

“They’re the same people?!” Bai Rong’s fury was immediately provoked, “How could they be so..” Bai Rong opened his mouth and racked his brain for a word that would best describe evil, “malicious!”


“Ripping my reputation to ruins is just one cog in their plans.” A cold smile hung in the corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips, “After all, making a renowned and highly praised military figure disappear without attracting attention would be harder than making a useless and infamous person disappear.”

“Disappear?!” Bai Rong clutched Mu Chongyan’s clothes, “What do you mean?”

“This is just my assumption.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s little head, breaking off the topic, “This is just a mere assumption. Don’t worry, besides..aren’t you happy to hear that most of the people hurling abuses and insults were just navies?”

“Majority” Bai Rong grabbed a hold of the most unremarkable word in his sentence, “What do you mean by majority?”

“It means..,” Mu Chongyan helplessly poked Bai Rong’s bulging cheeks, “that about…95% of those people are navies.”

“So are you saying that 5% of them aren’t?” Bai Rong puffed his face even more, “How could they be so cruel!”

“Isn’t this normal?” Mu Chongyan gently kissed Bai Rong’s head, “No one can be be liked by everyone. Be good and don’t be angry anymore..there’s nothing worth being angry about.”

“I’m not only angry.” Bai Rong frowned, “I just can’t understand, I can’t understand why some people would say such vicious and cruel words about having a high social class and a high bloodline.”

“Be good. This is also normal.” Mu Chongyan smiled while rubbing Bai Rong’s hand and he gently responded, “Actually, they think that anyone with money is noble and anyone with power is noble. Anyone with a high social class is noble and anyone very gifted is noble etc… and discrimination against people lower than them has always existed since the ancient times, there’s nothing worth being angry about.”

“Why would they think like that?” Bai Rong’s little face wrinkled even tighter.

He remembered back in ancient earth that there were many movements held against discrimination, from racial discrimination to sexism and to social class discrimination, all of which were successful when he transmigrated over.

Now that it was the interstellar era, why were there still people who blindly discriminated against people by social class and bloodlines.

Bai Rong didn’t think that even though these anti-discrimination movements have succeeded, some of it would still persist and live upto today. It was only because he had been living inside the lab all that time that he had never come into contact with these people who harped on and on about nobility.

“That’s right.” Bai Rong suddenly recalled another matter, “Does Princess Fenya have any relations to those forces?”

“I still haven’t found any direct connections but at present, I suspect that those forces seized the opportunity to take advantage of the situation.”

“I see…” Bai Rojg pursed his lips, “Then that’s good.”

After all, if Princess Fenya——a royal member were to have any relations with those forces, Mu Chongyan would be in too much danger.

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan put away his serious expression and pressed down the other thoughts he harbored in his heart. He gently smiled and said, “Be good and let’s not think about these matters any longer. I have a surprise I prepared for you, take a guess on what it is?”

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